Monday, March 22, 2010


couples holding hands
As kids,
We played together,
shared toys together,
Thereon we are always together

Together we laughed,
Together  we cried,
Together we wiped our tears,
Together  we shared happiness
and sorrow too Together

Together  we climbed trees,
Together  we swinged,
Together we danced,
Together we fall,
&  rose each other Together

Together we walked on sand,
Together we saw horizon,
Together under starry sky,
& Together in the soothing rain

Promised to be Together till last breathe of life,
Griping each others hands in eternity,
5 comments on "TOGETHER"
  1. imagine all the new memories to come... wonderful!

  2. @kay
    yes eagerly waiting 4 all those memories n wud cherish dem forever :)

  3. Woaaaww. This is like my Dreaaamm :)
    Too perfect a thing to be true, perhaps..
    Thanks for the follow :)

    Btw, what does CARDIGRAZIOSO mean?

  4. @Bhavesh : thnks a lot :)

    @Koo.....Dreams r seen to come true.....perhaps dis wud 2.......

    CARDIGRAZIOSO......i hve combined two a musical note for Gracefully......just to signify all my writings are from my heart :)