Thursday, June 9, 2011

Restrained Yet Unfettered...

Whether I keep my eyes,
open or close,
I see nothing,

Groping in dark,
I fear losing myself...

My only treasure,
Has being stolen...
How could I not protect it?
Why did they leave me?

What is left?
Only the feeling of

Confined in dark,
I am trying to annihilate...

Ferreting out,
Standing on edge of the cliff,
I still cannot see anything,
I want to fly...

My Wings,
I soared,
among other birds

Reverance for words,
Words...taken away from me,
since long...

I need my wings,
I shall soar down,
My End.

P.S. I don't know why,I feel its incomplete...

20 comments on "Restrained Yet Unfettered..."
  1. creatively expressed and well entwined !!!
    loved it.

  2. Lovely!
    Perhaps the feeling of incompleteness made your verses complete.

  3. i cannot comment but feel the incompleteness myself, probably not in words though...

    sounds like a deep loss, nicely put forward

  4. Hey I liked the different words you use to express that u feel incomplete, and the pic is just wonderful... :)

  5. It is incomplete may be because the soaring words are yet to join and create the magical bridge of hope once again :) in the dark night does the firefly :)..wonderful piece!

    I have something for you to take up > Here

  6. Hey, Hi
    the incompleteness is there. its right in front of you. but, incomplete it is not in words...but the fails to quench the desire to let out everything thats inside...


    Eon Heath

  7. Hey don't feel down, sometimes the words just fail us, and yet, the inability itself speaks a lot.

    Nice read. And who would complete it if you were to term it as incomplete? :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. The expression is evident...
    Lovely, as always.

  9. Inventive Indeed :)
    I wish you soar higher and higher..
    Loved your blog's theme
    Take care!
    Love you :)

  10. @Jyoti Mishra...Welcome here & Thank you :)

    @Prateek...Probably yes, its still inside...Thank you :)

    @Beyond...yes the feeling of incomplete is still lurking, I did try to pen it down
    Thank you :)

    @manshaa...Hey Thanks a lot :) in the dark night does the firefly...Hmm...Nice

    Thank you for the tag too :)
    Lets see when can I take it...

  11. @Eon...Deciphered my incompleteness :P

    Thanks a lot :)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete...Hey good now :)

    Waiting for someone or something to complete it ;)

    @Alka...Thanks for always being here :)

    @Simran...Love you too dear
    Thanks :)

    @Blossom...Thanks :)

  12. Sometimes..its the incompleteness that completes you...though there is mist and a sense of loss nothing is does come back!

    Maybe in a surprise package :)

    Nice read...
    Take Care.

  13. This post seems have loneliness felt by the writer. Amazing as if i can also feel the pain . Cheers ...

  14. Very nicely definitely pulls a string in the heart while reading it..!

  15. lovely lines!!
    Enjoyed reading it..

  16. hey nicely written..sorry for coming so late :/

    Dont you noe,sometimes incompleteness leads to perfection:)

    Cheer up dear:)

  17. First reaction ... beautiful... worth the wait... but hey my comment too is incomplete ... I'll come again... I want to say so much more..... a little caught up... and could not pass by without a word too

    Take care dear... love you

  18. @Fatima...Hmm surprise waiting then...Thanks a lot :)

    @Angel...What more can I wish for if you could feel the emotions after reading...Thanks :)

    @Lilangel...Thanks for the lovely comment :) glad...Thanks a lot :)

    @My sweet Little Friend...Please don't say sorry...I always wait for you here...
    Yes, sometimes :)

    @RM...Hey RM...Firstly I need to Thank you too...because of you I could pen down these words...and I am awaiting for your comment

    Thanks dear...Love you too :)

  19. Words are my destiny and my only solace,
    They give life to me and a poetic face!

    I really understand what you feel here because i guess i feel quite the same! For some people when everything ceases to work..Words matter the most! You conveyed the thought in a really wonderful way!

    Loved it!