Friday, November 18, 2011

Heal My Wounds

Yearning died
Voice muffled

Talks, annoys
Closeness, vexes

Words, those words

Silence, stings
Tear me apart
I can't feel it

I hate that reflection
Truth or Lie?
Happy or Compromise?

Eyes deceives
My own reflection
Betrays me

Those tears, unyielding I see
Stubborn, adamant
I remain

Weary of this mask
Lost, I am

Screaming silence
Shatters the mirror
Melting eyes, haunts

Sardonic, My smile
Cynical, My laugh

Cold as a stone

I would rather be hurt
than feel no pain
I would rather be hurt
than feel no pain

P.S. I know after exactly 2 months this Beyond Horizon has arisen. The storm had taken its toll inside, so I had to calm it, and whats better place than this, My Abode...My Solace :D

As for the post, read it with the thought as someone says "momentary emotions" ;)

I hope to arise again soon.

Immerse yourself in this lovely tune by Poets Of The Fall-  Beautiful Ones

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Swati Thampan said...

I would rather be hurt than feel no pain! what a lovely thought!!!

Eon Heath said...

i always believed that the fewer teh words, teh stronger are the emotions...your poem just re affirmed my belief...


p.s. - write only when you feel like, it doesnt matter if its 2 months or 2 days...just let it happen...

Lady*♥*Fiona said...

I'm so glad you have arisen to share this beautiful, moving poem with us :)

"I would rather be hurt
than feel no pain
I would rather be hurt
than feel no pain"

This thought/line is brilliant and I'm glad you chose to echo it :) It is so true and I experienced a time in my life when my 'gear' was stuck in 'neutral'. I thought it was a safe, good place to 'ride' through life but it wasn't, because I missed out on feeling EMOTIONS ~ without emotions, we are dead inside ...

P.S. ~ I'm really enjoying this gorgeous song! Thanks for introducing me to it :) The image is also stunning and very apt!

the other side of me said...

Beyond horizon is back!!!

Painful lines..yet it captivates..

Weary of this mask
Lost, I am

I would rather be hurt
than feel no pain

A sense of relatedness,maybe

Droopy Rose said...

Welcome back....loved your poem...I know you would rather be hurt than feel no pain :) Still hope you get away with the pain soon...take care

Alka Gurha said...

The power of brevity...beautiful.

Prateek said...

Never thought sometimes pain can pove to be a necessity.

subtlescribbler said...

Not all hurts bring pain in an imaginable, perceptible way!
sometimes being cold and numb is also a kind of pain...and believe me, take it in ur stride and turn it into a positive force to make u strong and not let it break u.
and the poem is beautiful indeed, fewer the words..greater the impact :)


Beyond said...

pain.. it teaches a lot. But hope it becomes a beautiful memory soon rather than a painful present. Take care.

Simran said...

So deep and touching ..
I liked the selection of your words :)
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem and song :)

Keep :)
Love you.

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

That was awesome!
gr8 lines :)

Tanvi said...

Poonam those are not mere words, I can sense all the pain, the retaliation, the acceptance...its beautifully penned :) :) Take care and Yes I agree with Harsh :)


Susie Clevenger said...

So poignant...the ability to share something so personal...shows you can/will rise again...

pandiaaaaa said...

I would rather be hurt
than feel no pain

awesome....between words that torment and the silence that stings, its the pain of your poem that wins

keep writing :)

~Moonlight~ said...

Welcome back girl! :)
Everyone around here seem to love tho lines, I would rather be hurt than feel no pain, I adore them too but the words that stirred me more were,
Eyes deceives me
My own reflection
Betrays me.
Sardonic, my smile
Cynical, my laugh.
There's a deep haunting behind those words. :)

Love, ~Moonlight~ :)

P.S: The song, a beautiful one!

Kunal said...

A haunting poem Beyond Horizon.

Sad. Painful. Contradictions. Emotions. Life. Beautiful :)

For now, let the sardonic smile and cynical laugh drop dead and smile and laugh from within.

Hurt and Pain have to come anyway. Make merry while they are in transit! :P

Best Wishes

:-Dee said...

Momentary is fineeee. Phoenix! Nice post.

Beyond Horizon said...

Am on top of the world to read your words on my post. Thank you :)

@Eon Heath
Coming that from you, means a biiiggg compliment :D

Yup! I do remember what you said in P.S. before and I will...Thanks Dumbhead :)

Beyond Horizon said...

We can never live without emotions.

Thank you :)

And you always gonna go with a gorgeous tune from here ;)

@My sweet Lazy dumb friend
Thank you :)

I will keep coming back ;)

A sense of relatedness, hmm...I would always wish that you never have to go through the emotions mentioned. Keep Smiling :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Ahh! Thanks ;)

Brevity...I don't know really.
Thanks :)

Yup! When you come to know how stubborn you have become in a wrong way.
Thank you :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Nicely said subtlescribbler :D
Thank you :)

Thank you, thats all I can say to you :)

Thank you :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Thank you :)

You got it right, cute one. Thank you :)

What should I say
Humbled, a lot! :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Liked what you said that rhymed. Thank you :)

Haunting?! Probably that's what I had intended to ;)
The song, hmm, the haunting had to end with the beautiful ones :D
Thank you :)

*smiles & laughs*
Yes yes, merry as they are still in transit :P
Thanks :)

Thank you smiley one :)
Phoenix! I love it ;)

Janet said...

This is very emotional, but faith will bring you in the One who sees the big picture while we capture moments...hang in there and go with God!

'I will never leave or forsake you' Heb. 13:5

Love, Janet

Rohit said...

mesmerizing poem

Lilangel said...

@Poonam Welcome back :) Loved the poem and few of the lines already quoted by many of your readers...Keep writing whenever you feel like...I guess thats what makes it beautiful :)

Alka Gurha said...

A doc with such lovely thoughts...I hope u remain the same.I have seen docs becoming emotionless, cold and stone hearted only because it is difficult to carry the burden of emotions of their patients.

Beyond Horizon said...

Faith, yes definitely. But the One who sees the picture sometimes takes an exam of our patience, that I fear it might break.

Thanks for the kindness :)


Beyond Horizon said...

I missed you too over here...Thank you :)

Very kind of you..Humbled :D

I have learnt not to sympathize or empathize when in front of patient, cause its important to evoke that pain to know the disorder prevailing (physical pain)

My so far experience has shown me that a few kind words to patients actually reduces their ailments. A stranger confiding to a doc, and knowing their emotional pain and what they are going through...I can't explain my thoughts over it in words.

Shreya said...

Nice words :)

P.S. My first visit here, nice blog :)

Cяystal said...

*I would rather be hurt
than feel no pain
I just wish the pain came in forms more subtle rather than in such garish forms.
Faith brings us out of these things- It tough to live by it but ultimately, the journey is worth it.

Beyond Horizon said...

Thanks :)

Thanks for the wish..Yup need to feel it often :)