Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Day 17 - Letter to Someone from your childhood

Call me nasty, I'm back to writing letters. I guess I won't die before writing all the letters in this challenge.

So whom do I want to write to today from my childhood?

Dear Time,

Yes, are the one I want to write to from my childhood. You were not the best for me while growing up but now I do acknowledge you. Sigh! The loss teaches us so much.

Being an elder child, somehow I was considered to be 'a responsible child'. I couldn't live carefree. Though now I think of you, I was blessed to have you.

writing inspiration

There are memories, millions of them stuck in you. I still remember the 4 year old me instead of playing in vacation I was practicing writing numbers and reciting them. I used to lock myself inside home only to role play of a 'teacher'. I was not a nerd but geek. I couldn't find anything to play with or indulge in activities other than books and concentrating in studies.

You will be surprised I remember the first time ever I took a leave from school in Second grade due to fever and guess what?! Even that day I was studying the lesson which I knew would be taught in school.

I was jealous of my sibling but we played a lot together. Though I feel we lost a lot which could have been done. Anyways, that's life.

I was eager to get out of school because I hated waking up in early morning for school. The memory of last day in primary school (fourth grade) is crystal clear. I have all those certificates awarded for various language competition. I miss learning Maths with my dad. I still have the book filled with opposites, meanings, adjectives, verbs he had written filling it entirely. I remember the 'study hard' throughout the year.( Oh boy! Did I did nothing apart from academics?!)

I had stage fright but fighting with anxiety I always spoke in front of crowd and ended in ranking among top 3 speakers.

I miss waking up to Talespin, Aladin on Sunday morning. I miss the tales from Potli Baba ki, Vikram and Betal, Byomkesh Bakshi, Shaktimaan (lol), and few more. And Oh! Those hindi-dubbed china television shows on Home TV. (Does anyone remember them?) I miss the tea made by mom along with the many biscuits from snacks box we had (oh, we still have that).

I wasn't emotionally close to anyone and it might sound rude but I am thankful for it. Because I wouldn't have handled all the losses while growing up, with the ups and downs of life.

I did not take care of myself growing up when I had you, time. There is so much to miss, so many memories, all in all lessons learned.

Thank You.

The One Who Want To Live Optimum With You

Thursday, May 31, 2018

100 Random Facts About Me

It is the last day of May 2018 and if you have noticed, I have blogged almost every day this month (except for 10th May). I didn’t take up any challenge to post daily. The only reason for it was ‘being consistent and persistent’. Over few years, I have developed the habit of procrastination which has impacted grossly. It is not laziness but pushing things for later on.

Blogging every day slayed the habit of procrastination (to some limit). Though few of the blog posts I had already written and published on Instagram, none of the blog post was scheduled. I made an attempt to visit here every single day.

Saying that I want to bid adieu this month by sharing 100 random facts about me. Seriously! The thought of coming up with 100 was overwhelming.

100 random facts about me
Photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash

Let me start with it! 100 Random Facts About Me

  1. I love the month June (not because it’s my birthday month but there is something pleasant about it)
  2. I will be turning 31 (I may not sound that old, though :P)
  3. I may cannot have my own biological baby (It is not a random fact, it is THE FACT. I have acknowledged it. H has acknowledged it. It still pinches me whenever I stress on it. I can’t change it, can I? )
  4. My favourite girl name is Aria, boy name is Arif.
  5. Give me food and water, I can spend the entire day reading books.
  6. I read contemporary, chick-lit genre more because they are my stress relievers.
  7. Same goes for watching Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.
  8. I love Abhay Deol. I am not crazy about meeting any actors but if I get a chance I would love to meet him. He is simply amazing. 
  9. I have watched and still can watch the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani n number of times. (Not the whole movie at a time, but my favourite scenes)
  10. I watch movies or read books irrespective of the popular or unpopular reviews.
  11. I prefer wearing Indian attire than western style.
  12. I prefer online shopping (because my bargaining skills are way too bad)
  13. I am a loyal customer of Amazon and Myntra.
  14. I own books which I haven’t read yet.
  15. There are stacks of books, set of pens, markers in my living room.
  16. I am in love with the scented candles from Bath and Body works.
  17. The walls of my home adore quotes.
  18. I do not have OCD but I am bit obsessed about keeping things in order.
  19. I go berserk when it comes to handbags.
  20. For others, life span of footwear can be about 1 year, for me it is only 3 months (I have no idea why my footwear wears and tears so fast?)
  21. I am addicted to Red Label Natural Care Tea. I NEED it once in morning that too made by me.
  22. I am proficient in driving two-wheeler. I neither ride it hanging my legs at the sides or bring it to stop with my legs (as females are popular riding in this style).
  23. I always carry needle& thread, spare paper napkins, safety pins, elastic bands in my handbag. You never know when they are in need while travelling in Mumbai.
  24. I have slept (still can) for 12 hours when dead tired.
  25. Give me all the money, I can pack my bags and travel around the world.
  26. Traveling and exploring places is my oxygen.
  27. Places visited till date: Kashir, Chandigarh, Kullu, Manali, Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty, Coorg, Agra, Varanasi. (Many more on the list!)
  28. I am a nail polish addict. Seriously! Ask H. My favourite ones are from Stay Quirky.
  29. I want to adopt a dog.
  30. I have subscribed to many graphic designs, fonts, creative designs website.
  31. Canva is my favourite tool for creating graphic design for all the posts on my blog and Instagram posts.
  32. I cannot meditate.
  33. My Micromax Canvas Tab and Asus Vivobook are my life (literally).
  34. I have 3 music streaming apps on my mobile. Gaana, Saavn, Amazon prime music.
  35. I keep all the mobile applications organized according to their functions. (Banking, social media, music, Journals, Online shopping, etc)
  36. I have kept all the group notification OFF on WhatsApp.
  37. I clear chat of all the groups without reading them.
  38. Majority of my vanity drawer contains lip and eye products.
  39. I am a true Gemini.
  40. If I love you, I will love you till the end.
  41. If you did something or insulted me irrespective of me being nice to you, I WILL HATE YOU TILL THE END  (Not that I am a saint, but I can't tolerate few individuals)
  42. When shopping online: I think over the price more than 10 times before making final payment. I keep a wishlist of the items and when the prices goes down I hit Buy.
  43. I am the most quirkiest person when I feel comfortable talking with you and you not judging me.
  44. I can give anything to make the handful of people in my life to laugh.
  45. I am a night owl. I can stay up late reading, writing, studying.
  46. I do hit snooze button 5 times and wake up on H's alarm. LOL.
  47. I brush teeth twice, morning and night (Yes, this is a fact as most people don't do it)
  48. I love wearing a bindi and toe rings (ALWAYS!)
  49. I am not active on Facebook. So if you message me on FB, probably I will see it a year later or never.
  50. I listen same song on the loop whole day.
  51. I never 'speak' the swear words but in my head I say the F word, A LOT!
  52. I am not a believer that a married female MUST wear all the signs of her being married.
  53. I am not an atheist but I have stopped burdening my creator with prayers & wishes for self.
  54. I have started to put myself first.
  55. I am a firm believer of 'Self-Love'.
  56. I am the most hard working as well as most lazy person.
  57. I have to have music or YouTube videos playing when I do chores and cooking.
  58. I always make a To-Do list.
  59. I carry a small diary in my purse.
  60. I love color Black.
  61. I subconsciously purchase clothes with green color or shade of green.
  62. I listen to Malayalam and Tamil songs even though I do not understand the language.
  63. I can't leave watching a movie unfinished or reading a book half. I have to reach till the end.
  64. Maggi is my comfort food. No matter what the lab results were, I cannot stop eating it. There are way more poisonous things we take in than Maggi. 
  65. I cannot sleep without cleaning the kitchen. I have to do the dishes. The unclean dishes haunt me.
  66. I do not like any source of light while sleeping.
  67. I have tore my one year journal diary into pieces.
  68. I do not hesitate eating ice cream before bedtime until I get sugar in my blood.
  69. I hate myself for suppressing anger.
  70. I have regrets. Lots of them.
  71. I rush to a salon as soon as my hair grows below my shoulder.
  72. I have had tears rolling down reading The Choice by Nicholas Sparks (while traveling in train)
  73. I keep stacks of HT Brunch till it take up the space. I discard them with heavy heart.
  74. I love journaling and started writing in The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: A Five-Year Record at the end of the day from Jan 2018. 
  75. You will ALWAYS find chocolates in my fridge.
  76. I can read inspirational books only in audiobook format. 
  77. I couldn't watch Game Of Thrones. Believe me I tried! Probably I would take a shot by reading the book.
  78. My (physical) pain threshold is high. I have been poked and undergone number of fertility procedures. 
  79. My Mantra of life: Stop being a mediocre. 
  80. I did dress up in a 'nauvari' (a traditional Maharashtrian style attire) on wedding day which I had always wanted.
  81. I still feel like I am a kid when I watch cartoons or kids channel.
  82. I enact (voice-over) several of cartoon characters while watching them with my sibling. 
  83. I loved playing video games while growing up. (Oh,yes I could drive the car or pull the trigger perfectly)
  84. The only book I have re-read is Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban (3 times)
  85. I experiment making recipes from healthy food items. 
  86. I prefer having fruit smoothies than the whole fruit.
  87. I love being alone and prefer only certain people's company.
  88. That said above, I do not dislike being in crowd because I like traveling in Mumbai local (I know!)
  89. I have a habit of shutting off myself from social media.
  90. I am a good listener and observer.
  91. I want to at least travel once internationally for the dread of my passport remaining blank forever. LOL.
  92. I had given up eating meat and egg for 2 years. 
  93. I want to learn playing guitar, salsa dancing.
  94. I don't like 'hmmm' in text messages.
  95. I have learned to say No.
  96. I want to organize events or own a restaurant or a cafe. 
  97. I have a blog dedicated to my fertility. I might reveal it someday or never. 
  98. I love watching movies on big screen.
  99. I am obsessed with writing She and He Converstations.
  100. I want to write till the last breath.

Did you find them interesting or quirky?

Good bye May - You had been a good writing month!

100 random facts about me
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Me That No One Knows

They like my smile
my laughter
The me when I am in light
You are the only one who embrace
my darker side
©Beyond Horizon
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I Hate Everything About Love

I hate everything about love
I hate the roses
I hate the chocolates
I hate all the symbols of love

Love whacked me
Love destroyed me
Love brought the worst in me
Love instilled the ache within me
And I hate everything about love

I hate the love songs
I hate the intertwined fingers
I hate the promises
I hate everything that reminds me of love


I still cry reading a love novel
I sob silently over the heart broken poetry
I swoon over romantic movies
I write about Love and its beautiful

I can never say -

I am lucky to have you
You bring the best in me
I want to be with you till eternity

Because I hate everything about Love

Monday, May 28, 2018

Redefinition of Love

I found love in his eyes (cliché, but still)
I found love in all his imperfections
I found love in his possessiveness
I found love in his crazy avatar
I found love in his unsaid words
I found love in his heartfelt talks
and moreover
I found love in the distance that's keeping us apart

©Beyond Horizon

Dark world

There's a part of me hidden within me. It's like a dark world where I get chills by thinking about it and yet my thoughts wander at the edge of it every time.

Saturday, May 26, 2018


उन्ही यादों को समेटलो जो दिल को सुकून दे, वो  नही जो दिल का चैन छीनले

©Beyond Horizon