Friday, December 25, 2009


MY LIFE'S MANTRA:"In a day, when you don't
come across any problems
-you can be sure that
you are traveling in a
wrong path"

I wanted 2 fly those birds (wright brother's invention-PLANE),guess i was destined 2 b a DOCTOR.

M a MUSIC MANIAC,music:my life, cant live widout it.

Books, my best companions,love reading academic books,novels,newspapers,...............
I hve learnt a lot frm dem:
(Erich Segal)-ups n downs in a Dr's life.......professional n personal 2

Alchemist.......hardship n faith needed 2 chase my dreams.

The Kite Runner.......Hasan taught me being a FRIEND "For u,thousand times over"

Mein Kampf(Adolf Hitler) 2 be passionate abt ur work n being a patriotic.
n many more.........

m die hard fan of tennis (love roger federer n rafa)

lately m addicted 2 medical series HOUSE M.D.(crazy abt gregory house)

Such a short life,I hve 2 travel my whole country (2 explore d different colors of INDIA)


  1. Oh!!! The very first of mine...Thank you :)

    Well, few of the said things have changed recently...and also I have given up the sms lingo too...You wont find it in my recent writings...