Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Reflection

I came thru dis nice lines n thought of posting wud sound a bit philosophical...........but d things which we dont understand, name it as philosophy........but reading it , its true....fact........

The good u find in others is in u too.
The faults u find in others: r ur faults as well.
Aftr all, to recognise sumthin u must knw it.
The possibilities u see others r possible 4 u as well.

The beauty u see around u, is ur beauty.
The world around u is a REFLECTION,
a mirror showing u the person u r.
What u see in others shows u to urself.

ee the best in others, and u will b ur best.
Give 2 others, and u give to urself
ur best face to the mirror,
and u'll
be happy with the face looking back at you.

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  1. Hey! I am the first to comment on this post.
    These lines so true!

    Reminds me- Life is a mirror reflecting what you do, so give the world the best, and it will come back to you!