Thursday, March 25, 2010


"YOU", she heard someone calling her,
Frightened she searched who it was,
Couldn't see anyone

It called again,
"You, Why are you always sad?
Why do you feel so lonely?"
"I........",she said,
But it continued,
"Why are you in darkness?
Why are you so confused?
Why do you wait for love?
Why so lack of confidence?

"STOP!", she screamed,
Silence followed,
She spoke,
"I will search for light myself,
I will take decisions,
I believe in my ability & my effort,
Loving someone is important,
if it comes back I will welcome it,
I will speak up courageously,
IT'S ME who will bring
brightness in my own life"

"YES, YOU WILL", it said,
Feeling confident, she realized
The VOICE was of her own MIND


  1. very important to listen to the voices in ones head! :)

  2. Voy a tomar las palabras de como habló ella. Quiero hacer lo mismo...

    Un beso.

  3. @ sakkarah......thnk u.....but it took me long time to translate ur comments.....

  4. I listened to my heart and listened to my mind, both said you are my guiding light. I need to move ahead to meet my destiny, your love may be was not for me.

  5. Guiding voice is inside us.

    Nice one! :)

  6. The voices we hear from inside .. can be at times painful too !!

    Inviting u to comment on my new poem!!

  7. Beautiful words.... you've captured the thoughts fluttering in the hazy sky and held them together in a beautiful array... love it...