Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Two Strong personality,
One of them losing its identity.........

One said: I'm omnipresent,
other answered: Its me ruling the world, u r absent..........

Becoz of me der's Justice,
Whats d use of Justice,

I take person on a right path,
Yes, filled with treachery and thorns.........

I give calmness to mind,
With trouble, tears to mankind...........

I stay in ETERNITY,
Open your eyes, u r the one who's losing the identity :TRUTH

Its me LIE, walking hand-in-hand in this world,
Look by yourself, on every path I'm present, corruption, a person dies before justice.......WHERE R U?

TRUTH: U r dying & would be Gone,
U r going to be OBLIVION.

TRUTH struck by the REALITY,
said to itself,"AM I REALLY LOSING MY IDENTITY???"

P.S.This is one of my older post....just thought 2 re post it.......i found it  2 resemble d ongoin Bhopal Gas Tragedy Verdict........wer ppl r still struggling 4 d justice........


  1. Yes truth has lost it's value, it has lost it's worth. In the world which is made up of lies where does truth find it's earth.

    A very deep and thoughtful reflection.

  2. @Rajat....rightly said....wer will d truth find its earth....wer will it stand???

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  4. its so beautifully written....

  5. very well expressed.loved it.

  6. I think I already did commented on this post of yours ....
    But can do it all over again
    I love your style of writing
    You know you can even write Street Plays ... If you know what I am talking about theater actors they perform on streets and the topic is basically directed towards the awakening of public on certain critical issues ... which is always present in our life but always in background .... they try to make it our screensaver ... :)

  7. Apparently truth may seem to have lost its place... but at a personal level I believe that truth reins... whatever we do we are at peace if we are with truth... we may suffer but not with guilt, we may be angry but not at ourselves.
    And yes your style is really something to be admired. I loved it :)

  8. I find it quite depressing, really. because it is relatable? perhaps.

  9. @rohini,starry....thank u

    @Ritz...thank u once again....yeah i knw d street plays...n i love d way dey express n leave a moral with der act....i do appreciate dem a lot....n nvr miss d opportunity 2 watch it

    @Rashmi....absolutely true...we r at peace with truth.....bein true wid ourselves is wat needed in dis era...n dats wat is lacking.....n thank u 4 d admiration :)

    @Kay.....yes it hurts wen we can relate things 2 our own life

  10. "Whats d use of Justice,
    IF ITS DELAYED, ITS DENIED", I love it! Nice blog :)