Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Gripping each others hand,
Walking barefoot on sand,
Leaving footprints behind,
Moments one of its kind

Song in my mind,
He reads through my eyes,
* "Nothings gonna change my love for u,
You ought know by now How much I love u"

Couldn't sing the song,
Didn't know where I belong,
Image fading,
Grip losing,

Gazing at him through corner of my eyes,
Eyes which met not even once or twice

Life scented with Roses,Lavender,Lilies,
Sensation in stomach of twittering butterflies

My Dream came True,
Gripping hand
Walking on sand
The footprints
The song,
Just He reading in her eyes

Cupid did struck,
I missed the Luck,
Relation ended before Birth,
So Is there no Love for me on this Earth???

A Love Story,
Never "About We",
Not "About U",
Always "About Me",
Remembered "Only By Me"

and  For u *"You don't have to change a thing,
I love u just the way u are

nothings gonna change my love for you

*Song by Glenn Medeiros

P.S. Some relations can never be like footprints on sand which get lost after a wave. They are like Fingerprints, never fade, unique, made to be with us forever!

U can never make someone fall in love
Does this mean NEVER TO LOVE???

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18 comments on "I LOVE U JUST THE WAY U ARE"
  1. "Nothing Gone Change My Love for You" is one of my favorite song.

  2. awesome post... filled with love. yes you can't make someone fall in love with you, so love the person who loves you with true heart n soul.

  3. No one can help loving, just like you said in this beautiful and thoughtful lines.
    Awesome mixing of the lyrics with the lines...

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @Rajesh...yes its indeed a lovely song :)

    @Rajat....Thank u....n yes said it perfectly :)

    @Jaanvi....Thank u :)

    @Anonymous Someone....Thank u 4 d appreciative words :)

  5. This is awesome, awesome, awesome......

  6. Heart Melting .... You cannot Make anyone fall in love ... But "you can" unconditionally, hopelessly and irrevocably fall in love ... not worrying about whether it will be a footprint or a fingerprint ... it can be what you want it to be ...))
    Again ..... Heart Melting & Beautiful....


  7. a small correction... the 1st word should read gripping instead of griping ...

  8. @Vishal Raj...thanks a lottt :)

    @Ritz....oh...so sweet n thoughtful :) But "you can" unconditionally, hopelessly and irrevocably fall in love.....

    @AL...thank u :)

    @magic eye...thanks a lot....4 d appreciation....n also 4 rectifying my mistake....its been corrected now...thanks once again :)

  9. Hey Girl!!!

    Try to define love. Its beyond any meanings and definitions. This is what i feel and its the way how i look @ it.

    Smiles :)

  10. @Pacifier Returns.....yes indeed.....love n pain must b d only words...no dictionary will ever b able 2 define....only experience...teaches....n we learn true meaning of dem...living life with love...

    Thanks 4 sharing ur vision :)

  11. We can't make someone love us.... and we can't make ourselves love someone....it can never be forced.... love is your own decision...a spontaneous one.... each man to his own ways.... do it if you can take it... with it's entire package of pain...longing..... yearning to be understood...to be felt.....to be missed...to be loved....the way you want to be loved...to be remembered.

    But after saying everything I must say one thing...

    Love is beautiful... it is worth everything it brings with it.... it introduces you to yourself...and surprises you in the process..... it makes you.....You ! !

  12. @Kunal Bhatia...Thank u :)

    @Rashmi M....wat a perfect saying..."Love is beautiful... it is worth everything it brings with it.... it introduces you to yourself...and surprises you in the process..... it makes you.....You!!!"
    Thanks a lot 4 such a thoughtful expressions :)

    @Komal Ali.....happy dat it touched ur heart :)

  13. Beautiful. :)
    Thanks for sharing. :)