Friday, November 5, 2010


Every day is a mother's day

mother's day

  A single cell to a foetus,
Life forming in her uterus
Brightened her days,
As morning sun rays
Her face glows,
As moonlit river flows

First kick,First movement,
Treasured every moment
9 months as vital organ of body,
Taking his first breathe,
Child was ready

Painful labor, Nervous tremor,
Hearing his cries,
Tears welled up in her eyes
Baby in her arms,
How beautiful is this notion!!!

Touch soothing,
Eyes twinkling,
Voice babbling

News changed her existence,
Nothing else, Only Silence!!!
Her small little angel,
Diagnosed having LEUKEMIA.
Ears longing to hear "MUMMY",
Sweetheart under painful chemotherapy.

Mind sighing as a wave,
Motherhood-made her brave
Salute to her courage,
& All the Smiles,

P.S.As an Intern when I was posted in pediatrics ward, all the eagerness to learn something new and more...couldn't ignore all these cute little children suffering from Leukemia (cancer of blood-forming cells in the bone marrow)...their innocence & sweetness...moreover the love & strength of a mother...looking after her child...I still remember the anxious questions of a mother whether her child will lead a normal life?....after every 2-3 months the child has to be admitted for the chemotherapy cycle or treating the recurrent infections.....even through all these...A MOTHER NEVER SHOWS TIREDNESS...HER EYES REFLECTS THE HIDDEN EMOTIONS...But one can't stand to look into the eyes which shows so much courage.
I think AUDACITY is the only word for her expressions!

ferns and petals

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Raksha Bhat said...

Liked the way you have weaved it all:)


Gazal Bharadwaj said...

Beautifully expressed....

Beyond Horizon said...

@Raksha Bhat & Gazal...Thank U for the appreciation!!!

Rashmi M said...

Beautiful dear. The P.S. you have written really got my eyes to warm up with hint of tears. I am so happy that we have so beautiful people for doctors. You can feel their pain so .... so much like your own. God bless you dear. Always there for a cause. Count me in if ever there is something in which I can help or volunteer. I will feel that I am lucky.

Take care, and keep up the beautiful work. You have a beautiful mind :)

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Beyond Horizon said...

@Rashmi sweet of u...Thanks a lot dear...just lost 4 words wat 2 say...definitely ur beautiful mind has said it beautiful :)...I work bcoz I love it...n just d love 4 work dats required...
Take care :)

rohini said...

beautifully written....amzing...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Wonderful story in the poem. Somehow, a mother can never forget what she lost. It is a wound that seldom heals. Even another baby wont heal the wound.

Aashi said...

its been awhile since something touched so deep....

u hv a way of weaving words...go on

magiceye said...

life can be as cruel as it can be beautiful...
well presented!

Beyond Horizon said...

@Rohini....Thanks :)

@Blasphemous Aesthete...rightly said "Even another baby wont heal the wound"

@Aashi...glad it made an impression

@magiceye...yes Life s like a coin..alwys hve two sides 2 it!

Ritz.. said...

Woww .... Poonam this is so touching... I do partake these emotions .... visitng ur writings is always a new experience :)

Keep Expressing :)


Beyond Horizon said...

@Ritz...Thank u so much dear...ur presence makes all d difference :)

Alka Gurha said...

Lovely....Please dont change after u start practicing. We need docs with a human touch!

Beyond Horizon said...

@Alka Gurha...I never will...Thanks!!!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Beautiful and touching.

Beyond Horizon said...

@Chandrika Shubham... :) Thank u!

adi said...

simply beautiful,,,shows the sensitivity of a woman's heart,,so touchy,,,as much as i would have loved to write few more lines,,,i surprizingly find,,my sweet friend ,Rashmi,manna ,echoing exactly the same,i would have,,,,Hospital,,is the place,,i dread togo,,once in,,if,,u see the sufferings,and,,sorrows,,of,,the people,,there,,the decision,,of,lord Buddha,,to leave,,this worldly pleasure,AND BECOME a saint,,,stands justified,,,YES,in case you nee any asistance,,or volunteeering ever,,just feel free to contact both of us,,(me n rashmi that is)thnk,,,god bless

Beyond Horizon said...

@adi...Thanks :)
yes indeed no 1 likes 2 enter a hospital...but at the same time can never ignore the sufferings...its also a place wer ppl enter wid pain...n leave wid a smile too!!!

Alcina said...

Indeed brilliant..

As said like the fashion of your writing very much..

Beyond Horizon said...

@Alcina... Thank u :)

simran said...

WOW...very beautifully you explained...really very touching poem ...and the pic you choosed is as sweet as your poem.:)

Beyond Horizon said...

Thanks a lot Simran :)

Blood Is Red said...

You described a mother's love very well.

I hope I will be a good mother someday.(If the day ever comes):)

Beyond Horizon said...

@Blood Is Red...You will!!! :)

manshaa said...

@ A heart aching, yet wonderful post! :-)

Beyond Horizon said...

@Manshaa...Its really heart aching to see those cute little angels

Thanks :)

Kappu said...

Thats heart wrenching :) I am glad I stopped by your blog!!

Do stop by my blog! I'd love your comments & visits!!