Saturday, December 25, 2010

Silently Expressive...Dedicated to My Lovely Blogger Friends :)

Tender dainty bud,
Maternal to a Soul,
From this ferocious world,
Its savagery, Its treachery...

Though maternal,
An unrestrained suffocation,
A redundant trepidation...
Time to unleash,
To anticipate,
Exigence to Emancipate...

Bud bloomed one day,
"Freedom" the Soul wished to say,
World: Strange, fierce,
Never prayed for any reinforce...

Transcended towards light,
Enduring versatile flight,
Iridescent, Kaleidoscopic colors,
Now on Souls counselors...

Violet inspired to spark Imagination,
& reach your Destination...
Love for Humanity,
Its still not a vanity...

Indigo,Taught awareness, wisdom,
Failure would be seldom...

Blue, will for peace, How to communicate,
Only Love be reciprocate...

Green, maintain harmony, Good Health,
Worlds greatest Wealth...

Yellow, Be energetic, alleviate confusion,
Always take a firm Decision...

Orange, maintain Equilibrium, Creativity,
Will help to achieve Liberty...

Red gave Security, Passion,
Work with Dedication,

Today the Soul is incessantly living,
Opulent with Knowlege,
Still learning,
That will abide in perpetuity...

Its my Soul...

Merry Christmas to all & I Wish Santa Claus to gift with what you have prayed for! :)

365 days long back I had stepped in this wonderland called "Blogspot" with no knowledge of its magic. Its mystical power have hypnotized me (MAKING ME CRAZIER!!!) . I love to walk on this land, swim,drown in its craziness, fly breathe its scenting air. Kindly bear my writing as I know I'm not good when it comes to sentences.

BIRTH OF MY BLOG...ON 25 DEC 2009...
My best buddy Jayshri (Truly a "WHITE COAT WEIRDO"as she loves to call herself) encouraged me to start a blog, which would be, My Space OR My Place

There is no such word as "CARDIGRAZIOSO". I had wanted to be a cardiac surgeon, call it "Destiny" or "Hard Work" I am happy to be a Homeopath. My love for Cardiology created "CARDI" and "GRAZIOSO", for the graceful words which I love to pen down. :)

I was deciding what to perform in my final year of school camp (Dancing was out of question, & I spared my friends with singing ;) THEN WHAT ELSE? Once I was watching Tom & Jerry Kids Show, where the characters were fighting by using proses. THAT WAS IT! I wrote Riddles on identifying  friends personality in form of poem and prose.HEY! THEY LOVED IT. The loud applause proved it.

Though after 7 years, I took it seriously on rhyming.BETTER LATE THEN NEVER!

I was too jittery, whether my simple words would convey my feelings..As I always end up writing something serious (reflects my Gemini Trait )

My blog has turned one today, with this even my writing, rhyming. When I read my oldposts and the new ones, OH! WOW! I HAVE IMPROVED A LOT...IT FEELS AWESOME :)

I feel glad and honored when I receive an appreciation saying my words made its readers Smile, made them think over a Cause.

Its important to reply who leaves a comment, as they have taken out time and read the expressions, in the world where TIME IS MONEY!

Sometimes bloggers post are so intense and powerful that I end up replying "Intense", "Deep", "Beautiful", "Thoughtful" as at that very moment I lack for words...NOT THAT I HAVEN'T UNDERSTOOD IT!

From core of my heart, every cell of my endocardium, I Thank to my amazing fellow bloggers for always being along with me in this fascinating World of Blogging! (Not in any specific order) awesome poet whose silence reaches out many miles...Thanks for being my first friend in this wonderland.

Beyond ...your expressions are really beyond those few words, filled with love, wisdom...

Ritika Patel you have always been with me along this journey...even i wait for your lovely reply...Hope this friendship stays forever :)

Actually the previous name "Anonymous Someone" made me land on your the complexity of your blogs name and writings...most favorite "Break Me, make Me" 

Vishal Raj awesomeness of your post "Waiting for you" made me a regular visitor at your blog (btw you haven't written since long)

Rashmi M Love when your heart speaks...and the perceptions

Rajesh Waiting myself to explore the beautiful forts, especially southern India.

magiceye Truly a magical eye you have there...I have come to know more about my hometown Mumbai through your beautiful pics.(How do you manage 5 blogs?...Its superb! )

Rohini your weirdest dreams are innovative...courageous...Love them :)

Alcina Mysterious words (and name too, as said will remember the Greek meaning ;) Thanks for your gifts :)

 Dr.Pratibha (talented as your name) Dr.Raksha (Glad when you fly and visit here)
Alka Gurha Humorous but always thought evoking writing (you should add some smiley widget :)

Always Happy Keep smiling :) Aashi I love to visit your Dreamland...

OK THANK YOU SO...WAIT...WAIT...How can I forget this blogger? I'm not a blogwalker but Its the only blog I use to read without following (not even anonymously).I first visited the blog after reading an appreciable criticism(yes I did like it) by this blogger. Ok need to raise the curtain, the most liked blogger Sourav C.Pandey. I have no idea why but Your 'I "KILLED" Time' post made me to comment first time and thereon no end.Thanks a lot (YES THE THANKS) for naming me as "Silently Expressive"...APT :) Has anyone scrolled till end of his blog and read...Its awesome.Do read it! (Yes,Ignorance is Bliss,Sourav)



I love the kaleidoscopic colors of life, but without one I'm still incomplete...

A restless emptiness,
Pack with Happiness, Liveliness...
Prepare for the Unknown,
This is your Expression Zone...
Don't live in fantasy,
But open the door to a Mystery...
Sometimes be inconspicuous,Never lack (it),
Its the color Black... 


P.S.Please don't unfollow me if I haven't mention you...I heartily Thank You for supporting me through this journey of wonderland and I hope it continues... :) :) :)

PP.S.I have mentioned the actual meaning of the colors in a rainbow. A help by Google ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Yet another dark days,
My mind dreadfully sways...

Cyclonic emotions,
Anguish notions...

How can I make it windless?
All the unbearable stress...

He would never say what I want to hear,
Neither would I, Someone wouldn't bear...
No support for a relation to nurture,
Because of the so-called culture...

Falling short of target,
Achieving it, I hate...
Tired of convincing,
I don't need such a thing,
What I want to do is only HEALING...

Thoughts of trepidation,
State of consolidation...

Mind voracious,
Heart vexatious...

Do I desire to runaway?
Though I'm scared,
I'm tired,
Never will I runaway!

But I want to cry
Tears, not flowing,
An unrestrained feeling...

Its me who is hurt,
My emotions being burnt,
coz If I die,
everything will cease to matter.

What I wish for?
Neither sympathy,
Nor empathy,
 No consolation,

Thursday, December 16, 2010


9 months- You nurtured me,
                 Protected me in your womb.......

I'm a part of you,
Abandoned me......HOW COULD YOU?
Where are you?
Can you hear me?
Look Where I Stand,
Where I Belong.........

Found besides garbage forlorn,
My cry one couldn't hear,
No one to see my tear.............

How I grew up?
First step on burning hot road,
First syllable neither "MA" nor "PA"...........

My Home,
Railway platform or wide street,
Dreams under the starry sky in the scorching heat...........

I wake up,
As a STRANGER to this world,
& the world STRANGE to me..........

Eyes:Search for shelter,
        for food, for water,
& Search for MY BELOVED............

To beg,
Wipe cars on traffic signals,
Sell things in train,
Serve tea in hotels,
Making fireworks, polishing shoes..........
Isn't it great that I work?
As a Child (LABORER)

I don't want NGO's help,
Nor any benevolence............

Yes, Summers burn me,
        Rains drown me,
        Winters chill me.............

Every night,
I Pray,
Not for me,
For someone like me,
If he have breathe this polluted world,

If No,PLEASE LET HIM STAY............

(Above poem is one of my old post )

It would be really sad, if each child prays for such a wish before going to sleep.
Akshaya Patra...Unlimited food for education is a foundation with the vision, that “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.”
A simple thought and help from each one of us will help to brighten up a child's life. 

Child's silent ANGER...
Whom shall he reach out?
Is there anyone to care about?


On whom is the Blame?
Government, And several excuses,
It would be so LAME!

Taking the responsibility,
It would be called HUMANITY...

Simple thought of benevolence,
That can make a great difference...

Aim for CHANGE,
No child-an estrange...

Life would be a sunshine,
With Education,
And Growth of our nation...

A helping hand whenever,
Will bring a beautiful SMILE,
That will last forever,
Spreading happiness many mile...

And A Child will NEVER PRAY,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"Dad", was not the first word...As I learned to speak,
But he was the first one I played hide-and-seek...

Holding his fingers...I walked,
I swayed, I falled...He told me,
Get up, Don't stop!!!

Sitting on his shoulders playfully,
Carrying me when I was not sleepy...

Dad brought me my favorite Parle-G,
Boxes of ice cream Kwality...

Shouting "My Daddy Strongest",
Rhyming "Johny Johny", "Yes Papa"...

Bike ride to school everyday,
Rarely wrote "My Father" as an essay...

Learning his principles I grew up,
One of them "Never Give Up"

Be confident...Be honest
Be polite...Do sympathize...

"Do not fear being a girl.
Step out...Stand smartly in this world"...

Supports me when I want to make a difference,
Hurts when he does not show confidence...

Taught me to endeavour,
He is an enamour...

He is my Santa Claus,
Gifts me...Blesses me each day,
No need of any cause...

How will I stay away after marriage?
OH GOD! Please give me the courage...

A Daughter is her Fathers Treasure,
Love which no one could ever measure...
Its called "Kanyadaan"...No wonder...

I love this quote from the movie "Pursuit of Happyness"...where a father teaches his child a wonderful thought
Chris Gardner: Don't ever let someone tell you, you can't do something. Not even me.All right?.
Christopher : All right.
Gardner: All right. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can't do it. You want something? Go get it.

P.S.The word "Dad" dates back to the sixteenth century, or possibly even earlier? It may have originated with the Welsh word "Tad" (meaning father), which later mutated to Dad. The word "Father" is derived from the Old English "Foeder".

Saturday, December 4, 2010


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Jack: Handsome, heroic personality,
& his appreciable serenity,
Extrovert, exuberant as he was,
No harm he could ever cause...

Anxious to know more,
Eager to reach a things core...

Day began with alarm,
Heal the world,
Make it a better place...”
Never changed it,
It gave him SOLACE...
Why did the song give him solace?
WHY did he need it?

 Loved to walk to school,
Warmth in the wool.

Today was a different day,
Dark, sky more gray,
Strolled along new pathway,
Turned at a bend,
& Halted in front of a house,
Sensed strange mystical power,
Just few steps to cross the barrier,
Saw the STATUE of a WARRIOR,
It’s look piercing,
Heart started racing,
Hurried his pace,
Running away from the haze...

Shared with his friend,
Came across the same bend,
The HOUSE was NOWHERE to be seen,
It was there, IT HAD BEEN,
Assured him did not make a story,
This was beginning of “THE MYSTERY...”

His mind hid many emotions,
No one to share,
No one to hear…
Behind the exuberance lay his dark sad life,
From childhood till now,
At home the same scenario,
His parents fighting,              
Without realizing it would affect his upbringing
Shouting “WE DON’T CARE”…

“DO YOU REMEMBER.......”his alarm sang. Its strange, he never changed it. Who did it? The small room treasured the memories of Jacks childhood & the dreams of future. He stepped on the ice cool flooring. Near the window was his study table, Jack was puzzled, where lay his most precious thing, his ‘Memoir’, “The Mystery of my life”. He signed it as Arthur, his favourite hero. It had absorbed his entire life without questioning. He never forgets to lock it up in his drawer, but today it was on the table.

He tried to remember the occurrence of yesterday night, which memory did he carve on the page? Lightly he touched the diary and was about to open it, suddenly a flash of lightning distracted him. He looked up, surveyed from left to right but unable to trace the source of it. As soon as he started reading his memoir, it flashed again. This time he saw the iron coat warrior standing on the stone pavement with a piercing look. Jack couldn’t move an inch, not even a twitch of a muscle. A blink of eyes & the warrior vanished.
Jack snapped back to reality by the loud noises from his parents downstairs.

Unlike his parents’ behaviour, Jack was kind hearted and his strength being passionate. This has been possible only by his tiny room, for him his entire world. He had sown the seeds of hope and dreams, nurtured it each day with his love and now the fruits of dreams coming true were beginning to ripe.
Jack never gave up, but with each dawn he was losing a part of his life, unable to realize it, WHAT?

Raced downstairs,
Straight out of home,
Someone was out to get him,
Did not dare turn back,
Reaching the class,
Students jealous of him,
Sitting behind,
Watching them through corner of his eyes,
Arthur, Arthur
The same warrior standing in front of the door,
The boys are going to hurt you
YES, look behind
Jack turned; they were whispering and gazing at him.
He asked “What?”
Nothing” they answered.
Blood boiling, blood shot eyes,
“Criticizing me”,
Rage running through entire body,
Held the pen as if sword,
Thrashed them, torn muscles.

Laughing, sighing,
Trembling hands, shivering legs,
Under thunderous sky,
Warrior abraded him in the mysterious house. 

Darkness creeping,
Air chilling…
Screeching, horrifying,
Enchanting sounds,
Across the room,
Something coming,
Couldn’t see,

“RESVE, RESVE”, Jack was shouting,
Hard thud on his face,
Bleeding woke up in his room,
Breathe of relief,
But no, it was not!

Memoir still on table,
Hurriedly opened last page,
Read the events,
Dark gray sky,
Entering mysterious house,
NO HE NEVER DID, It can’t be true,
Friend at the bend,
Assuring not making the story,
The beginning of mystery! WHAT WHEN?

Is it a death trap?
PAIN cutting like a knife,
Mind numbing,

Nothing to gain,
Everything to lose,
No one to hold on,
No one to love,
No sound of hope,
Crying incessantly,
Someone clutched his hand
Shaking, “Jack, Jack
With all his strength opened the eyes,
Mom, dad relieved,
Paranoia, his condition called “SCHIZOPHRENIA

Schizophrenia, also sometimes called split personality disorder, is a chronic, severe, debilitating mental illness. statistics about schizophrenia include that it affects men about one and a half times more commonly than women. It is one of the psychotic mental disorders and is characterized by symptoms of thought, behavior, and social problems.The sufferer may hear voices or see people that are in no way present. The individual with this disorder may also have disorganized speech, disorganized behavior.

People with schizophrenia often resist treatment. They may not think they need help because they believe their delusions or hallucinations are real. In these cases, family and friends may need to take action to keep their loved one safe. 

The patients pain and suffering must be understood, isolating the individual will never help him. What needs is, CARE, SUPPORT AND LOVE.

Love increases,
If you share,
Never say,
Speak up:"Don't worry,
I'm here"
Wish for a love story,
Its indeed a wonderful MYSTERY!

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