Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"Dad", was not the first word...As I learned to speak,
But he was the first one I played hide-and-seek...

Holding his fingers...I walked,
I swayed, I falled...He told me,
Get up, Don't stop!!!

Sitting on his shoulders playfully,
Carrying me when I was not sleepy...

Dad brought me my favorite Parle-G,
Boxes of ice cream Kwality...

Shouting "My Daddy Strongest",
Rhyming "Johny Johny", "Yes Papa"...

Bike ride to school everyday,
Rarely wrote "My Father" as an essay...

Learning his principles I grew up,
One of them "Never Give Up"

Be confident...Be honest
Be polite...Do sympathize...

"Do not fear being a girl.
Step out...Stand smartly in this world"...

Supports me when I want to make a difference,
Hurts when he does not show confidence...

Taught me to endeavour,
He is an enamour...

He is my Santa Claus,
Gifts me...Blesses me each day,
No need of any cause...

How will I stay away after marriage?
OH GOD! Please give me the courage...

A Daughter is her Fathers Treasure,
Love which no one could ever measure...
Its called "Kanyadaan"...No wonder...

I love this quote from the movie "Pursuit of Happyness"...where a father teaches his child a wonderful thought
Chris Gardner: Don't ever let someone tell you, you can't do something. Not even me.All right?.
Christopher : All right.
Gardner: All right. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can't do it. You want something? Go get it.

P.S.The word "Dad" dates back to the sixteenth century, or possibly even earlier? It may have originated with the Welsh word "Tad" (meaning father), which later mutated to Dad. The word "Father" is derived from the Old English "Foeder".


  1. I love the post. Very very nice.

    I like that sequence too from Pursuit of Happyness...

    this is an Aww..post. well done

  2. Much love to all the Daddys! but ecspecially mine!!! :) ah... Dad's are the best, great tribute!

  3. My daddy was my Santa too...unfortunately he is no more...My Santa has become my guardian angel..Touching post as alwayas!

  4. Daughters or sons, Dads are the hero and everything we look for in a perfect man! :)

    Wonderful thoughts Poonam!

  5. very touched with the thought of dad and correlating Santa with dad as dads throughout year are like Santa for fulfilling needs and demands of their kids and everyday is a Christmas day with Santa in father.
    loved it...great Poonam.

  6. @Always Happy...that was an aww reply too :)
    Always be happy :)

    @Kay...indeed dad s are the best...Thanks :)

  7. @Alka Gurha...May your guardian angel always be with you
    Thank you :)

  8. @Sourav...Yep...for both daughters and sons dad s are heroes
    Thanks a lot :)

    @Dr.Pratibha...nicely said...everyday is a Christmas day:)
    Thank you so much :)

  9. this is so beautiful.....
    an awww post... :)

  10. Nice, beautiful and a tribute to all the daddies in the world. Nice work.

  11. @magiceye...Thanks for the beautiful reply :)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete...Thank you for the appreciation :)

  12. Lovely post:)...my Dad is my Santa too:)

  13. Lovely post..

    I love my baba too :)

  14. @Dr.Raksha... Thanks :)

    @Alcina... :) :) :)

  15. WOW!!!..you have an amazing talent..among the gifted ones or pure talent developed as you saw the world.
    I am not a reader or blogger but some of your words..well they touched somehwere deep inside my heart..
    My Best Wishes for you and keep writing Girl!!
    P.S: Dont be surprised to see my comment but I was wandering on internet and came across this beautiful blog..
    WOW..just wow!!