Saturday, December 25, 2010

Silently Expressive...Dedicated to My Lovely Blogger Friends :)

Tender dainty bud,
Maternal to a Soul,
From this ferocious world,
Its savagery, Its treachery...

Though maternal,
An unrestrained suffocation,
A redundant trepidation...
Time to unleash,
To anticipate,
Exigence to Emancipate...

Bud bloomed one day,
"Freedom" the Soul wished to say,
World: Strange, fierce,
Never prayed for any reinforce...

Transcended towards light,
Enduring versatile flight,
Iridescent, Kaleidoscopic colors,
Now on Souls counselors...

Violet inspired to spark Imagination,
& reach your Destination...
Love for Humanity,
Its still not a vanity...

Indigo,Taught awareness, wisdom,
Failure would be seldom...

Blue, will for peace, How to communicate,
Only Love be reciprocate...

Green, maintain harmony, Good Health,
Worlds greatest Wealth...

Yellow, Be energetic, alleviate confusion,
Always take a firm Decision...

Orange, maintain Equilibrium, Creativity,
Will help to achieve Liberty...

Red gave Security, Passion,
Work with Dedication,

Today the Soul is incessantly living,
Opulent with Knowlege,
Still learning,
That will abide in perpetuity...

Its my Soul...

Merry Christmas to all & I Wish Santa Claus to gift with what you have prayed for! :)

365 days long back I had stepped in this wonderland called "Blogspot" with no knowledge of its magic. Its mystical power have hypnotized me (MAKING ME CRAZIER!!!) . I love to walk on this land, swim,drown in its craziness, fly breathe its scenting air. Kindly bear my writing as I know I'm not good when it comes to sentences.

BIRTH OF MY BLOG...ON 25 DEC 2009...
My best buddy Jayshri (Truly a "WHITE COAT WEIRDO"as she loves to call herself) encouraged me to start a blog, which would be, My Space OR My Place

There is no such word as "CARDIGRAZIOSO". I had wanted to be a cardiac surgeon, call it "Destiny" or "Hard Work" I am happy to be a Homeopath. My love for Cardiology created "CARDI" and "GRAZIOSO", for the graceful words which I love to pen down. :)

I was deciding what to perform in my final year of school camp (Dancing was out of question, & I spared my friends with singing ;) THEN WHAT ELSE? Once I was watching Tom & Jerry Kids Show, where the characters were fighting by using proses. THAT WAS IT! I wrote Riddles on identifying  friends personality in form of poem and prose.HEY! THEY LOVED IT. The loud applause proved it.

Though after 7 years, I took it seriously on rhyming.BETTER LATE THEN NEVER!

I was too jittery, whether my simple words would convey my feelings..As I always end up writing something serious (reflects my Gemini Trait )

My blog has turned one today, with this even my writing, rhyming. When I read my oldposts and the new ones, OH! WOW! I HAVE IMPROVED A LOT...IT FEELS AWESOME :)

I feel glad and honored when I receive an appreciation saying my words made its readers Smile, made them think over a Cause.

Its important to reply who leaves a comment, as they have taken out time and read the expressions, in the world where TIME IS MONEY!

Sometimes bloggers post are so intense and powerful that I end up replying "Intense", "Deep", "Beautiful", "Thoughtful" as at that very moment I lack for words...NOT THAT I HAVEN'T UNDERSTOOD IT!

From core of my heart, every cell of my endocardium, I Thank to my amazing fellow bloggers for always being along with me in this fascinating World of Blogging! (Not in any specific order) awesome poet whose silence reaches out many miles...Thanks for being my first friend in this wonderland.

Beyond ...your expressions are really beyond those few words, filled with love, wisdom...

Ritika Patel you have always been with me along this journey...even i wait for your lovely reply...Hope this friendship stays forever :)

Actually the previous name "Anonymous Someone" made me land on your the complexity of your blogs name and writings...most favorite "Break Me, make Me" 

Vishal Raj awesomeness of your post "Waiting for you" made me a regular visitor at your blog (btw you haven't written since long)

Rashmi M Love when your heart speaks...and the perceptions

Rajesh Waiting myself to explore the beautiful forts, especially southern India.

magiceye Truly a magical eye you have there...I have come to know more about my hometown Mumbai through your beautiful pics.(How do you manage 5 blogs?...Its superb! )

Rohini your weirdest dreams are innovative...courageous...Love them :)

Alcina Mysterious words (and name too, as said will remember the Greek meaning ;) Thanks for your gifts :)

 Dr.Pratibha (talented as your name) Dr.Raksha (Glad when you fly and visit here)
Alka Gurha Humorous but always thought evoking writing (you should add some smiley widget :)

Always Happy Keep smiling :) Aashi I love to visit your Dreamland...

OK THANK YOU SO...WAIT...WAIT...How can I forget this blogger? I'm not a blogwalker but Its the only blog I use to read without following (not even anonymously).I first visited the blog after reading an appreciable criticism(yes I did like it) by this blogger. Ok need to raise the curtain, the most liked blogger Sourav C.Pandey. I have no idea why but Your 'I "KILLED" Time' post made me to comment first time and thereon no end.Thanks a lot (YES THE THANKS) for naming me as "Silently Expressive"...APT :) Has anyone scrolled till end of his blog and read...Its awesome.Do read it! (Yes,Ignorance is Bliss,Sourav)



I love the kaleidoscopic colors of life, but without one I'm still incomplete...

A restless emptiness,
Pack with Happiness, Liveliness...
Prepare for the Unknown,
This is your Expression Zone...
Don't live in fantasy,
But open the door to a Mystery...
Sometimes be inconspicuous,Never lack (it),
Its the color Black... 


P.S.Please don't unfollow me if I haven't mention you...I heartily Thank You for supporting me through this journey of wonderland and I hope it continues... :) :) :)

PP.S.I have mentioned the actual meaning of the colors in a rainbow. A help by Google ;)


  1. This was pleasantly surprising Poonam! Will write more here, am too happy to express for now! Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Poonam,Happy blog birthday. Hope you continue to grow from posts to posts.

    Thank you for mentioning my name in your post and yeah sure, I will keep smiling.

    Wish you all the best for future posts.

    A very happy and prosperous new year to you.

    Kind regards
    Always Happy

  3. Pleasant post indeed, u are a pretty good writer ..though i have read few of your posts... good luck in future endeavors & congrats in turning 1.."Santa gift come true"...really made me think about what gift i want...but anyway dismissed that thought with does anyone think like that ?

  4. Hey Poonam

    This blogpost was a package of so many things,feelings,emotions and colorsssssssss..

    Congrats on your blog turning one year old :D

    Your naming ceremony part is so nice to read..because i have always remembered your blog by cardigrazioso rather than poonam or beyond horizon :)

    I agree with that Gemini trait :P

    Thanks for remembering me :) .. My words are mysterious..hmm..what do you feel about me? ;)
    And hey don't thank me for the gift ..You called me santa after all..Please omit the thanks from anywhere and everywhere next time that you read alcina :)

    And seriously Sourav is my favorite too..his blog was one which i saw first time and became a big fan :D

    Take care
    and keep smiling always

    Wish your journey goes on and on for the time to come ahead and infinity :) ..

  5. Aye Alcina, that was sweet! And yes I agree with the Doc here, you are mysterious in a lot of ways, but that makes me read your more! ;)

    Poonam, I am still at loss of words, so bear with my stupid comments! :p


    Thank you for your kind words..



  7. This Christmas has been the best for me. Not that others were not, but I never received so many gifts from awesome people like you and other blog mates. I am really honored to be read and it is a delight to read your creations. You write, with a cause and you do it uniquely. That sets you apart.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. I wish if there were any superlatives of "Thank a ton", I would have poured them all over here to express how elated I'm feeling and you have made that in a very very special way. Any my apologies for not being on my so-called-boring blog. I had my reasons to write. Now I have my reason not to write or may be I should say - no more reasons to write. Sorry.
    But it's wonderful to be on your blog, Doc !! I've always been an admirer of your style of creativity. See you soon.

  9. The message from every cell of your endocardium has touched every cell of my endocardium. Wish you all the happiness in life.
    Happy blog Birthday..

  10. @Poetry of the Day...Thank you...warm wishes to you too :)

  11. my surprise have made you loss for words ;)

    even your these kind and sweet words are beautiful...and the stupid comments...keep them coming :p

    always waiting for your random stupid...heartfelt words :)

  12. @Always Happy...Hey no need for the Thanks...always be around...for your awesome pleasurable words :)

    Be Happy as your name :)

  13. @astrosunilnomy...Pleasant reply...and Hey I don't think there's anything weird to wish for...Wish for it again what you have thought of...May it come true asap :)

    Thank you :)

  14. @Alcina...You are as mysterious as your name (see even Sourav agrees with it ;)
    ...and I love it...Keep expressing mysteriously

    I have to say Thanks a lot over here...You too Take care...Keep Smiling :)

  15. @magiceye...Thanks a lot...yes will keep blogging as wonderful bloggers like you and many others are with me always :)

  16. @Blasphemous Aesthete...I am honored too with your pleasant appreciation...and it always feels great to read your awesome...most innovative writings :)

    Thank you so much :)

  17. need of those superlatives...Thanks for always being along...and your blog IS NOT AT ALL BORING (GOT MY WORDS!!!)

    Eager to read your beautiful words soon...wish to find the reason to write...

    Thanks a Ton :)

  18. @Alka Sweet of you...Thanks a lot :)

  19. Hey Poonam this was quite a surprise...a Happy New Year to a girl who turns her feelings into beautiful words:)All the best with your course and career will do very well..we Doctors rock don't we;)

  20. dear Poonam ,I am so glad to see my name mentioned in your post.Wish your blog a very happy birthday and give it a huge chunk of cake as it really deserve the huge appreciation and its really touching people, including me ;hearts to the extent ,they are forced to write comment .
    This colorful poem itself revealed the colors your blog wear.
    wish you all the best for blogging and a very happy and prosperous new year.god bless you!

  21. happy bday blogger belated, hope u come up with more of xcitn post in futuren yeah to start blogging u need sum booster, n i thnk u got the one :)

  22. @Dr.Raksha...a sweet reply...YES! WE DOCTORS DO ROCK :)

    THANKS :)


    @Dr.Pratibha...Thank you so much...yes yes A huge chunk of cake...I love to share it with lovely fellow bloggers like you :)

    GOD BLESS :)

    @vineet...Thanks :) a booster and more over wonderful support :)

  23. wow.. thats one i'll call a true person.. loved what u said abt everyone.. of some i know, they truly are gems :)

  24. @Deepika...they truly are happy and lucky to have them as FRIENDS :)
    Thanks :)

  25. Yes, I was here to comment, and will instead go away with this:


  26. @Sourav... :P

    I know my words have made you SPEECHLESS ;)
    Like your weird smileys too...even they speak a lot :p

    :) :) :)

  27. Hello Poonam,
    Here's wishing you a wonderful start to 2011.
    I just wanted to drop in a quick word of thanks for visiting Mindless Mumbai. For a whole lot of other photography, do join me on Facebook at kb/photography.

  28. Beautiful.
    Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  29. @Kunal Bhatia...Thanks...Wish you the same :)

    @Rajesh...Thanks a lot!!!
    Happy New Year to you too :)

  30. hey happy new year...thnx for naming me...

  31. Happy belated Bday blogger!!

    Best wishes 2011

    Short Poems

  32. @rohini... How can I forget your dreams... Thanks and Happy New Year to you too :)

    @Marinela Reka... Thanks :)

  33. @Doc: Well I missed your blog's birthday :-(

    Will make it this year for sure!!

    As always, the beauty that lies inside your heart comes across through the words you write. So g;lad to be your friend Poo!