Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh My Darling, You Look Wonderful Tonight...

How will I know?
I am in Love...

Is it Peaceful as a Dove,
A feeling of Heaven above...

Heart beats and pumps Blood,
Why is it said?
Its place where blooms a Love Bud...

Hippocampus regulates emotional activity,
When a HEART breaks,
Why is it called Insanity?

Battle of Mind and Heart,
How will the Love stay ever apart?

I dream of you every night,
Its You,
who made my Life bright...

Drowning in Loneliness,
Its You,
who broke the Darkness...

Waited for you so long,
Its You,
I belong...

sang the Love melody...

You make me Smile,
You make me Cry,
A kiss on my eyes,
makes the sadness to say Goodbye...

Rendezvous under moonlit starry sky,
 I Clad in a saree,
Coz, You said once,
"I'll marry,
only if you wear saree"

Awestruck as you bend on knees,
& asked,
"Will you dance with me? Please"

Arms around my waist,
Mine around your neck,
Forgot everything rest...

Swaying along soothing music,
Close to you at that moment,
That moment of magic...

And then I asked you,
"Do I look alright?"
And you said,
*"Oh My Darling, You Look Wonderful Tonight..."

Do I Deserve This?
This Ultimate Bliss!

Captured my Heart,
Touched my Soul,
"I love you just the way you are..."

Tear fell on my cheek,
No words I could speak,
Silence spoke more than words,
"Something's are best understood,
when they are not said,
Only felt..."

I dream of you every night,
I don't believe in Love At First Sight,
If I meet you,
What if I just might...

I am not even close to what its called as "Hopeless Romantic", but I do believe in Love. Even as Science explains that our emotions are regulated by our brain, How can I ever say someone, "I love you with all my Hippocampus"...NEVER!
It is an Eternal feeling when we say, "I Love You wholeheartedly..."

Happy Valentines Day...Lots of Love :)