Friday, March 25, 2011

If Only YOU Knew...

The story is continuation of  CHANGE?! I thought to give it a try, and work on my creative skills of writing sentences. ;)

"So, family must be searching a guy for marriage"

"Hmm...Did you see anyone?"

"Going to...You love someone?"



"Naa...I won't"

"Tell me, You know I am a good secret keeper."............"OK, I won't ask you again, if it hurts."

The next few seconds silence talked for them. They both understood this language and it was never disturbing. No one took the initiative to speak. Finally the guy spoke as by now he knew her calmness, calmness for which he had fallen in love with her.

"When are we meeting?"

"I don't know. You live so far &..."

"Aa, aa, aa, not that excuse again. I still live in this world."

"Don't say that! I will kill your devilish side and dare you babble the nasty talk of yours!"

"AHA! The longest sentence you must have said till today."

"Do not start it."

"Sorry! But as the saying goes *'Clocks slay time...Time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life'."

"OK,OK, Mr.Brainy, We will meet soon." She said between her laughter. "Bye!"

"Bye!" (See You, My Love)

She continued to laugh after hanging up, tears rolled down her cheeks. Time! brought the souls together and parted them too.

It will be the time, that will prove whether they are destined to be together till eternity?

Amidst the sound of koyal, kids playing, evening walks of elderly, couples strolling, their hands entwined; they sat facing the horizon. The reflection like twinkling stars on the ripples of waves from sun rays and everything about the evening was enthralling for them.

The cool sea breeze was ruffling her hair, though she was gazing at the waves, through corner of her eyes, she felt his eyes looking at her. Her lips curved a bit, their eyes met and both smiled.

"Did you meet the guy?"

"Yes. I did."



"Why do you always wait for the question to be put forward?"

"How will I know what you want to hear? I don't have a telepathic mind."

"Fine! What was his reply?"

"Ain't any!" She said quietly.

"Forget it. He doesn't know what he has lost!"

"Mr. Brainy, deep thought?!.....Let's concentrate on you for a while."

"Exactly my point. I want you to concentrate on me."

"Shut up!" She giggled."If you find your love, how will you confess or what will you say?"

"I will rather sing."

"WOW! That's cool. Sing it now, I want to hear it."

"For whom?"

"Oh....Where is your power of imagination?"

He never had to use any imagination, because his love was right in front of him.

He began to sing, she closed her eyes as his mystical voice touched her soul. Tears warmed his eyes and his voice choked once, even she sensed it as the closed eyes flickered. He continued singing and her feet tapping along.


The girl always waited for the boy to ask questions, since she loved to hear them from him. He was the only person in her life who understood her silence. She wasn't just enjoying the tunes of the song with closed eyes, but she had no strength to look in his tender eyes. That night she cried, only cried...

Your angelic Look,
Your alluring Smile,
Can't stop loving you,
not even for a while...

You are my world without an end,
Will love you, 
Now and forever,
My feelings are restrained!

It's getting harder to stay away from you,
If only YOU knew,
How much I love you!

If only YOU knew,
I love Only You!

You can never make someone to fall in love with you. You can control your own emotions and never that someone.

*Quote by William Faulkner

Monday, March 21, 2011

Those eyes were waiting for someone

Those eyes spoke thousand words,
Words behind the silence…
They never lie, always say the truth,
Truth, I was unaware of!

I could see hidden scars,
Scars, deepening each day,
When I look at the eyes,
Eyes, waiting for someone…

Pain bloomed in heart,
Heart, cried, cried a lot…
Those eyes, never filled with tears,
Tears could have shown the fear…

Why were they sad?
What will make the heart smile?
When will be the pain put to rest?

So many questions arising in my mind, but I couldn’t ask anyone nor to the eyes I am talking about.

Traveling by train has become a part of my life. During traveling, I come across many faces in the crowd. Strangers, but sometimes even without any talks we know each other as daily commuters. Usually the faces show tiredness, eagerness to reach home, anger due to some reason. But the day I saw this woman, I don’t know why somehow I realized there’s hidden emotion, because her eyes expressed it all. I never heard her interacting with the fellow commuters, only once a while. 

From days to months, I have seen her. Her face though serene, no creases of worry, but had turmoil of emotions behind the serenity. The question, “Why?”

I don’t know what I should call this; probably I had wanted to know the answer to “Why” and it did come along. 

My close friends’ cousin was a victim of 11 July’06 train blasts, and still hasn’t recuperated, is in coma since. One day it happened that I, my friend and the woman were in same compartment. They weren’t sitting close; I and my friend began to talk after long meet. As my friends destination arrived, before getting down she told me the woman is her aunt, the mother of that cousin. For a while I just couldn’t come out of the shock, I had just heard. The wait once I could see in her eyes, now I wasn’t able to look into them, after I got the answer to my “Why?”

Recently after long time I came across her, and what I saw in those eyes, along with the wait, is Hope!

Now, when I know the reason for the wait, I can only pray!

I pray,
For the eyes to be happy,
For the Mother to hear “Ma” again,

To hold on is - Hope!
The heart will smile,
The pain is put at rest forever,
The wait in the eyes will soon come to an end!

mother's day

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks...

WOW! STYLISH BLOGGER, AM I!  Speechless, instead will quote what Christian Bale said after receiving the Oscar, 
"What a room full of talented and inspirational people, and what the hell am I doing here, in the midst of you? Such an honor" (No need to guess How Happy I am! Obviously the room for me is this blogging world amongst you all :)

Thanks to one & only The Silhouette   for this award. Eon Heath as he loves to call himself (His precious gift) His name might be strange sounding, but he truly can embed his emotions through his writings elegantly. His words have the strength and are soothing too.

I love to pass this award to all you awesome people who have always been with me, THANKS A TON!
(Not in any specific order)


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Words do matter.

Finally, the most difficult, Seven things about myself (as a part of after receiving  the award), for which I have been delaying this post ;)

1. SIMPLICITY! I truly believe in "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler." Albert Einstein

Life is about living every moment (Though one of my favorite hobby is sleeping ) 

2.MUSIC, My Strength and weakness too, I can never live without it. My day begin and end with listening music. My Mom used to panic after looking at her daughter who listens music even during her med exams. (Don't You freak out, I never wrote any song in my answer paper :p 

3.I always ask Questions, if I don't understand any thing (Now you know why I sometimes leave a question in my comments sometimes) even if it may sound stupid :P

I never regret after asking something, but just once, yes once,have the regret, Why the Hell I left such stupidest reply! Should have read it again and then commented. More over my guilt feeling, It must have hurt the blogger, and I am really SORRY for it! (It still haunts me)


Don't be surprised to see the empty spaces, I have no idea what to write more. My life is all about being simple, learning, listening music, bugging people with my questions ;)

I am going to make this simple for me. Its been quite a while now, most of you know me. 
Write something about me (make me smile with those compliments ;) and criticism is always welcome, Its in a way learning too!

(The link to your blog opens to the writings which are my favorite, till now.I am sure there would be many more to come. APPLAUD TO ALL)

P.S. The title is a quote by William Shakespeare (My brain doesn't function with such innovation :P

Saturday, March 5, 2011


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"Have you ever liked someone?"



"Then, What?"

"Did you tell him?"

"No! It was just a crush."

It was months back they met and within short span understood each other. Confiding, sharing sweet memories, probably they never did with their friends. Destiny had something else for them. Time changed, they had to part away. It did hurt them but as said, Change may be good, if accepted wholeheartedly.


"Hello! How are you? How has been the change?"

"Very good, How about you?"


"So, family must be searching a guy for marriage"

"Hmm...Did you see anyone?"

"Going to...You love someone?"



"Naa...I won't"

"Tell me, You know I am a good secret keeper."

Love is an emotion of strong affection, a virtue of kindness, compassion. It also gave them strength to stay apart never confessing that they love each other. Since they knew being from different tradition, their family will never ever accept this relation and continued to live without being each others life.

Ties of different tradition, culture, how will their existence will end or get obscured? when Love is the only basis for all being.

Being with you,
Sharing those moments of pleasure,
I will always treasure...

Dream to be together,
Soul-mate forever, 
Don't want it to be a Dream,
I want to live the Dream!

Can't deny,
Can't hide,
Can't runaway from
The Truth!

If I ever cross the boundary,
They would say,
This is not How we nurture,
This is not in our culture!

Don't know what to say,
Don't want to go astray...
Memories warm my eyes,
Our unnamed ties!
I will never be able to say,
"I Love You"
Ultimate Truth,
I Love You,
Yes, I do!

But its also True,
I will never be with You!

Love will never die,
It has to say Silent Goodbye...

Era has changed,

What have we gained?
Emotions being burnt,
What have we learned?

Should I be sad or ashamed?
When love is strangled,
in name of 
"Honor Killing",
The Question,
Why is it prevailing?

Is Change really inevitable?
Change of  thoughts,
Will anyone be able?

Change is what we wish to see,
Change is what we ought to bring!

Neither we need to fight for it,
Nor be scared by it!

Will WE be the CHANGE we wish to see?


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