Saturday, March 5, 2011


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"Have you ever liked someone?"



"Then, What?"

"Did you tell him?"

"No! It was just a crush."

It was months back they met and within short span understood each other. Confiding, sharing sweet memories, probably they never did with their friends. Destiny had something else for them. Time changed, they had to part away. It did hurt them but as said, Change may be good, if accepted wholeheartedly.


"Hello! How are you? How has been the change?"

"Very good, How about you?"


"So, family must be searching a guy for marriage"

"Hmm...Did you see anyone?"

"Going to...You love someone?"



"Naa...I won't"

"Tell me, You know I am a good secret keeper."

Love is an emotion of strong affection, a virtue of kindness, compassion. It also gave them strength to stay apart never confessing that they love each other. Since they knew being from different tradition, their family will never ever accept this relation and continued to live without being each others life.

Ties of different tradition, culture, how will their existence will end or get obscured? when Love is the only basis for all being.

Being with you,
Sharing those moments of pleasure,
I will always treasure...

Dream to be together,
Soul-mate forever, 
Don't want it to be a Dream,
I want to live the Dream!

Can't deny,
Can't hide,
Can't runaway from
The Truth!

If I ever cross the boundary,
They would say,
This is not How we nurture,
This is not in our culture!

Don't know what to say,
Don't want to go astray...
Memories warm my eyes,
Our unnamed ties!
I will never be able to say,
"I Love You"
Ultimate Truth,
I Love You,
Yes, I do!

But its also True,
I will never be with You!

Love will never die,
It has to say Silent Goodbye...

Era has changed,

What have we gained?
Emotions being burnt,
What have we learned?

Should I be sad or ashamed?
When love is strangled,
in name of 
"Honor Killing",
The Question,
Why is it prevailing?

Is Change really inevitable?
Change of  thoughts,
Will anyone be able?

Change is what we wish to see,
Change is what we ought to bring!

Neither we need to fight for it,
Nor be scared by it!

Will WE be the CHANGE we wish to see?


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  1. Poetry used to good effect in article post.

  2. Muwahh!!Loved this post:)
    Love unconfessed..Sad story..
    Bt its better to be as friends than being parted as lovers.
    Which maims their soul.

  3. Hey, Hi
    That was beautifully put across. Simple yet thought provoking...A piece of literature par excellence...
    The poem was...its something like dark chocolate, the bitterness is the best part of it...yet a subtle hint of sweetness...

    Great work...

    The Silhouette...

  4. Very poetic, Smiles, mine is what most people feel in their heart but no one acts to achieve it, Change

    Someone is Special

  5. Another different take on the topic.
    Well written.

    Good luck with the contest :)

  6. Beautifully Expressed!!
    Loved that act you made and your poem made it more interesting :)

    Good Luck Dear !!
    Take care..

  7. to love some one and then to part without even expressing it the stupidest thing to do...but there are people like this in real life...if u love some one go for them whole heartedly and fight to win your love............beautifully written, the poetic touch is good

  8. what a change! ur poetry is 'straight from the heart' :) and that adds so much beauty to each verse...loved it!
    good luck for the contest!


  9. Lovely poetry...great blog too :)
    Gud luck for the contest :)

  10. @The Fool...Thanks!

    @Neeha...Thank you so much :)
    Friends! yes forever..and the love in their heart...soul will be forever too :)

    @The Silhouette...OMG...Thanks...I always wait for your heartfelt appreciation...Of course the bitterness of the dark chocolate makes it more likable!
    Thanks again :)

  11. @Alka...Thanks dear :)

    @Someone is Special...Thanks..will read soon :)

    @Md. Muddasir Shah...Thanks...GOod luck to you too :)

  12. @Simran...Hmmm..The act! ;)
    Thanks a lot :)

    @the critics...Such people in real Life...yes there are...but I don't know whether its stupidiest or not!

    @subtlescirbbler...Definitely its Straight from My Heart this time as always!
    Thanks sarah :)

    @Lilangel..Welcome Here...Thanks :)

  13. a very nice take on the topic.. but how does the story in the beginning figure in the post, a bit confused.

    Liked the verses in the poem and very nice expressions!

  14. the narration had it all the love, the pain, the story, the beginning, the end and the continuation...

  15. Very thought provoking.... beautiful expressions flowing through poetry.

  16. @Aashish Sood...The beginning is just a glimpse...Thanks! :)

    @Beyond...Right got it Beyond...It is not the end..It never was and never will be...Its the continuation :)

    @Dr.Pratibha...Thank you :)

  17. beautifully done

    best wishes for the blogathon

  18. They poem you wrote is so good .... speacially they way you strated of uncoventional new and so fresh ..... It reminded me of your post on "honor killing" ...

    you defined reality in various terms ... its true times are changing ... and so is every single thing with it ... when will the people who are still bonded in old traditions will change ... we do not know ...

    Its sad how practices in families like these never let the seed of undying love grow ....its really sad ..... And it makes me thank god for givinge me the parents and the family tht i have...
    your poem made me sad .... because the words are so strong ...


  19. Traditions changed, yet some things still don't change, and love birds pay a very, very dear price just for loving each other out of societal customs.
    In such situations, I would rather call this couple rather wise.

    Nice one!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  20. loved the way you put across the sensitive issue through your poem...

    nice !

  21. Love is axed,
    for the willow,
    that is used to make-
    abodes called the society.
    How pathetic, non-sympathetic.

  22. It's foolishness... I know what you meant by the family barriers and society thing...... but we have just ONE life and even that we cannot live with whom we wish to? Sad....

    Beautifully said :)

  23. Come Here From Malaysia

  24. very nice poem, pain behind confessed love, the fact that you cannot tell it to anyone kills. well, we should have friends with whom we should tell everything, this makes living much lighter, that emotional baggage should be put down once a while. reminds me of the quote - Be the change you wanna see in this world, yes religion, caste comes in way in going ahead & making love happen if the other person is not from the same caste as your's, besides also there is always this thought it would be much easier to fall in love with someone of your own religion, i mean eventually marriage , living together involves lot of adjustments, it would be nicer to be with someone of same traditional & cultural background as your's. well in any case, frequency of both people must match essentially.

  25. Hey came after a longtime..sorry for missing the other two posts but would surely tell how i felt after reading them :)..
    This piece is weaved with lots of thought in mind and to bring out the story and poem it has taken much of effort that goes here to be seen :)

    Nice way that you have highlighted the change :)

    and yes "Change is what we wish to see,
    Change is what we ought to bring!"


  26. Hey Poonam,

    Guess this is the first time I'm commenting on you're blog and I must say its a beautiful blog..!!..

    Coming to this post, it was something presented quite subtly yet it was quite heavy...Change is inevitable but is the society receptive enough? The pain and agony one goes through..loving someone yet can't be with them, tradition.. love for family.. society et al. everything plays such a big role in it...At times you're forced to think is love worth all that...and there are times yiu're just clueless so at to what to do, your just tangled in this web.

    People say better don't fall in love with someone whose caste is different from yours, no hassles only but when a person loves someone does that come into picture, you love someone for what they are not what there belong to or which caste n creed...the day people start accepting this fact it'll be a liberated society but dunno when will this happen?

    Nice post and the poem was also quite nice !!

    Take Care.

  27. nice read Poonam.

    times have changed but some mindsets have not. Lovers still do have to worry about coming under family pressures having to part ways. It is unfair but love never dies.

  28. Life is always under entropy...yet we fight..we resist...but in the end we change...because we ought to...nice poem Poetess Poo:)

  29. Strange; isn't it? When we talk about love to people we are not in love with, we can put our heart out them within no time! But when it comes the love of our lives, we just get quiet..

    I am not too sure about Change, I keep getting confused! May be that is way of changing in itself?

    I liked the way you used the conversation for your post, and I don't really need to say how amazing you are with your poems and rhyming! :)

  30. @magiceye...Thanks a lot for the wishes :)

    @Ritz...Hey Thank you, Thank you...glad you remembered my post :)

    We do treasure our Tradition...but along with that need to change our thinking said...Love is the basis of ALL BEING!

    And I do not wish you be sad after reading my writing...but you felt the emotions,that's indeed a great appreciation :)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete...You said it aptly!
    Thanks :)

  31. @Sweta..Thanks :)

    @Sayak...I always wait to read your poetic expressions, so heartfelt :)
    Thanks :)

    ONE Short Life, without beloved, it hurts.
    Thanks :)

    @mohdhafifi...Welcome :)

  32. @astrosunilnomy...catharsis, sharing emotions is definitely has to be done...Burden of these feelings is sad and not pleasurable too...Yes Friends are Life!

    Can we ever be in love with the thought the person is of same tradition, caste?? It would be our convenience not love!
    I do agree about adjustments, but that's present in love or arranged marriage.

    Where there's love, I think nothing is impossible!

    Thanks :)

    @Alcina...missed you a lot mysterious girl, and No Sorry please!

    Thanks for the lovely comment :)

  33. @Fatima...Thanks a lot and Welcome :)

    Rightly said, liberated society should not be just for namesake...Action is the need!
    Thanks again :)

    @Always Happy...Thank you so much :)
    Apt! Unfair but Love will never ever Die...

    @Raksha...We really ought to and cannot resist the change
    Thank you so much Doc :)

    @Sourav...I loved what you said, "when it comes the love of our lives, we just get quiet.."

    Getting confused, is surely a way of changing coz Its a learning in itself!

    And do I really need to say this again, you are the best when it comes to writing Conversation!
    Thanks a ton :)

  34. nicely expressed ..i think i hv missed this post on blogatone hmm:) all the best!