Monday, March 21, 2011

Those eyes were waiting for someone

Those eyes spoke thousand words,
Words behind the silence…
They never lie, always say the truth,
Truth, I was unaware of!

I could see hidden scars,
Scars, deepening each day,
When I look at the eyes,
Eyes, waiting for someone…

Pain bloomed in heart,
Heart, cried, cried a lot…
Those eyes, never filled with tears,
Tears could have shown the fear…

Why were they sad?
What will make the heart smile?
When will be the pain put to rest?

So many questions arising in my mind, but I couldn’t ask anyone nor to the eyes I am talking about.

Traveling by train has become a part of my life. During traveling, I come across many faces in the crowd. Strangers, but sometimes even without any talks we know each other as daily commuters. Usually the faces show tiredness, eagerness to reach home, anger due to some reason. But the day I saw this woman, I don’t know why somehow I realized there’s hidden emotion, because her eyes expressed it all. I never heard her interacting with the fellow commuters, only once a while. 

From days to months, I have seen her. Her face though serene, no creases of worry, but had turmoil of emotions behind the serenity. The question, “Why?”

I don’t know what I should call this; probably I had wanted to know the answer to “Why” and it did come along. 

My close friends’ cousin was a victim of 11 July’06 train blasts, and still hasn’t recuperated, is in coma since. One day it happened that I, my friend and the woman were in same compartment. They weren’t sitting close; I and my friend began to talk after long meet. As my friends destination arrived, before getting down she told me the woman is her aunt, the mother of that cousin. For a while I just couldn’t come out of the shock, I had just heard. The wait once I could see in her eyes, now I wasn’t able to look into them, after I got the answer to my “Why?”

Recently after long time I came across her, and what I saw in those eyes, along with the wait, is Hope!

Now, when I know the reason for the wait, I can only pray!

I pray,
For the eyes to be happy,
For the Mother to hear “Ma” again,

To hold on is - Hope!
The heart will smile,
The pain is put at rest forever,
The wait in the eyes will soon come to an end!

mother's day


  1. Hey, Hi
    so many a times, it has happened, we wish to know the unknown, and once we are let in on the secret, how we wish to have not known...
    People carry their crosses, some with agony, some in silence, and some smiling...
    and to top it all, its a mothers heart, nothing so pure n true...

    The Silhouette...

  2. Happens a lot of times...esp. in a such a place where all this is common...but then at times you feel you are over analyzing the situation and et al. and it would have been better if, we left it alone but somehow we aren't able too and when the reason is known to us...sometimes we wish, I wish I had not gone that deeper.....

    Yep, its true Wait is Hope!

    Take Care.

    P.S: Never knew you're a mumbaikar to ?? :)

  3. Bless her, and hope you get your wish of seeing her eyes filled with happiness again. Though some losses cannot be reverted, but some bandages can sure be put to cover them, with another happiness.
    Nice write up, and thanks for sharing :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. It is hope that moved mountains, it is hope that keeps us all living and it is this hope which is the dream of a soul awake!

    My wishes to your friends' cousin, take care and it will be good soon, keep the hopes alive!

    And as I always say, you are a healer with words! :)

  5. Hopes.... prayer .... is certainly the way of life....
    But I believe so is closures either this way or that way .... untill the closure stucks ... the anxiety and the storm in heart doesnt calm ....
    I pray for that person and for mother for a positive closure ...

  6. tragic and a harsh truth too! More often in this blind rush v fail to notice things that r such an important part of our existence on this earth!
    Am glad tat v have such keen and compassionate doctors amongst us..v happen to touch a million lives but fail to impact maybe a few...Ur words touched be..will try n be more vigilant :) thnks!


  7. very nice post, we never know what a person has gone through in life, i have never seen my grandparents, they were freedom fighters, i wanted to see their eyes tell the story of the freedom struggle they were involved with, never got a chance to do that, only bits & pieces told by parents, anyway time heals all wounds, & life moves on ...this is the way it has to be right ?

  8. Hi, Thank you for visiting our blog! :)

    Personally I would add something that I have experienced myself.. I was in the ill fated train, and never again have I had the guts to catch the 6.08 fast local from Dadar again.. It was one of those irreversible things that happen to people that time just cant heal. I was very lucky as my first class pass had expired but my dear friend and classmate wasnt. I havent been able to forget the look in his mothers eyes when our class attended his funeral. Her only child, all of 18, soon to be a very bright engineer was just... gone. I cannot express how angry I was, and it was such a strange emotion when everyone around me was sad. My blood boiled (and still does) when I see the likes of Kasab and others "enjoying" lives in jail when so many nameless others have suffered so much. It cant be counted, the days and moments when someone has shed a tear for the things they lost. And yet this feeling of hopelessness when I just cant do anything about it. I wish more people like you would exist who still grieve over things that have happened years ago, and havent lost anything themselves. It gives people like me, and others who actually lost someone that we still can find hope in humanity, and that all is not lost..

    Thank you very very much for this write up.. :)

    A Thousand Words & More

  9. Eyes dont lie...they reveal all.
    Your posts have a great emotional quotient always...they touch deep somewhere.

  10. @Eon...Well I won't say I wish I had not known, now when I know I can Wish and Pray for the soul!
    You said it rightly people carry their crosses some in agony, silence, or smiling...Yes mothers heart nothing so true and pure & also the strength it has!!!

    @Fatima...Wait is Hope!

    @Anshul...Amen! I so very wish to see Happiness in her eyes...

  11. @Sourav...You said it Beautifully "it is this hope which is the dream of a soul awake!"

    Its the Hope which is alive, and If I lose it I will lose everything!

    Even being a healer, this time I just can Pray!

    @Ritz...Thanks, I too wish for the positive!

    @Sarah... Its just not about being a Doctor...compassionate is what every human have to be! Glad that the words touched and helped...

  12. @Sunil...yes probably a lot, can't even imagine...may your grandparents RIP!
    Well, sometimes time doesn't help to heal the wounds!

    @Annie...I can totally understand about traveling the same ill-fated train, even though not experienced for few days there was anxiety and nervousness boarding the train! Anger is not the strange emotion even in such situation, It was what you felt!
    Humanity is still present, but yes its definitely fading, because Its we Humans who are scared to help fellow Humans!
    Thanks to you for sharing your life's experience!

    @Alka...Thank you so much, am happy that the readers can feel the emotions too!

  13. That happens we always get eager to know about others but once we get to know the pain of their life we think oh...why I asked about..
    Hope is the only thing becomes the reason to live..

    Thanks for sharing ..

  14. @Simran...This time I won't say why did I ask!
    Yes 'Hope is the only thing, the reason to live..."

  15. Hey this poem was so emotional....
    And yeah, Never lose hope...
    Even I will pray for her...:]

  16. @magiceye...Sometimes too cruel!

    @Valli...Never to lose Hope,Please do!

  17. Poonam, words fail me to write a comment. I just pray to God that the lady's hopes and prayers come true. her child is better soon and you get to see happiness in her eyes. It must be very very hard for the lady and rest of the family but I hope ther is light at the end of the tunnel for them.

  18. So touching!
    Great way to xpress ur feelings in simple words called poem :)
    Nice write up! <3