Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today, I am writing only for You...

Life is indeed Short, but Beautiful because of the hearts I met or came across. I don't know what Tomorrow has for me, I have Today & don't want to miss it. Before it gets too late, I want to Thank the most Special ones in my life.

You came in my life, when I was alone or rather I should say, you understood me. I will always remember the first ever words you said to me.You have always conveyed your emotions by your words, the words I often misinterpreted and I am extremely sorry for it. Yes! I was too naive. Those only touched my soul, when  the same feelings bloomed in my heart, you were always talking about.

Believe Me! You have made me to realize "Life is like a rose, though surrounded by thorns, Beauty is its essence."

I don't know whether you would be reading this or not, but My Words are Only For You!

When I look at a flower,
It reminds me of you,
Sweetness in your words,
Never loses its fragrance...

Unlike a flower that withers away,
Your words about love & wisdom,
Comes along the way,
Gives the strength to stand by the Truth,
Do not let me to drift away...

I gaze at the brightest star,
Twinkling, Smiling from far,
I make a wish for you,
May life treat you with gentleness,
Your fingers entwined with love,
He himself singing a song of love for you, 
High above!

Mind : A blank slate,
You carved someone elses' words,
World of Love that you create!

As vast as the sky,
As deep as the ocean,
Beyond the Horizon,
You may never know,
How could you?
You have robbed their love!

Reality is shining bright,
Along with The Silhouette,
That will always last long,
and stand upright!

Yes! I doubted you,
But then,
I trusted too,
You deceived me,
"Thanks for being so nice!"

Unknowingly or Knowingly, you are blessed by many souls. You only have their love and blessings as your strength. They have wholeheartedly put their Trust in your hands, Do Not Crush It!

Never will I say,
Why I met you?
Never will I regret,
Being your Friend!

You are always in my prayer,
Somewhere I still Do Care!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The One I Loved, Now I am Scared of...

Don't ask me the reason for what I'm writing today,
I may not be able to answer it,
I have come far away.

Emotions are swirling,
Thoughts are varying,
It's difficult to pen them down,
Let my fears get drown,
Never did I want to feel like this!
Where is the Bliss?

Don't ask me the reason for what I'm writing today,
I may not be able to answer it,
I have lost something! 

Solitude : My Solace,
Taught me,
Life is not about living like an Ace,
Seek answers yourself,
Gracefully you have to face,
It's Scorching My Soul,
Pain taking its toll,
No eyes to see it,
Coz There is no wound to be seen,
It's deep within!

Staring at My Reflection,
Who are you?
The only question!
This can't be me,
No, It can never be!
I have lost 'Being Me'

Am I living for someone else?
Do I Smile just for a sake?

Let me be "Me",
Is all I wanted to be!
I am feeling so lonely today,
I have come far away!

To be heard,
To be seen,
To be felt!

Look in my eyes,
You will see the distant hurt,
Unveil the Pain behind My Smile,
Hold me close for a while!

Solitude: Once My Solace,
The One I Loved, Now I am Scared of!