Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today, I am writing only for You...

Life is indeed Short, but Beautiful because of the hearts I met or came across. I don't know what Tomorrow has for me, I have Today & don't want to miss it. Before it gets too late, I want to Thank the most Special ones in my life.

You came in my life, when I was alone or rather I should say, you understood me. I will always remember the first ever words you said to me.You have always conveyed your emotions by your words, the words I often misinterpreted and I am extremely sorry for it. Yes! I was too naive. Those only touched my soul, when  the same feelings bloomed in my heart, you were always talking about.

Believe Me! You have made me to realize "Life is like a rose, though surrounded by thorns, Beauty is its essence."

I don't know whether you would be reading this or not, but My Words are Only For You!

When I look at a flower,
It reminds me of you,
Sweetness in your words,
Never loses its fragrance...

Unlike a flower that withers away,
Your words about love & wisdom,
Comes along the way,
Gives the strength to stand by the Truth,
Do not let me to drift away...

I gaze at the brightest star,
Twinkling, Smiling from far,
I make a wish for you,
May life treat you with gentleness,
Your fingers entwined with love,
He himself singing a song of love for you, 
High above!

Mind : A blank slate,
You carved someone elses' words,
World of Love that you create!

As vast as the sky,
As deep as the ocean,
Beyond the Horizon,
You may never know,
How could you?
You have robbed their love!

Reality is shining bright,
Along with The Silhouette,
That will always last long,
and stand upright!

Yes! I doubted you,
But then,
I trusted too,
You deceived me,
"Thanks for being so nice!"

Unknowingly or Knowingly, you are blessed by many souls. You only have their love and blessings as your strength. They have wholeheartedly put their Trust in your hands, Do Not Crush It!

Never will I say,
Why I met you?
Never will I regret,
Being your Friend!

You are always in my prayer,
Somewhere I still Do Care!


  1. 'beautiful' is the word....we always criticize the wrong but seldom do we count our blessings....glad you did that

    i too wrote something like this long time back...

  2. Hey, Hi
    Well, i see my name on it...yay... :D happy happy...
    on a serious note, the emotions make a beautiful flow of words here, thought at times of pain too, but still its like a drop of that untouched dew...sweet and pure..


    The Silhouette...

  3. Beautiful, I am touched! Blessed is the person to have your care, love and concern but cursed he is for there is no trust now! :)

    Healing as always, I have a lot more to say about this post. I will soon. Take care, and keep smiling!

    And yes, you are/will always be read coz knowing you is a blessing to happen to anyone!

  4. Very beautiful poem Poonam. It shows me what a 'beautiful'mind you possess. I know you just did not simpy write these words but felt and meant each and every word. God bless you Poonam. You deserve a lot of happiness and always stay just the way you are or even better.

    Always Happy

  5. Wow, thats a great poem :)
    Btw, u did not mention that person?? How will he/she know? :)

    Anyway.. Great emotions :)
    Some or the other day, we will meet such persons .. who says "Life is like a rose, though surrounded by thorns, Beauty is its essence." -- at the right time.. wen we need it :)

    Cheers ^_^

  6. Beautiful write up.... this is winning, this is achieving, this is pride... this is strength.

    Yes! I doubted you,
    But then,
    I trusted too,
    You deceived me,
    "Thanks for being so nice!"

    This is a creed (that says "Thanks for being so nice!") that you will encounter numerous times.... but don't let them have their way with you again... once was enough... nice is not unarmed. Let them have their way else where not in your world. These emotional parasites.

    Sounding aggressive, angry but can't help it.

    Take care :)

  7. Its a beautiful write up and the poem is even more touching!

    Feels good to have people who love and cherish you and hurts equally when they walk away!

    Hope the one its written for does read it.

    Take Care.

  8. I love the last lines the most. Very beautiful and sensitive. You are amazing.

  9. I think i have said it before also...y i admire ur posts so much is d fact that love appears in its real essence in ur words..pure and divine! :)
    Its actually true..words reflect ur inner soul...and u r a beautiful person no doubt!
    ok! so i was suppose to appreciate ur post here :P charismatic is d word! :)


  10. Betrayal is hard to take on..but the way you still remain with you love intact it surely is nice..

    It's so simple yet woven in a yearn died yet alive..hope lost yet a bit bright..
    I feel like reading a text from the course book and saying children you should learn from this :)

    Keep up :) you love for the good and not so good and the world will be alright and trustworthy someday as they say :)

  11. Mind : A blank slate,
    You carved someone elses' words,
    World of Love that you create!

    Words used written or expressed should be as pure as feeling you have... craving words written of somebody else is so shameful act.. I hope people understand this.. Its all right of the writer to get the dignity he/she deserves... But with such people around you cant still let them go just because they our friend & people we care for...

    Poonam onces again very impressive thought & nicely written post with such simplicity n tendered heart..!!

  12. Hey dear,I have no idea who the person might be,but I am very sure that he/she is indeed very lucky to have owned ur friendship :)

    It's just amazing...Do write more
    you have the power to heal ppl with ur words

    Looking forward for more!!!

    Take care:)

  13. If that person is reading the comments, he'd never let you go!

    Never, ever.

  14. If that is so, I am so sorry for having read it. It wasn't meant for me. :P :D

    Very nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  15. We seldom forget those who come tip toed into our lives and leave with a thud.

  16. Poo you know what there are a hundred people telling us a thousand things in the millions of moments we live.And sometimes some of them no matter where they stand in our life or what they do to us,they make us feel that they are special for some strange reasons:)To whoever this post is dedicated to,I just want to tell that person that Poo is an angel who heals with her words and she will always care:)

  17. lovely and beautiful...
    forgive the past, forget the future and live the present; 'coz its present which can shape your future and change your past :)

  18. Thank You all you lovely people!
    Only more Beautiful Mind can recognize the other Beautiful Mind! Hope you got, what I meant ;)

    This time I have decided not to reply individually, because I have written for that special one, not for me.

    Whatever I say here, will last forever even after am gone...

    To the one I have written for, I would like to say, I am never gonna take my words back I have written here, they were for you and always will be! Just I fear to say that, Don't be shocking to see me in front of you, rather than besides you, but as I said, I will always care!

    I also want to say to that head which though empty empty, Thanks to you! I would never have realized how much I cherished this friendship. You can never hurt anyone! :)

  19. What a very touching post....my i can really relate.! You got a good soul and a magical hands! I admire you!