Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Feel Close To YOU Tonight...

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"-Maya Angelou

As the quote says, I am here to continue with the third part of the love series. You can read the first part CHANGE?!  and the second  If Only YOU Knew...

Simplicity and calmness was her jewel.But she was also the one who never gave up easily.When he came in her life, she saw the world through his eyes and thereon the world looked beautiful.

Its been months since their last meet. Somehow the distance have made her to love him more.

Seed of love had been sown, and it is like a tree now, growing each day elegantly with its strong roots.

That night she had cried, only cried.But not tonight! How can his love ever make her cry?

 Breeze sings,
And the Leaves dances on its tunes,
As it passes by me,
I can feel the touch of your love...

Walking on flower-bed,
Stretching my arms,
Breathing in the air,
Bringing the essence of your love...

Your love,
as sweet as,
Smell of first rains,
Walking in it,
Drenching in your love,

                                                             I close my eyes,
I see you,
My fingers longing to touch your face,
I won't,
Fearing I may loose you...

Dawn shines with Hope,
We will meet soon!

Under this soothing starry sky,
I Feel Close To YOU Tonight!
I know you do too,
The Star brightens,
As I say,
I Love You!

He too was an adamant guy, anger always on his nose. The time when the girl came in his world, everything changed. He adored her simplicity.Loosing an argument with her made him more than happy, because her smile was his life now.

Life happened to me,
When I met you!

Your Smile,
reaches your eyes,
Your Eyes,
Speaks for your heart,
Your Heart,
Beautiful, Loving, Caring...

You are a rose with thorns,
Thorns, so
No one will dare to crush you,
I am not scared of the pain,
Staying away from you,
My heart cries with pain...

My love,
Like the Beautiful Horizon!
Sky kisses the earth..

Our fingers have never entwined,
Our Soul is,
With Love!

Please take care of yourself,
My Life without you in it,
is not a Life at all!

I knew,
I would be away from You,
I am missing you,
more than I thought!

I Love You,
I know, You do too,
The Star Brightens,
As Your Smile,
I Feel Close To YOU Tonight!

They both wanted to hear those three words by each other, because sometimes saying is all that is yearned.

Love does not have an ending, if it has, then How can it be love?
*Its a path that starts from Forever and ends at Never...

But the elegant tree even with its strong roots can be uprooted by fierce of the nature or by the senseless power of human anytime! The Story continues...

The song says about the emotions of both hearts. Far Yet So Near...

My words may fail to touch your heart, the song won't! I am not gonna say how tender it is, experience it yourself, relive the lovely memories with your love...and Do Let Me Know about your feelings... :)