Friday, June 24, 2011

Life is like a Melody

The one who is reading, you have a Beautiful Smile...and few Einsteins out there, this holds true for you too :P 

I want you to Keep Smiling... :)

This one is for my two notorious but the most wonderful, amazing (all the adjectives would be less for them) friends in my life...You are the Best Gift given to me by this Life...

For you, V and H...

You have started a journey,
Journey called ‘Life’

The road not always smooth,
Remember, you crawled
Before you walked

There is neither a Stop sign,
Nor you have to stop
You can rest for a while,
As you have to walk many a mile

You may walk through the desert,
You think it’s barren,
Listen to the sound it carries,
Tells about many stories

Your footprints won’t stay on sand,
The storm wipes them,
You need not worry,
Your presence will be felt,
In the heart you stay…

You are not a loner,
Somewhere across a path,
You will meet the one,
Who will walk beside,
In your heart will reside

When the road ends at two turns,
You have to choose one,
The one walking besides you
leaves forever

I am not asking to forget the past,
Cherish it, it has your best memories
But I want you to let go,
Let go of the past

You can’t turn,
And trace your path back,
You have to move on

Because, again,
At the crossroads,
Someone might be waiting for you

What if?!
They are a present,
by the one from your past,
for you,
in this Present

While writing today, tears welled up in my eyes.I don't want anyone to wipe these, coz I was waiting since long for them to flow...

How can I smile? when I know far away you are alone.

You are indecisive and feel trapped at the moment. You are lost in darkness of your shadowy dreams and thoughts.

I know you can loosen the chains and be free from the trapped feeling.

Darkness is within you, and even the light. The Light will clear the obscure thoughts.

Sometimes, Life makes us feel as if we are in a cocoon, where only darkness prevails. It takes some time, to grow and evade the darkness.

The wait gives birth to a beautiful butterfly, which flies and nothing can bind it, then.

Life is like a melody, it depends on us how beautiful we make it sound...

I wish I could be with you, but my words will reduce the distance.

I am penning down the words, one of you said to me...

“Memories are the best thing any person can give you…

Its like giving an essence of their being…

No one can be with us forever…no one…

Its memories that stays…

And remember any person for the good times you shared…

Just be happy like those memories…”

Will you?

- Poonam

P.S. My wonderful readers...I know many of you have read this post and Thank you so much for your love...I had disabled the comment section after I had published it, coz I had wished to hear from the ones for whom my words were meant for... 
Thank you once again :)


  1. Nice lines Poonam!
    here my :) for you!

  2. Its...beautifully!
    Won't say more...not needed!

    Take care.

    P.S: Dunno if this will be visible or not...

  3. @Droopy Rose...Thank you so much...You too Keep Smiling :)

    @Fatima...Thanks dear :)

    I have enabled the comments its visible :)

  4. lovely lines....true life is a journey on a rough road in one direction....beautiful ryt...n loved ur blog...:)

  5. @Vaisakhi

    Thanks lot, and welcome here :)

    @Magiceye...Thank you so much :)

    @My Sweet Little Friend...Keep Smiling :)

    Thank you :)

  6. This is so beautiful ,full of honesty.