Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zestful in Desolation...

Forsaken in crowd,
Wandering lonely as a cloud.
Emotions being thrust,
The cloud will never burst.

Emptiness, have no fear,
Am alive, Its dear.
Engulfs my whine,
Eyes, have no brine.

Darkness, my solace,
Silence, I embrace.

Midst of deserted,
It still can be quoted,
"Life is Beautiful"
It indeed is Beautiful...

Isn't it?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'll Be Waiting

Bright blue sky turned gray,
Refreshing air came my way
Far across the seas,
It brought me a message
As the grass caressed by the dews,
I saw a pleasant visage

Thunderous clouds,
Will there be
Rendezvous of two worlds?
Breathe on the glass,
I drew half heart
As the sand flows in hourglass,
Waiting for the heart that's apart

The wait, its long
Is it painful?
Its graceful

Downpour swept away the pain,
Enliven, I remain
Wait now ephemeral,
Clasped emotions, I did let go
Vows till eternal,
Envision a future, like a rainbow

I'll be Waiting for the Heart,
Who will complete My Heart

You must have come to know that am obsessed with music, so here again am sharing this lovely song, expressing An Abide...Right Here Waiting :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Something inside

first love letter

Fire doesn't warm me,
Water doesn't soothes me

My mind still as a calm ocean,
No ripples of waves,
No tide to soar

Somethings broken,
Was it ever one?

Past, a kaleidoscope,
Happy, alive,
Like those brightening colors

Today, a white canvas,
Waiting for the one to paint it,
With Love & Care
As red of a rose,
Green of trees,
Blue of the sky,
Black of the night,
Making it lively and bright

Pain never flowed from eyes,
Deep in my heart,
I poured it through  my words

My words were always for you,
Its hard to find You in them

Have the pain numbed me?
Have I became resistant to it?

I had no fear of losing You,
I knew You were never mine

Why did the distance hurt?
Why was missing you painful?

Were the feelings all delusions?
Did I ever Loved You?

Something inside,
You are not the one 
who will walk beside,
You are not the one in my heart,
who will reside

first love

I wrote this after reading the post First Love... It has the elegance and everything about first love,but these were the only words I could pen down.

"No matter how much she came to love him, if she did, she would have to let him go. It was the only way to love him. Loving him meant never holding him, as well as letting him go, and she knew that to the roots of her soul.  People never 'have' each other. "....from the book 'The Miracle' by Danielle Steel.

My friend had shared this beautiful song, Something inside. I would love to share it with you all too :)