Friday, July 1, 2011

Something inside

first love letter

Fire doesn't warm me,
Water doesn't soothes me

My mind still as a calm ocean,
No ripples of waves,
No tide to soar

Somethings broken,
Was it ever one?

Past, a kaleidoscope,
Happy, alive,
Like those brightening colors

Today, a white canvas,
Waiting for the one to paint it,
With Love & Care
As red of a rose,
Green of trees,
Blue of the sky,
Black of the night,
Making it lively and bright

Pain never flowed from eyes,
Deep in my heart,
I poured it through  my words

My words were always for you,
Its hard to find You in them

Have the pain numbed me?
Have I became resistant to it?

I had no fear of losing You,
I knew You were never mine

Why did the distance hurt?
Why was missing you painful?

Were the feelings all delusions?
Did I ever Loved You?

Something inside,
You are not the one 
who will walk beside,
You are not the one in my heart,
who will reside

first love

I wrote this after reading the post First Love... It has the elegance and everything about first love,but these were the only words I could pen down.

"No matter how much she came to love him, if she did, she would have to let him go. It was the only way to love him. Loving him meant never holding him, as well as letting him go, and she knew that to the roots of her soul.  People never 'have' each other. "....from the book 'The Miracle' by Danielle Steel.

My friend had shared this beautiful song, Something inside. I would love to share it with you all too :)


  1. 'Today, a white canvas,
    Waiting for the one to paint it'

    Always keep the hope alive! That's the essence of love. Your verses strike a chord, bring alive the feeling of pain one feels after having wanted someone/something and then realizing it was never your's. Also the take away for me from your words is - love is to give!

    There is hope emanating yet a feeling of despair seems obvious. The person that you are, surely reflects in the way you answer your questions yourself. At peace with yourself!

    Beautifully expressed! :-)

  2. Poonam: I could relate so much!

    Each & every line is just so great but the last one
    "Were the feelings all delusions?
    Did I ever Loved You?"
    overrides all :)

  3. Either one is/was in doubt or in love.

    As an article, I loved Manshaa's as much as I loved yours :)

  4. Hey, Hi

    i luvd the last are not the one who will walk beside, you are not the one in my heart who will reside...


    n the song is beautiful too..
    glad you liked it..

    Eon Heath...

  5. Pain never flowed from eyes,
    Deep in my heart,
    I poured it through my words...
    very sensitive lines....lovely write...n the song...its always gonna stay as one of my favrt compositions...:)...

  6. Hope you have a colourful picture on your canvass.

  7. Melancholic mood prevails as the lover questions the conscience as to what was it, was it real or just a whiff of imagination that had stolen a heart beat.

    Beautiful post, and that quote too. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. The lines are so painful yet there is some soothing in them...reading them it felt as if they were written just for me, but alas there are many who feel the same!

    Have the pain numbed me?
    Have I become resistant to it?

    I had no fear of losing You,
    I knew You were never mine...

    Loved them...its a beautiful poem..
    Keep Writing :)

    Take Care.

  9. @Manshaa...Well, I never want anyone to relive the pain, but it struck a chord...I am happy for it...and of course I have to Thank you for what I have written.Hadn't it for your post I would have never written it :)

    What you said is true...Love is to Give...ALWAYS!

    Hmm..feeling of despair...I can't deny it :)

    Being peace with myself, Yes! Peace it is...I had told you, I am really happy that I wrote this...the heavy suffocating feeling have been left behind...and no water water in my eyes...Never.

    Its a renewed feeling, like being alive again :)

  10. @Droopy Rose

    Thank you so much :)

    Glad that you can relate it...

  11. @Sourav

    Remember in one of my comment on your post I had left a quote "“Love, you know, is a funny thing; But the funniest thing about it - Is you never can tell if it is love - Until you start to doubt it” we had perceived it in a different way.

    I can understand after reading my seems there is a doubt due to too many questions asked...but at the end I have answered them, though I myself have, coz sometimes the answers are within us, no one can ever be able to answer them for us.

    Many a times, Its not always love at first sight and happily ever after...

    Thank you for your comment :)

  12. @Eon

    Thank you so much :)

    The song is indeed beautiful ;)

    P.S. Tum credit lelo song ke liye :P
    Its yours :)

  13. @Vaisakhi

    Thanks a lot...and I can't say anything more for the song, its really beautiful :)

  14. @Alka

    Hey...Thank you so much, very sweet of you :D

  15. @Blasphemous Aesthete

    Well the realities of this world raises all those questions, and we start doubting it.

    Thanks lot :)

  16. @Fatima

    Hey gal, there are indeed the end its all on us how we take the pain, whether to live with it or keep on moving, leaving it behind...

    Thanks a lot...Take care :)

  17. Beautifully stands the most undecipherable of all emotions. Maybe it is its purity that makes it so undefinable or its many shades that cannot be named or described aptly in have written well :)

  18. Enchanting, beautiful and amazing all at the same time! Can be so clearly seen that the lines penned down by you are straight from your heart! And as always something written from beneath is bound to strike a chord! it surely struck mine!

    You got a follower in me and a fan too! :)

  19. @Devangini

    No single word can define Love, each one of us express it elegantly in our way, and that's what makes it amazing!

    Thank you :)

  20. @Amar

    WOAHHH...Fan!!! am honored :)

    Thank you so much for the appreciation :)

    Well am glad to know that it struck a chord.

  21. I wonder what made me miss on this lovely post before, But at the same time, I'm glad I came here! :)
    The words, were so smooth, they just flew. Posts like these, which leave the reader with a thought to ponder over are masterpieces in themselves!

    Hypnotized :)

  22. @Risha

    Words not just penned down to read but to understand and thought to ponder over, what more I can wish for!

    Thanks a lot

    P.S. Yes I love your song suggestions :)

  23. Have the pain numbed me?
    Have I become resistant to it?

    i guess it did makes you who you are, and as u beautifully said

    Pain never flowed from eyes,
    Deep in my heart,
    I poured it through my words...

    thats what pain did :)

    keep writing...cheers

  24. @Pandian
    Thanks a lot, you said it right :)

    P.S. Where are you? You being missed.