Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Reason

Breach deep within,
Blazing my mind,
Sinking in the drought,
Outdistanced from core of life

Your words, foreshadowed
Allaying alienation,
Smothering pain,
Cascading barren mind,
Rejuvenated bliss

the reason lyrics

Veil of ignorance,
I wear,
I know,
Its not fair

Not truly hiding,
Just taken a step back,
Turn around,
You will see me standing

How I wish to say Sorry to you!

A sole tie,
Where pain flows,
It hurts to hurt you

I had lost somewhere,
The Reason I Smiled again,
The Reason for the serenity,
The Reason is You
My Friend

"I've found a reason to show, A side of me you didn't know
A reason for all that I do, And the reason is you" The Reason By Hoobastank


  1. Hey Poonam.doc,

    pretty heavy stuff....the words are simple yet they run deep...pained to pain you...but for your own good...not today bt for tomorrow...

    how often do we sacrifice our todays for the sake of tomorrow....and will that promised day come?


    Eon Heath...

  2. Hey, that is one of my favourite songs.
    And regarding the post, it quite revolved around the same concept, in a different way albeit.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. Words are pretty deep and strong :) Nice share.

  4. saying sorry is the toughest thing...

    great post...

  5. a ver strong write....beautifully framed...n i love ur musical side now....1st richard marx and now "the reason"...all my favs...:)

    lovely write...

  6. The Reason I Smiled again,
    The Reason for the serenity,
    The Reason is You..

    So cute :)..
    Wonderful write up and music track :)

  7. Words.
    Thank you for the song. :)

  8. Saying sorry and thank you are two things we dont teach our kids....Love the pic on your blog.

  9. Nice post and a beautiful song too :)

  10. "Where pain flows,
    It hurts to hurt you".
    Nice lines :)

    Hey, I love this song too :)

    Love, Risha :)

  11. aaawww...lovely it was :) and i soooo love that song too...soulful!


  12. it's surprising how the feeling of being sad and happy generate a third mixed emotion.Your work with pain is the most powerful every time.Happy to get back once again to your piece of mind and heart(read blog)

  13. Awesome read. :)

    And It is one of my favorite song.

    You've got one more follower btw. :)

  14. loved the concept or idea behind these words : take a step behind & turn around, you will see me standing...nice poem, pretty heavy on heart !

  15. @Eon Heath

    Hmm...may be not only for tomorrow but today too, will take the pain.

    and No, there ain't any sacrifice, to suffer oneself over here is willingly mentioning of hope, I liked it :)

  16. @Blasphemous Aesthete

    The song actually helped me to end this one. Thank you :)

    @Droopy Rose

    Long time over here...Thanks a lot :)

  17. @SUB

    Its toughest, and one needs to mean it whole heartedly when said.

    Thanks :)


    Music is my life...Thank you so much :)

  18. @Simran

    Thank you :)


    Words, our strength, aren't they?

    I love to share lovely songs :)

  19. @Alka

    Somethings, Life teaches us...

    Thank you :)


    Thank you :)

  20. @Risha

    Thank you so much :)


    Thanks a lot, sarah :)

  21. @Alcina

    Thanks a lot, have no words for your appreciation, and you are the among few one who understands the hidden feeling in the writings :)


    Thank you...and Welcome over here :)


    You here after quite sometime...Thanks a lot :)

  22. Wow!!,so beautiful ..i found the reason and the reason is you ! I loved this creative you are in your blog , your song gives strength to your poems.

  23. @Angel

    Thank you so much :)

    Yeah, the songs are soulful, brightens my little gloomy life :)

  24. Wow...i loved this one. You have penned down some absolutely beautiful lines. I also like the way each of your post has a song that goes in tune with the theme of the post. Creative.:) I usually add a quote if I have one from my fav files. Great post! Long time since you wrote anything.. do write.. looking fwd.. :)

  25. @:-Dee
    Yeah I always look forward to your treasure of quotes :)