Friday, September 16, 2011

The Last Song

Amiable musical breeze,
Tranquil moon behind the clouds,
What a transcendental sight!

Million stars befriending me,
As I am writing this silent symphony,
In magnificent yet so lonely night

Shuffling through pages of past,
Replaying somber tunes,
Tearing one by one,
Burning torn pieces,
Blowing away the ashes

I know,
It can’t reincarnate,
It won’t gnaw me within,
It won’t tear me apart,

How I wish,
Those emotions shouldn’t have born!
Once ecstatic, later repressing,
I killed them,
Living with no serenity,
How I wish,
Those emotions shouldn’t have born!

Mind numbing pain, escalating,
My feelings as autumn leaves,
Shedding from heart,
Crumbling, crushing on path

Drizzling raindrops,
Hurts my dried eyes,
Immersing neither hides the pain,
Nor abates it,
I continue to wander,
Still breathing

Future obscure,
Eagerness died away,
For the wait,
That tomorrow embraces,
For vision of what lies Beyond Horizon

Warmth burns me,
Cover me with blanket of cold & peace

I wish for,
Calm sleep than shattered dreams

I close my eyes,
While the horizon is dark,
Rhythm now evanescent,
I have ended The Last Song

This beautiful song Wait For Sleep, shared by my Best Buddy Manshaa :)
 "In with the ashes
Or up with the smoke from the fire
With wings up in heaven
Or here, lying in bed
Palm of her hand to my head
Now and forever curled in my heart
And the heart of the world"

Dream Theater - Wait for Sleep .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine
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rohini said...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Of all of it, the first two paras were mind blowing. BEAUTIFUL and living like poetry!

Blasphemous Aesthete

vaisakhi said...

i simply loved the whole thing...wouldnt say much...coz i m blown away already...:)
n well thanku 4 givin me a new song tu hum...:)))))

Droopy Rose said...

How I wish :) touche!

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi

like i said, reminded me of someone...
i want to write more...but then, words aarent there...
its beautiful...

the other side of me said...

i should have come earlier,but I slept..:(

even the word beautiful isn't enough to describe this..:)

but i feel as though you're sad,i hope I'm wrong

take care poonam :)

P.S: i always like when you include stars in ur poem,it adds magical touch ..:)

urban butterfly said...

this is beautiful!

Alka Gurha said...


Ritz.. said...

Your expressions are like desires ..... Peace & Content .... Vanity & Valor ...... poignance & surreal.... brings a smile of content !!!!

U need to keep writing ... or just keep the conversation with yourself on... u can be inspirations to many .... do not smoke away !!!

subtlescribbler said...

befriending the night sky and moon does bring in many emotions unknown..they sometimes have d power to put us in a peaceful slumber but more often they end up making us even more vulnerable!
beautiful :)


Beyond said...

I never this word anywhere...
it's magical.

Manshaa said...

This is one of your best Doc! This piece of writing is so beautiful... so many confessions.. felt a kind of peace in this poem.. lovely ... visualized every thing u have written... :-))

Remember what I said once, though its a good bye, you will be back with the magical touch of Beyond Horizon.. that which beholds till the end :)

Manshaa said...

Doc I was so completely into the poem that I did not notice you've mentioned me :-) Now that you've shared it on your blog, the song becomes all the more special!

Fatima said...

It's breathtakingly beautiful :)
Need I say more..I don't think so coz at times some few words convey a lot...hope I could convey what I felt :)


Kalyan said...

lovely words...beautifully crafted lines!

Tanvi said...

I like it.. :) :) In love with your blog :)


Lilangel said...

Loved the last few lines...:) I have ended the last song...beautiful as always :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Thank glad you read this one :)

@Blasphemous Aestheste like a poetry...Thanks a lot :)

Beyond Horizon said...

hehe...blown away...really?!! Keep humming the song
Thank you :)

@Droopy Rose
Thank you :)

Beyond Horizon said...

@Eon Heath
Having said it reminded you of someone,conveyed how you felt about it :)
Thank you

@My sweet little friend worries had read it

Thank you :)

and I need not say words have said it all

you too take care :)

I had told you the meaning of my name...moon and stars always befriend each other ;)

Beyond Horizon said...

@Urban butterfly
Thank you :)

Thank you so much :)

Beyond Horizon said...

I honestly have no words...Thank you so very much...I just cant stop myself from re reading what you said :)

the conversations have never stopped..they do need some time to come through words here...
I am not gonna perish or smoke away...will keep my words :)

True...they somehow makes us vulnerable but the peace keeps us going or i shall say living
Thank you :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Thank you :)

You know the story behind this one...gratitude is all I can express
Thanks a lot :)

and I will take that as a compliment that you did not notice your name ;)

P.S.missing you

Beyond Horizon said...

Yes your few words conveyed your emotions...Its a pleasure
Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Ahh!!! Made me happy happy :D
Thank you :)

Hey lilangel Thanks a lot :)

Beyond Horizon said...

@All my dear friends
Sorry for the late reply...not being lazy this time ;)

Its only that replying again will take sometime :)

Susie Clevenger said...

Beautiful, poignant..full of regret...Yet the last line hopeful..I have ended The Last more returning to the pain that made you sleepless...kudos for your excellent work!

RM said...

Owwwww I wonder....if pain isn't a handsome carelessly talented painter with piercing eyes and strands of hair accentuating the intoxicating eyes, heartlessly dipping his brush in our hearts to find the colours with which to paint the most beautiful sketches in the skies of our hearts' eyes. Tempting us with the beauty of the sketches and the magnetism of his dark quietness to let him stay, let him keep painting from the colours of our heart.

A very beautiful sketch made of words dear
God bless you

pandiaaaaa said...

Shuffling through pages of past,
Replaying somber tunes,
Tearing one by one,
Burning torn pieces,
Blowing away the ashes


Lady*♥*Fiona said...

Such a beautiful blog you have here and this poem is fantastic! I am enjoying the song posted here as I write this ~ I love it and it's a first for my ears :)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! I always feel blessed to acquire a new reader and when it is one as lovely as you, my ♥ truly *beams* beyond the horizon :) :)

I look forward to some new posts from you soon and I'll also be back to peruse the archives of goodies that I've missed :)

Have a *beautiful* weekend!

P.S. ~ "I would love to read your IMPRESSIONS...about my simple EXPRESSIONS :)" ~ SO original! Love it :)

SUB said...

wow... beautifully expressed :)

Spiderdama said...

It is just beautiful!
My first time visit here and I love it.

:-Dee said...

This was a good read. Beautiful string of words. I hope u write more often. :)

Menachery said...

Finally :) .. loved it , the depth of pain that someone has gone through couldnt have been summed up more beautifully ...

it wont gnaw me within (i can so relate to that)

how i wish those emotions werent born .. aaahh .. how we often wish .. love the way the feeling of regret has been painted in that para ..

drizzling raindrops, hurts my dried eyes (epic), beautifull..
i think i can go on and on :P.. beautifuly penned, i simply loved the ease at which every para has bloomed to the other .. its inspiring.. like dee mentioned - please keep writing more :)...

Beyond Horizon said...

Thanks a lot for the appreciation when it comes from a poet like you.

But I haven't expressed any regret.I am scared of that word. I believe Live is to live along with the pain, so no regrets yet :)

Overwhelmed, I am!!! Each time your comments sketches a beautiful painting.
Thank you so very much :D

Thank You :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Humbled. You shall always hear a new tune over here ;)
Yup, I will come soon. Thanks again

and aaa...I know am replying very late...weekend is again, Enjoy it. :)

Thank you :)

Thank you...hope you shall visit again. :)

Beyond Horizon said...

WOW!! there's a smiley in your name.
Thank you :)

I am happy happy to read your thoughts and perception..and you know its right ;)

Thanks for saying its inspiring :)