Thursday, September 1, 2011

There's Only One Story, The Story Of Their Life

“Stories are as unique as the people who tell them, & the best stories are those in which the ending is a surprise.” By Nicholas Sparks, Book: The Choice

Here I come with the final part of the love series, after long time. An end which is a beginning in itself. 
Part 1: CHANGE?!

My heartfelt gratitude to my friend Eon Heath, who blogs at The Silhouette & Kuch Madhosh Pal, helped me in completing the final part of this series. Its through his writings,I have learned to read between the lines. As he says,” Hiding behind this veil, are emotions untold...”

Thanks a lot Eon :) 

The first half of the post is written by Eon Heath, and the song selection of 'Lonely Nights' is by him.

Their Story...

He was still living with those few moments they spent together. How he wished he could tell her then that he didn’t have to use his imagination to sing, that song had always been for her.

The days passed. Each still holding tightly to the words whispered in silence. Those words unsaid were understood. Yet never reciprocated nor acknowledged, for fear of tainting the glass window that let them see each other.

“Why do people fall in love?”

Now-a-days it was hard not to think, hard to keep it buried in.

He just continued to gaze at her, with that smile playing on his lips. The smile that she despised in his presence and dream about, in his absence.

“Answer me please. Why do we fall in love?”

“We don’t decide whether to love someone or not, it just happens. And that is the beauty of it.”

“Even if it’s not meant to be?”

She knew it better than to ask. But still she needed to hear his words, not to be strong herself, but to give him the strength to carry on.

“What does it mean when we say that ‘Its not meant to be?’ We don’t love someone with a clause of that love to be requited, nor do we plan the destiny of the love beforehand and then plunge into it. Love is not something that has an end. Love stays. And it needs not two, but just one heart to nurture it.”

Those words reaffirmed her belief that she will always be loved.

Love is bliss,
Like an untimely rain,
I wanna feel it in you...
The summer rain,
I wanna feel it with you...

You may not walk with me,
I know..
But I carry you everywhere
Deep in my heart,
I carry you home...

He yet again resigned to the dark night. Another day was added to the years that had passed. And still the ritual continued. Looking for that face in the starlit sky. Before, he never understood what about the night sky was so enchanting to the inamoratas; now he was one of them...The night had become his companion, to live the part of her which was his forever. Her memories.

For i know,
Under the silent sky
When the stars shine down
You are mine
And you’ll be alive
In me...

Scorpions - Lonely Nights .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

© Eon Heath

The dazzling waves did not twinkle in her eyes in this evening.

Days passed by, what resided within her are the moments, the moments they had lived together gazing at the elegant twilight.

But the iridescent colors across the horizon are not consolatory and tranquilizing anymore, since he is not besides her.

She missed his tenderly look, his enthralling voice. She missed him as if her life has ceased.

The societal shackles uprooted the tree, their love.

Tonight and every night, she holds dear his memories. But being forlorn, she poured her feelings once again.

Ferocious storm,
Took away your love

Dried leaves,
Dying memories

Crushed flowers,
Essence of hatred

Raining hailstones,
Cut through my skin,
Still standing,
I can’t feel the pain

Crimson River,
No ocean to meet,
No shore to end

Waited for dawn,
It never rose,
I Lost Hope

Someone stole the Star,
I can’t feel You

Life like starless sky,
We couldn’t even say goodbye

Tunes forgotten,
Music died.

She is hurt. She is broken, but she has no reason to be angry with anyone, as Love can never hurt a soul. It can never be stolen.

Because of You,
I knew What Love is
Love is abiding,
Love is enduring…

What keeps us alive is Love,
What keeps our souls entwined is Love…

Stars began to shine down in the enchanting sky, singing the forgotten melody.

She could hear the perennial music of love once again.

The brightest star winked at her and she smiled. Finally saying “Good Bye To YOU”

© Beyond Horizon

Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. (A Walk To Remember)


  1. Hey,
    ok i didnt expect that....u knw what.. :P

  2. wow poonam it's seriously nice,your words made me smile while in tears :)

    I've read the two post before but now im reading it again with a different perspective,somehow I could relate to it and your story remind me of a lost love..

    and yes...Love is not something that has an end. Love stays. And it needs not two, but just one heart to nurture it.”

    and i love this lines

    Deep in my heart,
    I carry you home...

    and about Eon's poem..its amazing too love each of his words:):)

    take care poonam..hope to see you often here

    Your sweet little friend:):)

  3. woah...eon poonam di...i m like renderd speechless by the exlnnc of ur words...amazin writes...the poem so very touchin....n so true love never ends or abandons neone...nor does it hurt a soul...its a treasure a diamond priceless and for forever strong and shinning but has to endure suffrin to be the way it is...:)

  4. Harsh and Poonam you guys seriously know how to make someone smile whilst in tears...god its beautiful!

    The verses and the words convey so much that can just be its magical they say..but with magic comes mystery too...longing and togetherness too!

    Love is not always requited but even in its unrequited form it lights the melodies and paints the heart!

    This was not an ending but a beginning to something beautiful :)

    Keep Writing :)


  5. I've come across a lot-ta love posts, all of them painted a new color on my heart and so did this one! :)
    The poem is very sweet.

    Glad to visit your space and thanks for the melody. :)

    Love, Risha :)

  6. I had to read the previous three posts before reading this I wasn't aware of those...

    Honestly...the real feel comes when all are read in one go...the conversation never breaks...and the words, your words, come all the posts..

    but, ending is kinda sad..but may be every ending is a new beginning in itself :)

    Thank You


  7. Poonam & Eon:

    Its a mystical story ... so amazing... while I was reading it ... I could imagine all the charaters and the night and the dawn .... so beautifully drawn ...I felt like I can hear the words thats been written here ... I love the song "Lonely Night" ... Perfect ... I actually went back to both the post ... realised it has the perfect ending ... specially with even my fav. quote from walk to Remember.... words like that jus remains with you like forever ..

    Bravooo Guys ...

  8. @ Doc @Eon

    This will remain one of my favorite stories, a tale of love, two souls dwelling in each others heart leading different lives... each telling a story of their love...:-)

  9. Distances can never manage to take the essence of love away from the beings who've fallen in love. The distances might span anything on earth, or across universes and lives, but Love still remains, fresh, as dew. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. Love the post !! Its like a dream real yet surreal !

    Love never ceases to transcends all boundaries and shines up there in the darkest moment spent together stands out till eternity..:)

    I love the words you quoted...its my favorite movie :)

  11. :) love! such a nice word! i wish i could experience it!

  12. @Eon Heath

    How could you ever expect something good about you from me...believe me it was too hard for me :P

    What I wrote, I did mean it :)

  13. @My sweet little friend

    Its very difficult to make someone 'smile while in tears'

    Thank you so much for such lovely comment :)

    I know you would relate to it...most among us will.

    Take care

  14. @vaisakhi

    Loved what you said, "Love is a treasure, a diamond..forever shining and strong too"

    Its not easy to obtain diamond from a piece of coal, the endurance it requires and moreover protect it, treasure it.

    Thanks a lot :)

  15. @Fatima

    You Keep smiling my little friend :)

    Thanks to Harsh, if it hadn't been the way he had written, the end wouldn't have been beautiful.

    Take care :)

  16. @Risha

    Be it always colorful...Thanks a lot :)


  17. @Kunal

    Its an honor for what you said.

    Thanks to you for such appreciation :)

  18. @R

    Hey I am so glad to see you here after long time :)

    Thanks a lot...

  19. @Ritz

    Its always a pleasure to read your comments :)

    As I said in one of the comment, Thanks to Eon, for it being Perfect.

    Yes I had to end it with the best quote about Love that I have ever read.

    Thank you so much :)

  20. @Manshaa

    Thank you would be small for your lovely appreciation over here and somewhere else too ;)

  21. @Blasphemous Aesthete

    Woahhh! So true...Love remains as a dew.

    Thank you so much :)

  22. @Lilangel

    one moment spent together stands out till eternity...Lovely

    Thanks a too love the quote & the movie :)

  23. @megharana

    I wont say, You must have, You are! We do, each day. Love does not have any definition.

    Love simply is :)

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  25. @the other side of me

    well hey, doc's little friend...

    glad you liked my lines...i knw am a bit late in replying, but then u see, ur doc friend was running behind me with a BEEG syringe... (u get the intensity of it right??) ;-)

    thanks... :)

  26. @Vaisakhi
    i am born genius re....i would have amazed you a long time back, if not these belugas had given me a bit more time.. ;-)

  27. @Fatima

    well, its not like that, i make ppl smile n SHE does the making them cry part... ;-)

    n btw, thanks.. :)

  28. @Ritz

    :) the perfect ends in teh first 2 posts is what made it easy wiht this one for me..


  29. @Manshaa
    well, if it has me in it, how can u forget it??

    hehehe, itne asani se GOD kisiko pareshaan karna nahi chodta... :P

  30. @Poonam.doc


    hehehe, u see, i can make u praise me.. :P

    i have got talent.. :D
    n moreover wen its got to do with YOU, my vikrut buddhi jus gets over active... :P

  31. the very first sentence was enough to make you read a mush being ..keeps me going..:P... she missed his tenderly look, his enthralling voice .. mmm ... :). i loved that a lot .. i love the way as to how you have incorporated a beautiful poem..."dried leaved dying memories". the most beautiful part " beacause of you i know what love is..." simply awefabtastic :) ...
    eagerly waiting for more :)

  32. @Tinu
    I knew you would love it ;)
    Thank you so very much

    Thank you :)