Friday, November 18, 2011

Heal My Wounds

Yearning died
Voice muffled

Talks, annoys
Closeness, vexes

Words, those words

Silence, stings
Tear me apart
I can't feel it

I hate that reflection
Truth or Lie?
Happy or Compromise?

Eyes deceives
My own reflection
Betrays me

Those tears, unyielding I see
Stubborn, adamant
I remain

Weary of this mask
Lost, I am

Screaming silence
Shatters the mirror
Melting eyes, haunts

Sardonic, My smile
Cynical, My laugh

Cold as a stone

I would rather be hurt
than feel no pain
I would rather be hurt
than feel no pain

P.S. I know after exactly 2 months this Beyond Horizon has arisen. The storm had taken its toll inside, so I had to calm it, and whats better place than this, My Abode...My Solace :D

As for the post, read it with the thought as someone says "momentary emotions" ;)

I hope to arise again soon.

Immerse yourself in this lovely tune by Poets Of The Fall-  Beautiful Ones