Sunday, December 25, 2011

To You, My Love

"I Love You"

I love you as a lover who treasures a rose in his diary. Rose, whose fragrance goes away, but continues to emit sweet aura of memories.

You listen to my ramblings, my muse, my rants, my cribbing in utmost serenity.

Within you resides my confessions, some unconfessed emotions & also the darker side of me.

There are few secrets, I haven't told you about. I have kept those in between my heart beats, which cannot be heard. Only felt by me. They are alive till I am. They will perish when my heart stops beating.

You are Me, My reflection, though that will be oblivious one day. But you will live on.

Cause You have my soul, who never dies even if I turn to ashes.

I have never written a letter to the one who paints my life's  canvas with colors. Among which I think his favorite is black sometimes ;)

He knew I needed someone like you. You do not wipe my tears, but let them fall & eases the burden on my heart.

Happy Birthday to you, My dearest Blog.

You made me fall in love with words. Words that connects hearts,and the ones who is familiar with its subtlety.

You made me realize, the first step to love someone is to love thyself.

You live within me. You shall live forever without me, embracing my essence.

Forever Yours,
Beyond Horizon

I am never lonely here. I have wonderful friends like you. Yes! Yes, the one who is reading :)

This blog reconnected with my best buddy...Manshaa. Its going to be 10 yrs we haven't met. But here we are face to face, to each others 'Other Side'. What best can get than this! I am  gonna celebrate my blogs birthday this year with you. Hope to meet you soon, real soon :D

I talk with some of you almost each day. 

Eon Heath :P 
I just want to say Thank You, will not do much of chapar chapar. Keep Giggling & I am missing those giggles :)

Yeah! Yeah...My Sweet little dumb head friend..How can I forget you TOSM
We are in the same time zone now yet we cannot meet :( 
But I loved hearing your sweetest voice. I wish..Hum jaldh milenge. Miss ya <3

Thank you so much for always being here with me from beginning. I am sure our bond of friendship will keep strengthening by each coming day :D

My friends circle in blog-o-sphere is getting bigger & stronger by meeting you guys :

Swati Thampan My Silent Friend:) , Lilangel Sweet & Brilliant subtle poems Deepika (You create magic with your words) Sarah (soon to be fellow colleague ;), Gargi G2..Love short form of your name :) Fatima (Bubbly chatter box) Vaisakhi(Most innovative) Angel (Lots of Love & Friendship :D
Valli (Sparkly Angel) Moonlight (You are moonlight & I am Moon ;) Simran (Little gal), Tanvi (Cutest gonna be Doc )  
Menachery (Tinu <3 You),  :-Dee (Smiling gal) Susie (Ahh! Your poems), Janet (Our small conversation & thoughts)  
Princesa Fiona <3 your sonnet ;) Cяystal many sides of you :) Pee Vee(Chocolate obsessed :D
Prateek (unwisely wise :P) Kunal (Yours Beautiful imagination ;) SUB (Posts I wouldnt have thought about) Pandian (Few words)

I am a silent reader to few blogs, but won't mention here. Cause I won't remain a silent one ;)

Merry Christmas & Happy New year. Best Wishes & Lots Of Love To You All

Please! Please! Please! Do not leave me alone or Forget Me 

P.S. I never say 'No' to presents :P

Wrapping this year with the heart warming melody which is close to my heart
"Jiyo, Khush raho, Muskuraon...Kya Pata Kal Ho Na Ho"

                                                                     Gift Me Some Smiles &

sonu nigam - KAL HO NAA HO .mp3

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To my dear non hindi listeners :)

Lady Antebellum - Hello World .mp3

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dark Secret Behind Its Eyes

I am standing at the crossroad we met. I had promised myself, I will never turn back. 

What happened?

Why do I see myself on the same path? 

Did I never moved on?

Was I walking in circles? 

Or unwillingly I have trodden?

Piercing gaze of those eyes
Preying my mind
Who is it in disguise?

My feet nailed to ground
Swiftly it slided
Black robe confined around

Smirk in a ear
Shiver down my spine
Husky voice, I could hear

Handsome rage dancing in its eyes
Singing, "You have been possessed"
Scarred fingers muffled my cries

Frigid breathe on neck
Sniffed my skin
Resurrected from past to break

To break my will
To break my conscience
It is here to kill

Its poisonous pang corroding the skin. Flaring as it swims into my veins, charring my insides.

It was drinking my exuberant spirit. I stood as if deceased.

Shrieking laugh echoed the room. Snapped me back from lifeless trance.

It was drooling with jealousy, the look so greedy.

I had been confronted by my own 'Guilt'.

I know
You are life for someone else

This Guilt
Smudges my present
Flaming the resentment

It captivates me
When I think
'Dreaming of You'

When I question
'Why can't I be with you?'

When I say
'I Miss You'

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Have you ever felt solace among the strangers? No questioning eyes. No fear of judging you.

My journey in a train, best moments of solace of everyday life begins with music filling my ears. Tunes soothing my soul,flowing in my mind and rejuvenating it as rain drops falls on thirsty barren earth.

My toes are tapping on the beats of 'Hiding My Heart' by Adele. Have you seen her? An inspirational personality. She had said once"People are starting to go on about my weight but I'm not going to change my size because they don't like the way I look."

What is beauty? Does "Beauty lies in the beholders eyes" sounds rusted as it's quoted over and over again? Practicality haven't touched it yet.  

"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it"

I close my eyes, pondering over many such questions. The wind ruffles my hair lovingly and blowing away the obscurity. This is beauty! I can feel it.

I hear the wind saying notoriously, "Hey beautiful! Where is your smile?" ;)

Dimpled smile twinkling in my eyes envisioning the most awesome scene of the travel : The creek.

Dancing tidal waves, wind touching the surface creating ripples, clouds showering its love, droplets caressing my severed skin and dripping away the pain within..

Warmth of the sun, reflection of the moon, romanticizing night as if whispering to me, "We love you" and the James Morrison's track "I won't let you go"starts to play in my mobile. 

Alluring, elegance of the horizon always make me wonder. The union of sky and earth is an illusion.

Is destiny like the horizon? Do you believe in it? If certain thing is out of the bound of my imagination, I depend on it. I am not talking where prime requirement is of hard work.

I had a conversation with a friend on this, who had said,"if destiny works...good enough...if no..then you are on your getting what you want...holding onto destiny won't bring you closer to just means..that for few are counting your destiny/fate to help you....but even for that...we have to make our moves ourselves"

The reply made me rethink. What's your say on it?

Fear of unknown
What's this sinking feeling about?
Colors all around
Why does black feels more friendly?
Sounds of laughter
Why the waves of anguish?
Emotions are not camouflaged
Why do happiness seems to be a mirage?

My last stop is arriving, I bookmark the page of 'Pride & Prejudice'. How will you distinguish pride from vanity? As they say, "A very thin line" :D

The train halted. I won't call it as "My destination", cause I will be on this journey My Mumbai's lifeline <3

As I step down, I keep humming,
"I believe in the sun, even though it slowly rises
I believe in you, even without realizing
I believe in the rain, though i see no cloud in the sky
I believe in truth, even though everybody lie"

 Agnee, Parikrama and Shilpa Ra - I Believe .mp3
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