Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dark Secret Behind Its Eyes

I am standing at the crossroad we met. I had promised myself, I will never turn back. 

What happened?

Why do I see myself on the same path? 

Did I never moved on?

Was I walking in circles? 

Or unwillingly I have trodden?

Piercing gaze of those eyes
Preying my mind
Who is it in disguise?

My feet nailed to ground
Swiftly it slided
Black robe confined around

Smirk in a ear
Shiver down my spine
Husky voice, I could hear

Handsome rage dancing in its eyes
Singing, "You have been possessed"
Scarred fingers muffled my cries

Frigid breathe on neck
Sniffed my skin
Resurrected from past to break

To break my will
To break my conscience
It is here to kill

Its poisonous pang corroding the skin. Flaring as it swims into my veins, charring my insides.

It was drinking my exuberant spirit. I stood as if deceased.

Shrieking laugh echoed the room. Snapped me back from lifeless trance.

It was drooling with jealousy, the look so greedy.

I had been confronted by my own 'Guilt'.

I know
You are life for someone else

This Guilt
Smudges my present
Flaming the resentment

It captivates me
When I think
'Dreaming of You'

When I question
'Why can't I be with you?'

When I say
'I Miss You'


  1. I wonder how can someone wait that long?
    All I can say is this...

  2. I understand...It's difficult to move on still being in love....I was at some point there but time heals everything...amazing words :-)

  3. This is an amazing piece of raw honesty..letting go is so painful and difficult

  4. I remember the song "jhonka hawa ka.."
    Life has given me a greater reason to live and laugh with, something has filled my heart and apart from that their is this guilt now, I could never turn back, I broke my promise.

  5. love is always doesnt see ethics or dont love a person with conditions, you jus love. loe is something you give out..n its best wen given out without the burden of expectations or doubt.

    the words are amazingly woven..

  6. forgot to check follow up comments option...

  7. A heartfelt the blog look.

  8. @Prateek
    Wait?! Is it?. I don't think so. If there was still any waiting, I would have never written those first few lines :)

    Probably this was a self inflicted injury. It had healed a long time back. I don't know how did it reopen ;)
    Thanks a lot.

    Letting go is painful & difficult, but not impossible. Thank you :)

  9. @Beyond
    Listening to the song all over again.

    You say it so beautiful, that I can't go against it sometimes :P

    Thank you :)

    In some instances, I never allow the bug of expectation & doubt to come my way.

    Thank you :) & blog look, signifies a bit of how I am ;)

  10. The guilt is hard to face, it can break people, it is malicious, but it thrives on us only.

    Forfeit it, and we're free, for life :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. BRILLIANT writing! I've read it many times now ~ love it!

    I wasn't aware that Adele recorded a version of this song. Bonnie Raitt sang the original. Both ladies brought justice to this song that I've always classified as *heart wrenching beauty* ... your words here fall into this category also :) ♥

  12. We do end up moving in circles a lot of times. Its strange.
    And this was a stellar piece of writing, esp **But
    This Guilt
    Smudges my present
    Flaming the resentment

    Too beautiful <3

  13. @Anshul
    Forfeited. It came my way only for a moment.
    Thanks a lot :)

    Thank you:D
    Theirs is Heart wrenching beauty, & you comparing my words with it, is most appreciating :)

    Stellar!!! Thanks a lot :)

  14. wow .this is so touching , love this poem very much.

  15. Wonderful words hit all throughout..The line which said "You have been possessed" is truly capturing..i could almost feel as if this all was real..

    *Late* :P