Saturday, December 3, 2011


Have you ever felt solace among the strangers? No questioning eyes. No fear of judging you.

My journey in a train, best moments of solace of everyday life begins with music filling my ears. Tunes soothing my soul,flowing in my mind and rejuvenating it as rain drops falls on thirsty barren earth.

My toes are tapping on the beats of 'Hiding My Heart' by Adele. Have you seen her? An inspirational personality. She had said once"People are starting to go on about my weight but I'm not going to change my size because they don't like the way I look."

What is beauty? Does "Beauty lies in the beholders eyes" sounds rusted as it's quoted over and over again? Practicality haven't touched it yet.  

"Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it"

I close my eyes, pondering over many such questions. The wind ruffles my hair lovingly and blowing away the obscurity. This is beauty! I can feel it.

I hear the wind saying notoriously, "Hey beautiful! Where is your smile?" ;)

Dimpled smile twinkling in my eyes envisioning the most awesome scene of the travel : The creek.

Dancing tidal waves, wind touching the surface creating ripples, clouds showering its love, droplets caressing my severed skin and dripping away the pain within..

Warmth of the sun, reflection of the moon, romanticizing night as if whispering to me, "We love you" and the James Morrison's track "I won't let you go"starts to play in my mobile. 

Alluring, elegance of the horizon always make me wonder. The union of sky and earth is an illusion.

Is destiny like the horizon? Do you believe in it? If certain thing is out of the bound of my imagination, I depend on it. I am not talking where prime requirement is of hard work.

I had a conversation with a friend on this, who had said,"if destiny works...good enough...if no..then you are on your getting what you want...holding onto destiny won't bring you closer to just means..that for few are counting your destiny/fate to help you....but even for that...we have to make our moves ourselves"

The reply made me rethink. What's your say on it?

Fear of unknown
What's this sinking feeling about?
Colors all around
Why does black feels more friendly?
Sounds of laughter
Why the waves of anguish?
Emotions are not camouflaged
Why do happiness seems to be a mirage?

My last stop is arriving, I bookmark the page of 'Pride & Prejudice'. How will you distinguish pride from vanity? As they say, "A very thin line" :D

The train halted. I won't call it as "My destination", cause I will be on this journey My Mumbai's lifeline <3

As I step down, I keep humming,
"I believe in the sun, even though it slowly rises
I believe in you, even without realizing
I believe in the rain, though i see no cloud in the sky
I believe in truth, even though everybody lie"

 Agnee, Parikrama and Shilpa Ra - I Believe .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine


  1. i love the new template, and yea, got toread your post after a longgg tymmm... awesome

    ADELE - phew, what a magical voice, so true about strangers not judging you bit, but often its strangers who judge you the most ..

    Dimpled smile twinkling in my eyes envisioning the most awesome scene of the travel : The creek ... beautiful line, made me smilee

    Lovely post poonam ... <3

  2. Ah Poonam its beautiful yes yes..i couldnt find words to comment here..

    dimpled smile..and the.."Hey beautiful! Where is your smile?" ;)!!

    Life is indeed a lonngg journey and destiny/fate will keep surprising you..that's my take ..I believe in destiny that comes with hard work

    I like this post :)its so 'you' :D

  3. I LOVE THE NEW TEMPLATE>> wishes are already coming true ;)

    Love ya :)

  4. Destiny-well, the book "The Alchemist" explains it well...Good luck with your journey ahead :)

  5. Beautiful new is a trip where we find answers for some things and on others just more questions...Nice write

  6. This is such a beautiful post ~ I read it earlier today and decided to come back later to read one more time before commenting :)

    I have felt solace among strangers ... really connected to that thought. I also believe in destiny. I remember seeing a quote on Facebook that one of my friends had on their bio:

    "I can walk away from everything, but I can't walk away from my destiny."

    I always thought this was very profound and true.

    "Dancing tidal waves, wind touching the surface creating ripples, clouds showering its love, droplets caressing my severed skin and dripping away the pain within.. "

    Mmmm, a virtual 'massage' :)

    P.S. ~ Love the interior decorating ;) It's an ethereal setting especially for all the beautiful imagery floating in this post :)

  7. Love the new look :) The post is beautiful and brings a smile...:) Destiny is a beautiful enticing magician who spins the wand whenver it feels like but yet a lot of us somewhere would want it minus the hard work :) ...I love Adele and her songs :)

  8. Of songs and journeys... the songs and the journey have given your disjointed thoughts a nice flow. Thinking of destiny, yes I do believe in it for it gives us the answers when we fall short of reasoning on things like you said- 'out of the bound of my imagination' :)

    And the one line I could relate to the most is- 'What's this sinking feeling about?'

    P.S: All the new pics on your blog (all of them put together) are a thing to watch. Wow!

  9. from so many blogs ...i feel that your thoughts are exactly reflections of my thinking....nice to read something soulful

  10. @Tinu
    Thank youuuu :D

    Yup! a magical voice, Adele has.

    hmm, strangers who judge the most..its true, but for some strangers...I don't care about their judgements ;)

    Keep Smilinggg <3 :)

    @My sweet dumb head friend
    Your presence makes this place more loveable <3

    This post is so "Me" know me better, dimpled smile :D

    Will wish, every wish for you come true...for me...I will go with the pic...make my wishes come true ;)

    Love you too <3

  11. @Gargi
    There is always some take away from Paulo Coelho's books...and 'The Alchemist' was the first book I had read of his.

    Good Luck to you and Keep Smiling :)

    Life is indeed a trip, and I won't stop those questions to be asked...Thank you :)

  12. @Fiona
    Lady Fiona is turned to Princesa Fiona...I loved it <3

    It feels honored, as you said you came back again to comment.

    Beautiful line about destiny.Thanks for sharing.

    LOL...yeah :)

    hehehe, I love interior designing..probably I can do best in this too ;)
    Ethereal setting!!! WOW! Thanks again :)

  13. @Lilangel
    Smile is what I love to see :)
    Ahh!! How awesomely you have said it!
    But hard work is something I can't run away from.

    Thank you so much, Lilangel!

    I was waiting for you :D

    I know you could relate to it very well, cause while writing it...I was reminded something about our conversation, once we had. ;)

    Thanks a lot..for the pics, It feels eternal for me, and reflects so much of me in them ;)

  14. @A guilty conscience
    I think it had too, cause your pen name defines how I am :)

    Thanks a lot.

  15. I love train jouneys.. it gets you in tune with your thoughts, a delightful feeling within and you get to know so much about yourself in those few solitary moments that you have for yourself. Nice delicate post.. with lots of bits and pieces that gel well together... nice poetry and quotes and extracts... great piece of happy simple writing. Loved it!!!! :)

  16. hey good to see you again!!
    that was a lovely post too!!

  17. This is my first visit to your blog and need I say, you have one of the prettiest headers? :)
    **Colors all around
    Why does black feels more friendly?
    I have a similar line in one of my poems .. and hence this one struck a chord.
    Quite a mesmerizing post. Liked it immensely.

  18. First off...Beautiful template :)

    And secondly a even more beautiful post! Seriously, the life line gives you ample amount of time to think and imagine, create an illusion yet live in reality! It's good to be in solace and your lucky you travel from a place where you can be in solace and in peace get to sit in peak hours:P

    Ok jokes apart, really this piece is by far the most soothing post I've read by you...and the verses in the end are like cherry on top! :)

    Lovely, Aria are really melodious !

    Take Care

  19. wow....there's beauty in this post...destiny? i don't really care, i just let it is is true, good...if it isn't even better...nether do i know my future, nor do i want to know it....i find charm in the uncertainty :)

  20. everythin i read i wanted to say yes...train solace music complete agreement....

    adele-i love her...awesome voice...super movin lyrics...she is just amazin...who cares about weight and looks...:)

    i felt so connctd to this post...:)

  21. lovely post.. keep it up, will return for more, i'm sure. :)

  22. well put 2 words...
    destination is where you begin the journey again... new coach, new faces.... solace, your vry own...

  23. lovely words...beautifully crafted lines!

  24. And and, I forgot to add, Adele is one of the beautifulest artists. <3

  25. :-Deelighted to bestow upon you The Versatile Blogger Award! Happy Blogging! :)

  26. @:-Dee
    I simply love train journey <3
    Thank you so very much, for the award too :)

    Thanks a lot :)

    Ahh! Thanks a lot gal. Yup! Adele is super fantabulous ;)
    Thanks for coming again :)

  27. @Fatima
    I do not travel during peak hours :P

    Most soothing pic! hmmm, were other ones bit torturing?? :P Kidding :D

    Thanks a lot, Love the name you have given to me <3

    I must say, I was waiting for your thoughts on this post :)
    Find charm in uncertainty...True.
    Thank you so much.

  28. @vaisakhi
    Made me smile...Thank you :)

    Hope not to disappoint you. Thanks a lot :)

    @Beyond The Dream
    Thank you :)

    Thanks :)

  29. Some of was so real I could almost hear myself completing the sentence in my head...
    Destiny, I could go on and on, but I won't :D

    And in assent with all ^ the Adele fans, she is simply fabulous.

    Pride and Prejudice? I'm sure it's not your first time:) Or is it?

  30. @Happy Go Lucky
    Thanks :)

    Hey I would have loved to read your thoughts about destiny :)

    Aahh! Its my first time read.Its enigmatic,all I can say.