Sunday, December 25, 2011

To You, My Love

"I Love You"

I love you as a lover who treasures a rose in his diary. Rose, whose fragrance goes away, but continues to emit sweet aura of memories.

You listen to my ramblings, my muse, my rants, my cribbing in utmost serenity.

Within you resides my confessions, some unconfessed emotions & also the darker side of me.

There are few secrets, I haven't told you about. I have kept those in between my heart beats, which cannot be heard. Only felt by me. They are alive till I am. They will perish when my heart stops beating.

You are Me, My reflection, though that will be oblivious one day. But you will live on.

Cause You have my soul, who never dies even if I turn to ashes.

I have never written a letter to the one who paints my life's  canvas with colors. Among which I think his favorite is black sometimes ;)

He knew I needed someone like you. You do not wipe my tears, but let them fall & eases the burden on my heart.

Happy Birthday to you, My dearest Blog.

You made me fall in love with words. Words that connects hearts,and the ones who is familiar with its subtlety.

You made me realize, the first step to love someone is to love thyself.

You live within me. You shall live forever without me, embracing my essence.

Forever Yours,
Beyond Horizon

I am never lonely here. I have wonderful friends like you. Yes! Yes, the one who is reading :)

This blog reconnected with my best buddy...Manshaa. Its going to be 10 yrs we haven't met. But here we are face to face, to each others 'Other Side'. What best can get than this! I am  gonna celebrate my blogs birthday this year with you. Hope to meet you soon, real soon :D

I talk with some of you almost each day. 

Eon Heath :P 
I just want to say Thank You, will not do much of chapar chapar. Keep Giggling & I am missing those giggles :)

Yeah! Yeah...My Sweet little dumb head friend..How can I forget you TOSM
We are in the same time zone now yet we cannot meet :( 
But I loved hearing your sweetest voice. I wish..Hum jaldh milenge. Miss ya <3

Thank you so much for always being here with me from beginning. I am sure our bond of friendship will keep strengthening by each coming day :D

My friends circle in blog-o-sphere is getting bigger & stronger by meeting you guys :

Swati Thampan My Silent Friend:) , Lilangel Sweet & Brilliant subtle poems Deepika (You create magic with your words) Sarah (soon to be fellow colleague ;), Gargi G2..Love short form of your name :) Fatima (Bubbly chatter box) Vaisakhi(Most innovative) Angel (Lots of Love & Friendship :D
Valli (Sparkly Angel) Moonlight (You are moonlight & I am Moon ;) Simran (Little gal), Tanvi (Cutest gonna be Doc )  
Menachery (Tinu <3 You),  :-Dee (Smiling gal) Susie (Ahh! Your poems), Janet (Our small conversation & thoughts)  
Princesa Fiona <3 your sonnet ;) Cяystal many sides of you :) Pee Vee(Chocolate obsessed :D
Prateek (unwisely wise :P) Kunal (Yours Beautiful imagination ;) SUB (Posts I wouldnt have thought about) Pandian (Few words)

I am a silent reader to few blogs, but won't mention here. Cause I won't remain a silent one ;)

Merry Christmas & Happy New year. Best Wishes & Lots Of Love To You All

Please! Please! Please! Do not leave me alone or Forget Me 

P.S. I never say 'No' to presents :P

Wrapping this year with the heart warming melody which is close to my heart
"Jiyo, Khush raho, Muskuraon...Kya Pata Kal Ho Na Ho"

                                                                     Gift Me Some Smiles &

sonu nigam - KAL HO NAA HO .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

To my dear non hindi listeners :)

Lady Antebellum - Hello World .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine


  1. There is no better friend than a blog. Never :)

    Happy birthday Cardigrazioso! :D

  2. @Kriti
    Aptly said :)

    Thank you so much :D

    P.S. Hey! You changed your profile name to real K :)

  3. Its a mutual pleasure to find friends like you on a platform which is so personal to all of us....Heartfelt Thanks to you too ...

    And Many Many Wishes for your blog !!!


  4. Happy bday Cardigrazioso! A creative post from a creative writer. Loved this post.. so from the heart types... I connected with it. Well written! Happy new year and wishing you many more years of blogging! :) I like the new look of your blog.. fresh skin! :)

  5. @Ritz
    Thank you so much once again Ritz :)

    Hey Dee, Yup! Ekdum Dil se ;)
    Thank you :)

  6. Hey Poonam: Happy B'day to your lover :-) It's a nice way of celebrating your blog's B'day. Good to see my name over here :) Thank you!

  7. It's

    Much overwhelmed as this blog, a lot of times, words my emotions and in my mind's eye I see you; the distance and time seems so trivial.
    At times when I fail to see at the brighter side of things, I know where to look for the answer, it's here and I totally connect with your blog for it brings the Manshaa in me to life ;-)

    and Dear blog,
    you bring out the best in Doc and keep it up, that's my birthday wish for you!
    Doc has so beautifully confessed her love to you... Amazing, isn't she!
    Love you and love you too Doc! :-)

  8. Happy Birthday...

    yeah me dumb, right...*sigh*

  9. I have visited this post several times before composing a comment that is worthy of publishing to this post. My heart is truly touched by the emotions flowing throughout this very creative "Happy Birthday" to your blog!

    You are touching my emotions with your wonderful words and the lovely hindi music, which I've never heard until now :) Who could ask for more that this? I read further and find my name mentioned in your list of blogging friends. Such a *sweet* surprise and great honor! Thank you so much! :)

    Using your own image and constructed the components in the photo, just add to the magic and uniqueness of this wonderful post!

    May CARDIGRAZIOSO enjoy many more 'anniversaries' to come. Wishing you all the very best of life in 2012! It has been a great privilege to become acquainted with you, here on Blogger. Your beautiful talent for writing is a *treasure*
    Much Love to you :) ♥

  10. Happy Blog Birthday! I know what you mean about your blog. It is a place where I can open my heart and bare my soul with freedom. And I have met some wonderful friends through writing. I hope you have many more happy years of blogging!

  11. Hey..Many many many more happy returns to your blog :)
    Happy Blogging always and keep smiling...Keep up the good work you did till now :)

  12. Isn't silent sometimes the loudest of emotions? :) Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  13. happy birthday CARDIGRAZIOSO!!!
    wooho...pamperin the one who tolerates ur cribins sobs chatterin n glee all silently n happily...lucky blog of urs....n lucky....U....ur blog got u frnds like us...:P

    Innovtv one....hmmm...happy me...:)

    n here is ur smile...:)....i ll take my smile wen i come back n we meet....n well i like presents too...:P....

    happy new yr di...hell i missed out on Christmas...:(

  14. Happy birthday to you blog , thanks so much for being part of my blog too ,my honor !

  15. Hi Poonam Dear,
    Happy Birthday to your blog :)

    Reading you is always a pleasure and so much I get to learn from you..

    So happy to see my name in bright color of friends list!
    Thank you so much!

    Lot's of love and Smiles :)

    Happy New Year to you & your family and also to your sweet blog ;)!!

  16. @Gargi
    Thank you so much :D

    Yup! Doc & the blog Loves you too :D

    @Eon Heath
    Thank you :D

    You dumb, wrong…and a sigh?? Hmm…reframed the post

  17. @Princesa Fiona
    Your reply is like showers of blessings & love. I eagerly wait to read your words & this place will live on ;)
    Thank you & Very best for 2012 to you too :D
    The hindi music is absolutely lovely, language is not a barrier to feel it. & along with the lyrics, its more beautiful,soothing.

    This is the place where the spirit resides.
    Thank you :D

    Thanks Gal :D

  18. @Swati
    How can I not agree to it!
    It’s the sole reason I called you My Silent Friend :D

    Hehehe…yes I have been blessed with friends from this world. Yup lots of smiles when we meet soon.
    Keep the present ready, okay :P
    Naah, you didn’t miss anything, in fact I was missing from here. Take care

    Hey good to see you…Thank you & yes, always!!!

    Thank you little gal…Happy New Year to you too :D

  19. I am catching up after my long vacation :)

    Belated budday wishes dearest Cardiograzioso :)

    Loved reading you each day and wish that you grow bigger and stronger with each passing day :D

    Hugs :)

  20. @Lilangel
    No problemo dear..I know you are always here with me.

    Hope you had awesomest vacation :)


  21. awww..the letter is so touchingggg :')im not sure which line i love the most..I guess im the last one here :|

    I missed your voice..hum zaroor milenge ek din..:D and you mentioned me here..feel honored and congratulations again..I have to say thank you to Cardigrazioso for bringing you to me..

    wish your blog many more years to come..and and you did celebrate your blog's birthday with that candle-lit cute cake..I think thats so coooll

    -always a dumb head-
    take care love

  22. First or last doesn't matter..Remember I had called you on this day, so you were the first one to know about it ;)

    How can I forget you my lazy friend :P

    Hope to hear and see you soooon...Cardigrazioso still remembers the day it visited TSOM :D

    Take care...Keep Smiling and laughing ;)

  23. Here after a long time Poo...hope you are doing well...keep writing...we are always around...words will keep us together:)best wishes:)

  24. I'm the first one to know about it :)WOWWWWWWWW

  25. I am late! :/
    Wish your blog a very happy (belated-I hate this word :@) Birthday :D

    You are gonna have many more sweetheart :) {To your blog}


  26. Thank you thank you thank you.. :)

    And wished already so not late from that side :P

  27. @Tanvi
    No problemo dear :)

    AH ha!! Look who is here after a loooonng long time :P

    Thanks to you :)