Monday, January 9, 2012


In the wake of twilight, When memories stir you
Unwrap the book of a soul, A sketch have been carved
Unravel a chronicle of its painter, Hidden in the canvas

Moments of lonely summer days, tumultuous rainy evenings
Craving for someone to hold, in freezing winter nights
Etched in the canvas, She painted it with words

Distance would be crossed, separated by life and death
Caress the words, You will feel her pounding heart
Smell the pages, Breathe in her feelings

Lifetime she has woven, It’s her mirror image
You will understand her, Love her more than you did
She sketched it for you, It had always been only for you

If smile brightens your eyes, It’s her smile for you
If it saddens, remember it would be only her sadness
Tears smudged in words, The ones she couldn’t hold

Her soul thrives in her memorabilia, Kept hidden in her lifetime
If you see her spirit between the lines, She will rest in peace
Wrap the chronicle as the twilight sleeps, Rest embracing her memories

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Of broken promise

No! It wasn’t
It was keeping a word

She believed
Blind faith?
Or her selfishness?

Remember ‘No one else?’
She did hide
But never lied

Breeze across the seven seas
Slashed her within
Hour glass shattered
Grains of sand
Spilled around
Their voices
It’s End of
Months long wait

Walked away
As if never came her way

Mending her heart?
She did not give
wasn’t fallen for
But she was on the verge of

Half drawn heart
On her breathe
Stay Incomplete

She is no longer waiting
She will not!
I won’t let her to!

She won’t hide
Reminiscence Screaming of
Don’t Trust Easily!

P.S. This time I haven't attached any song. Why not you suggest one..Let me know your favorite :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunshine Of Life

Where were you my sunshine of life?

  Same Day delivery

Don’t you realize I can’t live without you?

Do you know how much I long for to see you? To be with you, To hold you.

Do you remember the last time you visited me? Here you are, when least expected.

Look at the grin of yours! You like to see me distress, don’t you?

As I sit on this pier every evening, my toes caressing the waves, I can f eel you.

happiness picture, happiness quote of life

I see you in a child’s laughter. I can see you when first drop of rain kisses the earth
Your reflection in my eyes brightens them & my day.

I smile thinking about you. Don’t I look beautiful when I smile?

Your touch on my lips is like dew on petals of a rose.

The shrill cold touch of loneliness never fails to freeze me. Your embrace is what I need.

How long you are going to be with me this time?

You are not going to talk with me as always, right..

I know you are not here to live with me forever.

You continue to smile and stay with me (short live may be) even if I am complaining.

You will let me cry and make me say good night with a peck on my cheek. I hope to see you when I open my eyes in morning.

If you are not around, I won’t fret. I won’t be waiting for you to come to me. I will keep my words.

I will walk to pursue ‘you’, ‘Happiness’ and once you leave me again, I will keep walking until the last breathe I shall take in your arms.
happiness picture
Tip-toe you come
Masking my eyes

I rise on toes
You swirl me
Like a prince

Dancing on beats
Of my laughter
Flying across sky

Kissing the moon
Winking at stars
Playing, lazying on clouds

Swinging in rain
Feeling warmth
In melting snow

Smiling at sunshine
Adieu to gloom
Living like a Rainbow

'Sunshine' Song to begin the year with…'Hope' 'Optimism'

P.S. I am not advising or promoting aerated drinks ;)