Thursday, January 5, 2012


Of broken promise

No! It wasn’t
It was keeping a word

She believed
Blind faith?
Or her selfishness?

Remember ‘No one else?’
She did hide
But never lied

Breeze across the seven seas
Slashed her within
Hour glass shattered
Grains of sand
Spilled around
Their voices
It’s End of
Months long wait

Walked away
As if never came her way

Mending her heart?
She did not give
wasn’t fallen for
But she was on the verge of

Half drawn heart
On her breathe
Stay Incomplete

She is no longer waiting
She will not!
I won’t let her to!

She won’t hide
Reminiscence Screaming of
Don’t Trust Easily!

P.S. This time I haven't attached any song. Why not you suggest one..Let me know your favorite :)

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Beyond said...

trust is a rare phenomenon now.. well written, reflects the inner pain

Rohit Singh said...

touching and soulful!
so much said in too few a lines..nicely written
Following you straightway.

Rohit Singh said...

And hmm....privileged to your 100th follower.Congrats and keep sharing.looking to read more from you.

~*Princesa Fiona*~ said...

She won’t hide
Reminiscence of
Don’t Trust Easily!"

Excellent way to end this great writing! It brings home the message of us needing something to remind us of how we were hurt . . . without this, history may keep repeating itself.

I feel cheated ~ no song :P :D

Swati Thampan said...

How insightful....

Beyond Horizon said...

No Doubt about it. Can't let self burn often.

Thanks :)

Thank you :)

Ah! Why no song :( :P
Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Subtle Yet Outlandish said...

soulful i would say..:)

Beyond Horizon said...

@Subtle Yet Outlandish

Tanvi said...

I suggest you the song Someday you will be loved by Death cab for cutie :) :)


Beyond Horizon said...

Thank you once again for the song :D