Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunshine Of Life

Where were you my sunshine of life?

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Don’t you realize I can’t live without you?

Do you know how much I long for to see you? To be with you, To hold you.

Do you remember the last time you visited me? Here you are, when least expected.

Look at the grin of yours! You like to see me distress, don’t you?

As I sit on this pier every evening, my toes caressing the waves, I can f eel you.

happiness picture, happiness quote of life

I see you in a child’s laughter. I can see you when first drop of rain kisses the earth
Your reflection in my eyes brightens them & my day.

I smile thinking about you. Don’t I look beautiful when I smile?

Your touch on my lips is like dew on petals of a rose.

The shrill cold touch of loneliness never fails to freeze me. Your embrace is what I need.

How long you are going to be with me this time?

You are not going to talk with me as always, right..

I know you are not here to live with me forever.

You continue to smile and stay with me (short live may be) even if I am complaining.

You will let me cry and make me say good night with a peck on my cheek. I hope to see you when I open my eyes in morning.

If you are not around, I won’t fret. I won’t be waiting for you to come to me. I will keep my words.

I will walk to pursue ‘you’, ‘Happiness’ and once you leave me again, I will keep walking until the last breathe I shall take in your arms.
happiness picture
Tip-toe you come
Masking my eyes

I rise on toes
You swirl me
Like a prince

Dancing on beats
Of my laughter
Flying across sky

Kissing the moon
Winking at stars
Playing, lazying on clouds

Swinging in rain
Feeling warmth
In melting snow

Smiling at sunshine
Adieu to gloom
Living like a Rainbow

'Sunshine' Song to begin the year with…'Hope' 'Optimism'

P.S. I am not advising or promoting aerated drinks ;)


  1. Wonderful template!!!
    Started new year with hope and optimism, wish you a great success:)

  2. Good composition! May all the happiness in the world follows you without having you to walk towards it!

  3. Heya nice look feel and vibe :D :D The reminded me of pocket full of sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield :) :) Wish you a blessed year ahead Poonam ji :) :)


  4. Beautiful Blog.... Beautiful Words .... Beautiful Blog ... and everything is as great as you and your wonderful thoughts...

    No better way to start a New Year !!!

    Wish you and your blog a very happy "words"filled New Year !!

  5. Loved you template and even the post...Beautiful and positive ! :)

    Take Care

  6. Holidays are being put to good use, I see. :)

    I have only one wish for you. This Horizon keeps rising. :)

    And please don't walk too much in pursue of 'you'..raasta chota pad jayega :P

    May the sunshine be in your garden of life always. :-)

  7. Love the new look of your page...You are greeting the new year so positive..wonderful!!

  8. You write of optimism, share a wonderful song, and yet piece a prose full of separations?

    I'd say let lovers meet this year :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. @Neeha
    Wish you the same :D

    Thank you so much, wish you all the happiness :)
    Little bit of walking is a must, otherwise I would be more lazy than i am now ;)

    Hey cute gal, Thank you...wish you all the cuteness, love and success :)

    & you have no idea How much I dislike being called Poonam with 'ji' :P

  10. @Ritz
    You have overwhelmed me by saying that..

    What a lovely wish...Happy "words" filled year...Hope it is for both of us!

    Thank you...I am trying to be positive at every step :)

    Yup! I don't waste time during holidays :P

    Thanks for the wish :)

    hehehe...ok ok I shall walk baby steps :D

    Sunshine and bit of rain too :)

  11. @Susie
    I am very bad in sticking and following the resolutions...It feels nice to be this way :)

    Thank you...and the blog look is going to change again...I am too changeable like my sun sign :D

    There was a wide grin after reading your comment, and I am still smiling :)

    Still the ends don't meet and separation is all that comes out through written words.

    I have written my next post before reading your comment..Wonder what would be saying on it!


  12. This is beautiful. :)
    I was just going through your posts, your words are just not words, they are garnished with love.. :)
    Keep writing, keep spreading love! :)

  13. @Subtle Yet Outlandish
    Love it is! But there is much more beyond that love too ;)

    Thank You :D