Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'll Be There For You

I am holding the pen to write a lovely melody for you Manshaa, on your most special day. This post, the blog look  is dedicated to you.

By the time you read this, Day Feb 3 has already waved 'hello' in some parts of the world. So Many Many Many Happy Returns of the Day. I wanted to be the first one to wish you. :D

Remembering the school days that we spent together is like spinning elegantly around those lovely memories. Memories that we share are beautiful to cherish for lifetime. There are only few moments in my life that I would rewind. This music of the past that plays never fails to make me smile.

I was a person who did not believed in friendship. But after you left I realized how a friend can change you. It's said a soul-mate completes you. For me, life without a friend is incomplete too.

You had written this to me, "I just wish to ask you something today: Please be my friend for life..."  Yes! I will be your friend for life...Is there any doubt? :P

Almost 7 months before, we reconnected again through our love for writing. I can say without any hesitance; these were the best times I have had sharing the most momentous events of my life with you. Never ever I had opened my heart to anyone with the fear of being misunderstood and look down to.

I still remember our first long chat. Today I re-read them again making me smile and blushing. We know the reasons for the blushing. Others Please don't get any weird thoughts :P

And honestly no tears! You know the tear glands are too stubborn to budge. Except for your post, Nothing else matters. As many times I read it, it warms my eyes. How handsomely you carve out your emotions! They feel so alive.

I want to make a confession.I did envy the way you wrote it. The feeling of being known, to be wanted, to be craved for. It renders me speechless.But at the same time, it pains somewhere inside knowing the truth behind them.

We very often take a form of cocoon. I try to break the silence sometimes by starting to write a mail to you. I just stare at the screen and it gets saved as a draft. It never gets forwarded cause I respect the silence.

Your wish "God, Send me My Valentine" will come true. The one you are praying to cannot make you wait any longer, not anymore. I will pray for you, two pairs of praying hands are stronger than one ;)

Smile so that I can too. And you know na someone had said that my smile is contagious :P :D

                                                    The best and most special song for you...Happy Birthday :) :) :)

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