Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Do

Sneaking for the only glance
Snatching the perfect chance

Anxious blinking eyes
As fluttering butterflies

First look of eye to eye
Zephyr unveiling the cloudy sky

Dawn of an unknown journey of togetherness

Unraveling the story of My (Our) Life

Blossoming dreams
Found wings to my cocooned mind

Glitter of wishes
I blown in the air

Tussle between head and heart
Hesitancy for the bond
Many questions unanswered
Would have swallowed rejection
Rather living with guilt
Heart kept whispering
"Everything will be fine"
Imagination aviated
Both shook hands
Decision to be together
No matter what!

Book of Life
engrossed with invisible ink

I won't haste
I won't scribble

Enduringly reading the apparating words
Mispronounced ones corrected
Learning from mistakes
Same mistake made twice
I won't give up, I'll try
Expressions may be felt untrue
Understand them, it hurts more than it does to you

Trepidation of losing
Swallowing the wail
I fail to convey
I'll never in liveliness
Skepticism horrifies me
Like a nonchalant incision

Its not a lie
True are these words
as true as being of divine

Weaving thread of love for 'the knot'
Intertwining each fiber
till no one, nothing can break

Shadows from west to east
Smile, I wait to see
Touch, to feel again
Perseverance for the shadows to reunite

I had written
"I don't believe in Love At First Sight,
If I meet you,
What if I just might..."

Today I say
"I do believe in Love..."

-Beyond Horizon

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P.S. Hello after long time. Missed me? :D
See me very soon on your wonderful blog. Take care :)


  1. "I dont believe in Love at first sight, but if i meet you, what if i must just..." Romantic to the core. I loved the poem Poonam, It just essays the happiness of your heart. God Bless you with many more ,moments that remain etched in your memory.

  2. Wish you all the happiness...u deserve the best.

  3. to fursat mil gayi aapko.. :-P we can understand the reason for your long absence...I was just afraid of you will forget completely that you have this page when you have found out your love.. :-)

    Wish you all the best again...

    P.S - Did you make him read this? He would go weak in its knees... :-P

  4. Haha...agree with Kunal there..H will go weak on his knees :P

    An innocently romantic piece

    So this is what love does huh?
    Wish you all the best and yes no one can break this knot for it is made in heaven..

    P.S :Your words wakes up the 'romantic me'

  5. Congratulations Poonam :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. the best part is our believing that "everything will be fine"

  7. Yay congratulation doc. *Like I said earlier*

  8. Hey Doc! I like the way you acknowledge every special feeling, every special event in your life through writing. This one is for the most special one I know. I may not be able to understand the depth of your feelings, but certainly understand how happy you must be after writing this!!

    Congratulations!!! :-)

    Lots of Love

  9. @Tinu
    That's quite true what you said ;) Thank You :D

    Thank you so much...I say again...I am blessed to have him in my life :)

    hahaha...haan ji finally laziness dur karke :P

    How can I ever forget this page who has saved me so many times from loneliness, and definitely I won't forget it in happiness :D

    Thanks again :)

    hehehe, he has read only a part of it that I posted on FB :D

  10. @magiceye
    Thanks a lot :)

    @My Sweet Friend
    H has already, no need of reading this :P

    Ahh! as for what love does? I had no words for 3 months to write :P I had already told you about this ;)

    Thank You so much dear :D

    I wish to see the 'romantic you' soon <3

    Thanks a lot :D

    That's what keeps us going...whenever we start doubting,when we need hope to live on :)

  11. @Prateek
    Thanks a lot Prateek :D

    This blog is 'a part of my life'. I can never leave it. Yup! The poem is for the most special one.

    You will find me in your inbox very soon ;)

    Thanks a ton :D

    Lots of Love <3

  12. How cute and beautiful! :)
    Hope to have you at my blog soon...

    P.S.- Loved the new look of your blog :)

  13. This is beautiful, so romantic~ and yes, like one of your previous comments wakes up the romantic side of even an old girl like me:) Glad to see you are well!

  14. quite a romantic eh? well, since i am nursing a broken heart this seems to make it all the more special :) loved it! good to have u back!

  15. This is so much more than romantic, it is so beautiful my words of praise will fail in front of it!

    Expressing your emotions and feelings in this form is indeed so precious...m sure jeeju will be floored :)

    Take Care

  16. @Simran
    Thank You :)

    Hearing that from you is overwhelming, you are among the best romantic poets I have come across. Thanks a lot :)

    *Touchwood* I could write one after long time.
    Thanks a lot Swati. Take care :)

    Ahh! Thank you so much :D

  17. wow!! wel said words! its so cute whn U and I turns US!!

  18. Guess am pretty late but it's never late to wish :) Congrats :) Hope you doing good :)

  19. I came late... I am so sad I missed the thrill!!

    Anyway thats such a cutie cute post..Your better half must have gone crimson red in blush hehe :D

    Wish you guys a wonderful life together :) :)


  20. Coming here after such a long time. Feels ecstatic. Beautiful poem, loved the red colored lines. Stay blessed. :)


  21. Happy for you..... Eager to know more :-) Hope u would share pages from the lovely story of life unfolding before you.... Missing your cute, innocent and honest write ups :-)

  22. a beautiful poem soothing the mind..GOD<3U

  23. First thing first ..... yes missed you immensely ... on the blog space n on the text front too :) ;P ..

    You poem is true to the core, right out of the heart without any language barriers or emotional filters.... each line told us your quest.

    As always very very nice :)