Monday, April 8, 2013


Have you ever experienced the charm that music does when you are feeling all alone? Your hearts joy synchronizing with every beat of the soothing music. An intense emotion flowing through the music and the words which you can relate to. Calming your senses like first rain drops on thirsty land.

Music!Its not a thread for the fear of being broken or a knot that can be loosen. For me it is a feeling that strives within. No one can break or kill it.

How many times have you caught yourself staring nowhere? Not day dreaming but thinking amidst the moving fast life around; about the ‘Quest of Life’?

A social animal. But why sometimes the societal norms prick? You are no one in the crowd, but you are ‘the one’ who have been blessed with “Life”.

Far behind I had left a path
Turning around I wondered ‘have I lost a lot?’
Traces of that long forgotten road
Retrieving its memories
I stand questioning “should I….?”
“Why not?”
Along with words and music
Taking this long forgotten road again…