Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 4: Letter to your sibling

Dear Bro B,

        Though we haven't shared much as kids, we do share an understanding that need not be spoken of. I still remember how you beat me many times  and I couldn't as you being the younger one. I shall share those beatings when you have kids. SO BEWARE!

        Haaaa! I miss our delay to bed and delay to rise during holidays. We used to prop up from bed and watch the dubbed English serials (I dream of Jeanie), Talespin, Gummy Bears, Chip and Dale....I could go on and on. When Scooby Doo had its telecast on DD Metro WE WERE ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!(Tuesday evening)
        My jealousy for you had outgrown as years passed. We hardly talk now-a-days, but there's an attachment that need not be flaunted. (as some do over here)

        I wish the best for you. Ping me sometimes!!!

Your sis.

P.S. A biiiiggggg Thank You for the books on my birthday. You are the only one who gifted me what I had WANTED wished for.

P.P.S. Please EAT! I can count your ribs without even touching them.


  1. Hey,

    Its been a long time, I just came to your blog and swoooshh went half an hour...

    I missed your words..

    Hope u well and best

    Keep Rambling !!!

    PS I loved the post...

  2. Firstly am so very sorry for not keeping in touch. Hope u r doing fine healthwise.

    Msg me your contact no. on FB. Will be in touch on Whatsapp. most often you will find me there rather than here ;)

    Thanks a lot. Happy as always to see you.