Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Writing will keep me sane

My lazy mind couldn't be motivated to restart writing. Therefore, I decided to find something challenging to keep it working. (Psst! I hate to give up) I googled, and found a 30 Day Letter Challenge here. I am 2 days behind, but nevertheless its a beginning. I shall cover up the 2 days.

Here is the challenge for Day 1. *trumpets*

1. Write a letter to your best friend.

Do I have 'a' best friend? No! I have best friends. So I wrote down multiple letters rather than one.

Dear Prachi,

       Where art thou? Seriously! Where are you? Guess you must be asking the same to me too. We have lost touch buddy.

         But I know, we haven't forgotten each other. We exchange best wishes SMS, 2 days in a year.

          I am waiting to hear from you this Sat. Missing You.


My Dearest Jayshri,

         I MISS OUR LOLs. Your jittery before exams always makes me laugh when I remind it, cause you always used to end up scoring highest marks, Doc!

          Some of the best memories of my med life I have shared with you. 'Convocation Day': The Best Day, we were so engrossed in ourselves that we forgot there were 100 others graduated too. (lol)

          There is nothing much to write, as most often we talk :P

           See you soon.


P.S. I want your handmade bakery stuff.

Dear Thilsath,

         Hi! My sweet friend. You are my reflection. I see me in you. Our love for books, love for writing, love for love. Though we do not share much of each others personal lives, we can sense our feelings.

          We have to meet! We surely do.
          Keep Smiling.


Not so Dear Harshith, ROFL!!!

            I had hated the way you comment. "Hey Hi....Regards Eon". It used to irritate me back in the days when I didn't knew you.

            Now I have confessed it. *gaye mere gifts* *sigh*

            We are "just friends" cliche right?

             You never judge me when I confide something to you. That's the reason why you are among the ones whom I can talk to, when I want to. (Read: WHENEVER I want to)

               Stay the same or else I can dissect you.

               I hate you because of your smoking and fermenting, but I shall never ask you to stop it.

Wishes (you get your girl soon),

Dear Vijeta,

         I am writing to you at the end. Remembering the one before last breathe matters the most.

         Your new life along with the new name is wrapped with many new and old things. Cherish the happier ones, cry when you want to, but never break.

          I am here for you always, to hear your words and respect your silence.

Love & Wishes,

P.S. (TO THE WHOLE POST) Short and Simple letters, I did not wanted to bore you :P            


  1. I am so happy to see you here..Looking forward to read more...

    Hugs :)

  2. I was thinking, what do i comment to this..then it struck me!! (Not like a thunderbolt) A letter needs a reply. Am a genius, I know!!!

    Hey, Hi... (now that I know, I can irritate you more..) :P

    Gifts toh all gone...but I want mine, so here's the deal. I get you what I want and you get me what I want.. :D
    Clichés are all that we got, isn't it? :-)
    Yeah well, about the part of not judging you, one can't really judge a person for what they are..I am me with all my perfections and you are not so perfect...masterpiece toh only one hota hai na!!! :P :P :P

    I hear you..when you speak and more when you don't...that's what brought us here, isn't it?

    Yeah well, honestly, I thought only my dhue ka factory bothered you. Didn't know you disliked the fermentation process too...yeah last couple of months were a bit beyond what's normal..but still. ;-)

    Since you cut out the "not so dear" part, I call it a truce... :P




  3. Hey Doc, good to see you write again :)

  4. @ TSOM, Manshaa, Lilangel:


    @Eon Heath
    Haven't I told you, it doesn't irritate me anymore. So continue, an antique piece :P

  5. lovely posts! friends are blessings from God! I really miss those paper letters and cardboard greetings these days, everything is become 'e-mailed'.