Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Don't love me..." 1.2

She was obsessed with rain. Just as she was of the smell of a new book. Her old journal. Rebirth of some memories and a grave of few others. Rain. A gift to Her from heaven. In return she always gave a part of Hers. Sad ones. It accepted those happily. 

"Come under the umbrella. You will catch cold as always." He called out caringly. She giggled. Spreading her arms wide as wings of a phoenix. Rain kissed Her face. Just as He did. Softly. Tenderly. She sneezed and laughed. Her laughter echoed through the rain. 

"Don't love me so much so you can't live without me." She said warming herself with His closeness under the umbrella. 

 The rain crashed on Her. Hurting this time. She opened Her home. Their home. Empty. As Her Soul.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Don't love me..." 1.1

"You're the biggest failure of my life!" 

Shocked. Terrified. These words etched Her heart, mind and soul. She just couldn't get rid of them.

Forgetting wasn't an option. Whenever She looked in his eyes. There they were.  As clear as glass. He had said to Her once. A burden on Her life.

Thunder. Dark sky. Downpour. The train rapidly past by, soaked Her. She snapped back from past. Its honk tearing Her ears as those words had done once. A scream from Her past. She could still hear. The droplets dribbling from Her fingertips. Her soul was weeping. Bleeding.

"Don't love me so much so you would be hurt. When you expect something from me. What if I can't give it?" She had said.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Don't love me..."

"Don't love me so much so it will make you vulnerable." He said.

Her feet were grounded by these words. What are those? Reassurance? False promise? Deception?

She stood heavy-hearted and kept staring in His eyes. Everybody Lies! But eyes.They are window of our soul.They won't.Neither will His.

The rustling of trees in soft wind of monsoon was making Her fall in love with the moment. With Him? Again?