Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Don't love me..." 1.2

She was obsessed with rain. Just as she was of the smell of a new book. Her old journal. Rebirth of some memories and a grave of few others. Rain. A gift to Her from heaven. In return she always gave a part of Hers. Sad ones. It accepted those happily. 

"Come under the umbrella. You will catch cold as always." He called out caringly. She giggled. Spreading her arms wide as wings of a phoenix. Rain kissed Her face. Just as He did. Softly. Tenderly. She sneezed and laughed. Her laughter echoed through the rain. 

"Don't love me so much so you can't live without me." She said warming herself with His closeness under the umbrella. 

 The rain crashed on Her. Hurting this time. She opened Her home. Their home. Empty. As Her Soul.


  1. My dear, this is just so beautiful. I hope someday her heart and home filled with an abundance of happiness..

  2. A beautiful beginning,
    A devastating premise,
    One life?

  3. @TOSM:
    A heart and home is built with happiness and the hardships, sorrows that come in life makes them more strong.

    One life teaches us everything, doesn't it?

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  5. How long do we go on.... it's beautiful..this pain, these rains where you can't tell the tears from the rain drops trickling down, the comfort of feeling the pain melting and dissolving within every time the warm eyelids close upon the eyes, the secure island of sleep to which we travel through channels of exhausted deep breaths....

    Pain is a smart seller, it sells itself short changing us with these beautiful sketches, where all the colors we see are actually various shades of the red blood of our heart, deceived into purple with the blue of lonely evenings, into orange with the yellow of scorching indifference and so on...

    But I believe, or at least hope to believe that, plain innocent colors are also possible, we need not fall prey to the tactics of "Pain" the seller. We may not see the sophisticated, crispy and classy colors of Purple, Violate, Grey but The earthy Green, Brown, the Blue of the open sky, of the light laughter is certainly there for the taking... We need to step out of the Rain and face the beaming Sun, with a face as resolute as worthy of the Sun

    Your words are lovely and make the scene come to life so much so that it also triggers the revulsion against this continued misery.... God bless.... Hope to see her beaming, laughing, dressed in a bright floral dress in the colours of Day :)

  6. There might be lot hidden in a one single soul. As you said Pain can be beautiful. But let it not sell the emotions!