Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life is not easy, because it was never meant to be easy!

I am staring at a blank page. To write, or not to! 

I just want to splurge this page with beautiful indigo ink. This alluring ink shall enhance the beauty of a blank page. Yes! A page filled with random words, sentences, phrases, verses, and many more. I love such page, not a blank one. What does a blank page makes you think of? Sadness, calm or serenity? A book has a power to hold on everything in this universe into it. A story, fantasy, fairytale, literature!

Let it be the serene smell of a new book, or old one, it has always fascinated me. How many of us write a journal on a daily basis? Many, not many or most of us? Writing is a vent. It releases those blocked emotions deep inside one’s mind. I had written a phase of my life in a dairy. The ups and downs, the one’s whom I liked or disliked, the secret desire, wishes, ugly truth. I had enclosed all my bitter-sweet memories. To tear it one day! Yes! I did tear each and every page of that journal. Why? I had no answer to the questions it might have raised. (In case if you read it) I am not answerable to anyone for my emotions or reactions.

Can one really become like a protagonist portrayed in a fiction? Can someone be an Ann Veronica? Can someone be a Dominique from The Fountainhead? Beautiful, Charming and most of all Bold/Courageous! Surely there are real life heroes around us. We just haven’t met them.

You cannot judge someone the way they look or by the life they live. You don’t have the right to! Who knows the beautiful kohl eyes must have cried their heart out!

I complain about my life most of the time. Does anyone here do the same? Life’s beauty lies in imperfection. What is the point of living if we have attained perfection? Each day we live, we work; we earn to have a better tomorrow.

Every time I feel distressed, I make myself remind the sayings of Einstein, Shakespeare, Buddha, Sheldon and Dr.Brennan (yes, they are the most rational characters).

Life is not easy, because it was never meant to be easy! But Life can be beautiful. How? I am sure you can answer it.