Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Birthday My Friend

Many many happy returns of the day my crazy, stupid, dumb, weird friend.

I would not say 'May God bless' you due to recent circumstances.

(You may call me narcissist)I say I bless you with all the happiness, wealth and success. Health is in your hands, my blessings won't work in that zone.

You do have love in life from your family, friends including me. Let's not talk about the clichéd 'Love'.

I had fallen in love with your writing and I miss reading something new from you. Your nature of 'giving' reflects in your writings too.

I am happy we met a day before your birthday. And No I may not be able to gift you a mobile or that luxurious car but I give my word I will stand by you in need.

Do not doubt on my given word, I said it truthfully as I allowed you smoking in front of me even though I hate it.

I do not fear on talking about anything in front of you as you don't judge me like others do.

Life is good having a friend like you.

Also do remember, I will never hesitate to slap you  in case if you do something hazardous.

Have a wonderful life and please EAT don't stay bony!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Hi...

    I know how much you hate that beginning... :D :D :D :D

    Well, this was a really pleasant surprise....didnt really expect a blogpost...mail, yes.

    Thanku wanku sab bolne ke baad, I dont know where to begin from...pleasantries and formalities being unnecessary...

    You have always been there, through thick and thin, seen it all...we have come a long way, and am still wondering how my awesomeness hasnt affected you!!

    I stubbed out the cigarette half way!!! that is a beeeeeeeg thing!! :P

    Gods blessings has been an irony in my life. It was friends like you who have got me through. And I do try to write, just that, the blankness never seems to recede...

    words, letters arranged and rearranged.
    just the same, over and over again.
    yet, they speak.
    language, that the hearts seek....



    Eon Heath