Saturday, April 1, 2017

Life is like...

poem on life, lifes poem, shooting star

Life is like loosen petals,
Camouflaged with beautiful colors,
Brimming with unforeseen struggles.

Life is like a crumpled paper ball,
Journey inscribed with indelible ink,
No one to pick and read the ailing calls.

Life is like unfinished lyrics,
Opened with words of love,
Lost the muse in the midst and hit the limits.

Life is like an unsolved puzzle,
Pieces fitted perfectly except one,
The diverse piece, forced life to reshuffle.

Life is like a barren land,
Tamed with tender and care,
Yet there is no helping hand.

Life is like an unread book,
Stacked neatly on the shelf,
Still no eyes to have a look.

Life is like a broken guitar,
Mend it, fix it, strike it,
One simple wish upon a shooting star.

©Beyond Horizon