Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Letter to You

Dear reader,

I need a friend, a confidante. There’s a lot going on in my life and more over inside my head. I tried to write them on a paper, but the paper can’t listen. I need a listener. Can I ask you something? What have you done or what you do during overwhelming emotions? I plug in the headphones and put on some peppy and loud music, that’s bad for the ears (I know), take deep breathes, strong deep breathing and release all the wicked emotions out of the cage of my mind. Have you done this before? Try it, it is better than those depressing, wishing for death thoughts.

Man is a social animal. Irony, isn’t it? Why do I say so? Because this social animal lets the wickedness of the society (I mean the bad ones) to affect him so much so that he starts hiding from the society. He wishes to be alone yet he wants ‘someone’ to listen to him. You must have been several times in a mall. Have you ever tried to ‘observe’ the crowd passing around you? If you are reading this while in a mall, I suggest just sit alone on a bench or stand in a corner and actually observe the fellow Homo sapiens around you. By observing I do not mean their branded clothes and makeup. Observe their emotions! Yes, you might be amazed by the varying emotions flooding around you. Not everyone is happy because they are in a mall. Did you notice the nervous one? Oh yes there are many. Notice the hopeful ones? Their face says it all. Did you observe the angry, fighting couple and the old ones, some fearful, some happy and oh the flirty ones? There must be many babies around. They are the best ones to learn from as they do not hide their real self. Do not stare at one person for long time, you might get in trouble. The amazing part of this is observing random people with a fast pace and not staring only one.

Why am I saying this? Because you are not alone who is suffering. I shouldn’t say the word ‘suffering’ but that’s how we feel when loneliness hugs us. Waking up every morning and facing this world with our suffering is a big task and let me tell you, if you are doing this, it is appreciable. Giving up is never a solution. Thank your creator, if you do not believe in ‘God’, thank your own life giving you the opportunities. Be grateful for this life. You are blessed if you are reading this because you are reading on a laptop or smart phone with an internet connection and guess what? Not every single one on this planet has it. There might be seven life’s for us, but who knows? What we are aware of is, this very life.

Many of us are unsatisfied even after working for nine or twelve hours of a job. How many times have you said, I need some change? And how many times have you actually tried to pursue that change? We are scared, scared to step out of our comfort zone, so am I. The 9 to 5 job is stressful, still I do not quit. Why, because it is my comfort zone. I fear failure. I fear that no one would be with me if I step out of it. What would happen if I actually do it? Trying is the toughest part rather than thinking of being abandoned during failure. I am a big sucker for quotes and the quote which screams, ‘It is better to fail than the regrets.’ It is so true.  Let me try and I shall keep you informed. Thank You for listening to me, dear reader. 

A writer inside You.

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  1. I loved it...
    Trying is the toughest part rather than thinking of being abandoned during failure
    I get that... I so get that....
    Reading this I realized, may be, just may be we are the passengers on the same boat, just too far away to see each other.... but we are right there on it...
    ... but surely not far enough for a phone call:)

  2. Let's talk then :)

    I had given you mine on FB, right?

  3. Its been a longtime that i have not been on your blog, for that matter on any blog.

    The title caught my attention and from then on there was no stopping till i read your letter till the end.

    Lets talk :)

  4. Hi Alcina,

    Yes lets talk, its been really long. :)