Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 5: Letter to My Dreams

I am starting again what I left back in the year 2014 30 Day Letter Challenge (Yes, height of procrastination). I will be at peace once I complete it and am all about challenges these days. Let's start.

letter writing challenge

Dear Dreams,

You write on my blank slate of sleep most of the times. Since many years you come in different form but the theme is same. It is as if the movie is repetitive only with different characters.  I stand helpless, defenseless every time. I feel raw and bare, covering myself but no one can see through me, no one can see my vulnerability. I walk in fear, absolute dreaded with each move. I am with strangers. I don’t blame you. Over the period I realized and analysed, you are my own subconscious state which I hide when I am awake. I stay silent with the fear people won’t understand me losing opportunities. I hide my emotions with the fear of breaking down. I put a veil of being happy sometimes when I am not. The rope is knotted tight around my waist and I am standing on the edge of the bridge. The whooshing sound of air thuds my ears. The furious waves down below roar and my heart beat aloud against the chest. I feel as if I have never been alive till now after the thudding heart beats. I am standing still breathing heavily.  There is no one with me only the tight rope of fear. I struggle and want to be free from it but I don’t know how to swim. The rope is actually aiding me to be alive. But you know what? The rope is only around my waist leaving the other end free. No one is holding it, it isn't tied to anything.It isn’t helping me rather poisoning me with my own fear. The waves are my dreams, my goals. One step and I will be near them. The only thing is to overcome my fear and jump.

Yours’ truly and deeply,

The one who will seize you soon. 

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