Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Day 6: Letter to a Stranger

letter to a stranger

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Dear stranger,

I don’t “know” you but I see you every day. You are the one I see in bus, in auto, in train, the one who sits beside me during the travel, the one who walks beside me in the crowd or the one reading this. See, I don’t “know” you but still we meet every day. You are been observed by many don’t think you are been ignored. I look at you and try to guess what’s going on inside the head. Don’t worry I never judge you. 30 years on this earth have taught me, ‘Never judge anyone unless you walk in their shoes.”

You looked sad that day, wonder what made to upset? Other day you were smiling to self and I was happy for you. I notice the struggles you encounter and I might never help you but you will get through them. At the end, everything will be ok.

You seek love. There is nothing wrong in it but the society has twisted the term ‘love’.  I will not write about the contorted version of love but learn to hold back when the love becomes lust.

Time and again, we understood that love is ‘loving others’ and many have lost their mind in the search of it. You don’t fall for it. Get up in the morning; look in the mirror, smile and say “I love you.” Say it every single day. Do not wait for someone else say the three words to you. Self-love will help you grow. You will learn to accept the weakness and work on it. Make mistakes. Learn from them. You always struggle to make time for others. Sometimes take out time for self care.

People will tell you’re worthless. Do not listen to them. You are worthy, you have the strength to reach the goals, you can gain anything, just set the mind on it. Practice mindfulness. No one will come to your rescue except your own inner self. Be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. Never wait to fall on the rock. Pick yourself up.

I might sound preachy but there are many great people who have done it. It was never easy for them. They failed many times and each time they rose with great inner strength. You can too. Three words and I will end this letter.

Believe in yourself!

A stranger you come across every day.


  1. Poonam, it's a powerful letter and am sure your stranger friend will feel the vibes. Beautiful :)

  2. @vishal
    Thank You and it reaches to every stranger