Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 8: Letter to My Favorite Internet Friend

letter writing challenge

Dear internet friend,

I haven’t forgotten you. It has been over 5 years, we haven’t spoken, chatted or mailed. I do miss talking with you. Facebook is oblivion to me but today I logged in just to check your profile for knowing that you’re okay.

You have been disconnected from this web world, the world wherein I met you. There were many horrid circumstances in the past but now they are not intricate. It is true when they say all will be okay. I did not judge you at that time and never will.

I have been very restless since the day I came across one of your tweets. I had immediately sent you mail asking about you. You haven't replied back but I know you read it because you either made the account private or blocked me.

Usually I can go on and on when it comes to writing but I am in complete loss for words. I just want to say and truly wish you read this letter. I hope you find my post in reading list if you still log into your blog which is private now. Hope we meet soon SCP.


A friend waiting to hear from you.


  1. Hope your friend get to read this letter straight from the heart and reaches out to you. Best wishes.

  2. Yes, I am waiting since 2 years for the reply.