Sunday, July 23, 2017


self-music, self-exploration

I am a person with words. Words which have strength. This is the reason it is said, choose your words right. They have the  power to make or break you. Words give me power. Power which I shouldn't misuse. Words are my friends, they are my best companion.

I believe in my self. Trust no one. But look out for those true to you. They are few. Very few. Do not drown in self-doubt. It will be the worse kind of death. Do not self-pity. You are blessed in my ways. Count your blessings.

People will tell you are not worth enough. They will hit you with hurtful words. Those words can kill you. You have to choose whether to let those words pierce your confidence or shield with inner belief.

They say Life is short. But they also say It is never too late. Which to believe? I say be opportunistic. Grab hold of them. They aren't always crystal clear brought on a well garnished platter. They are good in disguise. Do you have the sight to catch them?

Never ever say I can't do it. At least give it a try. This isn't applicable if you are vegetarian and forced to eat meat or the other way round.

It is not easy for you to make someone laugh or smile. Again I will say choose your words right. Sprinkle words of humor in your talk to bring a smile. Because anyone and everyone look beautiful with a smile.

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