Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day 12 – Letter to the person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain

I will never start this letter with 'Dear'. You people who I hate most do not deserve the 'dear'. You caused me the emotional pain which I had begin to believe there wasn't a cure for. I never believed there would be people like you in my life. 
letter writing challenge, girl in dark

My life was doomed. You have no idea how much pain you people had caused. I had begun to wish each day there shouldn’t be a tomorrow for me. Days were painful and horrendous near you. The thoughts of ‘death’ and ‘to escape’ overpowered my brain. I had wished to die, to give up everything because I couldn’t pick myself up.

Wait there is more! I had failed myself in life. I had wanted to jump in front of the train or die in any circumstances within few seconds - the only escape from that pain.

I had to suffer and bear the ‘most painful’ disease condition recorded in medical history. I lived through that pain with gritted teeth and swallowing my own voice of hurt. But neither of you understood the pain.

I had endured the pain for what? For standing up for myself and being me! You tried to deter my courage by weakening me. You wanted me to be a puppet with the strings in your hands. But you know what- the pain made me stronger. I was in darkness all the way to realize - You never had the strings of my life!

Everything happens for a reason and after meeting you I have realized never, ever be dependent on anyone for your happiness. If I can’t pick myself up from the rut, no one will.

I took a wrong turn and met you. It wasn't the road less traveled but it is the road where I turned to be 'me' as I am today. 

I will never wish bad for you because Karma is a b***h and it will get you.

From the one who will never be yours.

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